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  Name :Class :Date : Quizizz Anglo-Saxon Quiz The Anglo-Saxon period is said to date from a)55 BC to AD 43b)AD 1 to 449c)449 to 1066d)1066 to 1485During the Anglo-Saxon Period, England was invaded by all of the following EXCEPT thea)Celtsb)Vikingsc)Jutesd)SaxonsMuch of the Anglo-Saxon poetry that has survived is a)Latin legendsb)Irish historyc)Roman, with Christianadditionsd)Pagan, with ChristianadditionsThe two most-important traditions of Anglo-Saxon poetry area)oral and writtenb)lyric and elegaicc)narrative and alliteratived)heroic and elegiacWhat group of invaders landed on the islands in 1066?a)The Normansb)The Vikingsc)The Romansd)The GreeksThe first Archbishop of Canterbury was a)Thomas a Becketb)Thomas Aquinasc)Saint Augustined)the Venerable BedeWhat is another term for the Anglo-Saxon language?a)Middle Englishb)Modern English c)Frisian Englishd)Old EnglishTwo-word poetic renamings in Medieval poetry.a)Kenningsb)Jenningsc)Caesurasd)Alliteration, who introduced Christianity to Britain?a)Vikingsb)Romansc)Germansd)Anglo-SaxonsAnglo-Saxon literature survived in the form of _____________.a)Spoken verseb)Booksc)Picturesd)MagazinesWhich is an example of a kenning?a)The weather was super hot inthe desert.b)Water flowed from thefountain like syrup.c)With gas prices dropping, I'mgoing to buy a gas-guzzler.d)The drinks in the fridge wereice-cold.In what century did the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes migrate to the British Islands?a)4th Centuryb)5th Centuryc)6th Centuryd)11th CenturyTrue or False: Beowulf is the oldest known English epic poem.a)Trueb)FalseBeowulf was composed by what ancient culture?a)Anglo-Saxonb)Celticc)Germanicd)RomanPoetry of the Anglo-Saxon period was passed down through what means?a)Booksb)Oral Traditionc)Scrollsd)TeachersAnglo-Saxon culture relied heavily on one's ____________ to the king.a)admirationb)contributionsc)loyaltyd)payments this story is based on a pagan culture, it seems odd that there are so many Christian themes. Whatis an explanation for this?a)It was written later thansrcinally thought.b)It's origins are in the Romanempire rather than theGermanic tribes.c)The scribes who wrote it downwere Christian monks whorelated it to the religion of theirtime.d)The scop who passed the taleon changed it to please theking he told it to.The Anglo-Saxon period is one mainly characterized by _________________. a)invasionb)peacec)unityd)famineWhich two religions collided in England during this time period? a)Islam and Christianityb)Paganism and Islamc)Paganism and Catholicismd)Christianity and JudaismPaganism is the worship of ____________________. a)Christb)Spirits in Naturec)Priests d)Oneself Which of the following is NOT a quality of the epic hero? a)He does superhuman deeds. b)He goes on a journey to defeata monster and prove himself. c)He does everything for gloryand is not afraid to boast ofhis accomplishments. d)He will sacrifice his honor forthe greater good. Who were the ancient people of Britain?a)Celtsb)Romansc)Anglo-saxonWas the Celts beliefa)Monotheistic b)polytheisticWhat language do the Anglo- Saxons speak?a)Old Englishb)Spanish c)Romanian did the Anglo- Saxons call Britain?a)Britain-landb)Anglo-landc)Saxons-land Which religion did the Romans believe in?a)Muslimb)Buddhismc)Christianityd)All of the AboveWhat did the Romans bring to England?a)Infrastructureb)Artc)Scientific Study d)ArchitectureWhat was a belief at the heart of Roman expansion? a)Romans were superior toothersb)Polytheism should be spread. c)Anglo-Saxons were too great athreat to ignore. Who did warriors give their loyalty to in Germanic society?a)Church leaderb)Chieftain c)Local farmerd)Roman emperorWho was the leader of the Anglo-Saxons?a)Kingb)Cheiftainc)Sailord)Council of Nobles andPeasants
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