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All About History Issue 56 2017
  How Suleiman the Magnificent seized Europe’s heartlands The sultan strikes back Louis XIV’s sun trap Why the Palace of Versailles secured the Sun King’s power    P LA G U E S  W O R L D ’ S  W O R S T ã  Supernatural origins of  Nazi hate ã  Himmler’s astrology o bsession ã  What did Hitler really  believe? Dan Jones vs the Templars The author’s quest to bust thewarrior monks’ biggest myths    19 18  SPANI SH FLU DIAR Y ‘BEAK MA SK’ E XPLAINEDE X TREME BLACK DEA TH CURE S  H o w  t h e  W i l d  W e s t  w a s  w o n    L A W M E N F R O N T I E R  O F  T H E ISSUE 056  3 Welcome Be part of history /AllAboutHistory FacebookTwitter @AboutHistoryMag Share your views and opinions online Editor’s picks Dan Jones vs The Templars If you’ve read The Da Vinci Code  , you might think you know the Knights Templar. But, as Dan Jones explains, the shadowy sect are shrouded in myth. 86 Discover how Suleiman the Magnificent earned his name from page 54 Lawmen of the frontier From the Texas Rangers to the Northwest Mounted Police, meet the real-life legends who kept the peace in the farthest reaches of the Old West. 68 “Hitler’s power is not political; it is magic,” said Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, referring to the Führer’s ability to play on a crowd’s darkest desires to whip them into a frenzy. However, as  you’ll discover from page 30, many high-ranking Nazis believed in real magic, keeping astrologers and Tarot card readers on the Third Reich’s payroll. Between Hitler exploiting German folklore to prop up his hateful ideology and Heinrich Himmler’s more eccentric projects — including using a pendulum swung over a map of the  Atlantic to divine Allied navy positions — the low hum of occult chanting was never far away during Nazi Germany’s 12-year reign. Also in this issue, you can also find out how Louis XIV brought the Bourbon dynasty back from the brink (from page 42) and how Ottoman sultan Suleiman the Magnificent conquered Eastern Europe (page 54). As if that wasn’t enough, we take a look at the devastating death tolls caused by the world’s  worst plagues and how we’ve tried to fight back against epidemics from page 16. We reveal early quarantine methods, find out  why plague doctors wore those strange masks and explore the revolutionary invention of antibiotics.Hope you enjoy the issue!  Jack Parsons Editor The Siege of Lisbon Find out how the Crusaders stole back the city of Lisbon from Moroccan forces before almost turning on each other with a step-by-step battle map.   64  EPIDEMICS 42  Empire of the Sun King  How Louis XIV brought the Bourbons back from the brink  54 Suleiman the Magnificent The mighty Ottoman sultan who marched on Europe’s heartlands 68 Lawmen of the frontier  Meet the real-life legends and hired guns that kept the peace in the farthest reaches of the Old West 78  Graffiti through the ages  From Pompeii to the modern day, a secret history is scratched and scribbled on walls 86  Dan Jones vs the Knights Templar  The historian is on a quest to  bust the myths surrounding the monastic warriors CONTENTS 30  Discover the runes, rituals and supernatural obsession behind the rise and fall of the Third Reich 16  Timeline From the Black Death to Zika, uncover history’s worst outbreaks 18  Inside history Quarantine yourself on a Lazaretto plague island 20  Anatomy of  A 17th-century plague doctor 22   A day in the life  A US Army medic fighting Spanish Flu in 1918 24   How to Survive the Black Death (according to Medieval medicine) 26  Hall of fame The pioneering scientists and doctors who cured deadly diseases 28  5 shocking facts The devastating truth about the devastating Justinian Plague FEATURES Be part of history  AllAboutHistoryAboutHistoryMag 4 68   30
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