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Aerodynamics II question paper (Anna university)
  Reg.No., ~ Ques ti on Paper Co de 53013 B.E.IB.Tech. DEGREE EXAMINATION, NOVEMBERIDECEMBER 2010 Fifth Semester Aeronautical Engineering AE 2303 -AERODYNAMICS -U Regulation 2008) Time: Three hours Maximum : 100 Marks Gas Tables permitted Answer ALL questions PART A 00 x 2 = 2 Marks   I Differentiate perfect gas from rea l gases. 2. Why do you need a convergent-divergent nozzle to accelerate the flow from subsonic to supersonic speed? 3 Define characteristic Mach number and give its maximum value for air . 4 Define sbock strength and express t in terms of Mach number for a normal shock. 5. State the limiting values of shock wave angle in a supersonic flow for zero flow deflection. G. Explain Mach reflection. 7 What are Riemann invariants? 8 Wntc down th e Prandtl-Glauert similanty rule for pre ss ure coefficient and explam. 9 What IS c ntlcal M ach number? 10 . De sc nbe boundary lay er fence and st ate Its purpo se.  PART B 5) 16 :: 80 Mark s) 11 . (a) (i) Derive the on e dimensional adiabatic s teady s tat e energy equation and de duce the isentropic relation s for a perfect gas. (8) (ii) Air fl ow is disc harged to atmosph ere at sea level through a so ni c nozzle. f the air storage at the res e rvoir is 40 ) O   N m~   de termin e th e pre SS \lr e, tem)Jerature and den s it y at the exit of the nozzle. Ass um e that the reservoir air is at sea level temperature. (8) (b) (i) Explain th e phen omenon of choking in a nozzle fl ow and sh ow that th e mass flow of a choked nozz.l e can be ex pre ssed as ã A m~0 6847~ RTo (8) ) A s torag e c hamber of a co mpressor IS maintam ed at 1.8 atmosphe re ahsolute and 20 deg re e C. f th e s urr oundmg pressure IS I atmosphere, calculate the velocity with wh ich au ' fl ow takes pla ce from th e c hamber to outside thro\lgh a umt ar ea hole. Also, calcu lat e the mass fl ow per unit area, Assume air as a perfect gas . 8) 1 2. (a) (i) Derive the Raylei gh supersonic Pitot f ormula . 8) (b) (ii) A Pit ot tube is inserted in to an ail' flow of Mach 2 where th e sta tic pr ess ur e IS 1 atmo s phere . Calculate the total pr ess ur e measured by th e tube and the lo ss of total pr ess ure ex peri enced. (8) (i) 0, Derive a relation betwee n flow turning angle, shock Fre e-s tr ea m Mach numb er for ob liqu e shock waves angle and 8) (ii) Co nsider a Mach 2.5 s U) Je rsonic fl ow over a co mp ress ion corner with a deflection angle of 14 d eg ree . Calculate t he In crease m shock s tr eng th if the deflection angle IS doubled 10 28 c 'gree and give your oomments on the sh oc k wa\ e cha ra cte ri stics (8) 13, (a) (i) Explam the co n cept of Prandll·Me yer expa n SIO n around a co nvex , co rn e l and represe nt t in Hodograllh plane (8) (li) A s nperso mc fl ow at MI = and PI = 1 atmosphere expands around a s harp co rn er. f the pr ess w'e down st r eam of the co mer IS 0.1306 atm., calc ulat e the de fl ect ion angle of the corne l . (8) 0, 2 53013  (b) (i) Explain the procedure to obtain supersonic nozzle contour given Mach number using Method of characteristics. for :l 8) (ii) An incident shock wave angle of 35 degree impinges on a straight walL f the upstream flow properties are M = 3, P = 1 atm. and T = 300 K, calculate the reflected shock wave angle with respect to the wall and the flow properties M, P and T downstream of the reflected shock wave. (8) 14 . a) i) Slate the assumptions made n small perturbation potential theory and show that the linearized pressure coefficient IS a function of the perturbation veioClty in the mam flow directIOn on ly. (ii) 2 = . V  Describe Prandtl Glauert affine tranafofll1ation over airfoils and hIghlight its significance. 10) for subsonic flow 6) (b) (i) Derive su itable expressions for lift and drag coefficients of a flat plate aufoil at small angles of attack using hnearized supersomc flow theory . (8) (ii) A flat plate of 1 01 x 0.2 m size is kept in an air stream of veloc It y 1800 kmph at an angle of attack of 5 degree. Calcu l ate the lift usmg supersomc linear theory. Assume that the static pressure and temperature of the free stream air are 2 x 10 5 N/m and 288 K respectively. (8) 15. (a) i) Describe the transonic flow regime with suitable sketches of flow ii) pattern over a two dimensional airfoil. (6) Explam how la rge drag increase takes place at transonic flow. What arc the control measures adopted at the design stage? (6) (iIi) What are the flows detrimental effccts expcl lcnccd in sweep back ~ 00 b) (i) Write a note on transonic area rule . (8) (ii) Discuss the major dIfferences between Rayleigh and Fanno flows.(S) 3 53013
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