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1 Tara’s house At Vocabulary Lesson 1 1 Look and write. catch the bus make (my) bed watch TV take the dog for a walk brush (my) teeth use the internet wake up have a shower
  1  Look and write. A  t catch the bus make (my) bed watch TV take the dog for a walk brush (my) teeth use the internet wake up have a shower leave home arrive home 3  Write about your partner’s routine.  µy partner wake∫ up at     Finished?  Write sentences about a family member’s routine.   e.g.  My mum wakes up at six o’clock … 1   †ara wake∫ up at half past six. 2   ‡he at quater past seven. 3   4    5   6   †hey  7   8   9   10   1234567891011 12   1234567891011 121234567891011 121234567891011 121234567891011 12   1234567891011 12   1234567891011 121234567891011 121234567891011 12   1234567891011 12 16273851049 1234567891011 12 1  wake up 1234567891011 12 2  have a shower  1234567891011 12 3  leave home 1234567891011 12 4   arrive home 2  Ask and answer. Draw the times for your partner. What time do you wake up?I wake up at half past seven. 6 Vocabulary  Lesson 1  2  Listen and complete the table. $ CD1 03 3  Look at the table in Activity 2. Write sentences.a   ¼ayla alway∫ make∫ her bed.   ∂ex  b   ‡he    ™e  c   d   e   1  Order the sentences. Look and number the pictures.1   alwayssixupo’clock.wakeatI   fl alway∫ 2   walkWebeforedogschool.usuallythe   3   busnevercatchesShetheon Tuesdays.   4    TheyfiveTVsometimeso’clock.atwatch   Adverbs of frequency I / You We / Theyalwaysusuallysometimesneverwake up at seven o’clock.go to bed late on Fridays.He / Shecomes to school early.leaves home late. LaylaDex acbedacbd alwayssometimesusuallynever Grammar Practice Go to page 74   7 Grammar  Lesson 2  Tom says:: I never wear my Manchester United  shin pad∫  to football . But I always wear my Manchester United when I watch matches! 1  Complete the comments. 2  Think about your routine. Complete the table. 3  Complete the post. Use your notes in Activity 2. Draw your avatar. training leotard pyjamas ballet pumps shin pads football strip 2 Comments  Zoe says: I go to a special ballet school. I always wear a purple . I usually wear purple too. I also wear purple in bed! ActivityTimealwaysusuallysometimesnever Morning  seven o’clock  Afternoon  have lunch    ✓ Evening   In the morning I   at seven o’clock. In the afternoon, I   have lunch at   .Later in the afternoon I never    at   .In the evening I   at   .   Read the post about Becky on Class Book page 8 again. How much ballet practice does she do?  hours Lesson 3  Culture 8  MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayWeekend DaisyFredJanePeter 1  Look at the table. Read and write the names. 2  Look at the table in Activity 1. Complete for Peter. 3  Complete the table. Ask and answer. How often do you ...?MeMy partner brush your teeth  twice a day read a comic   eat fruit   use the internet   123 sometimes How often twice a week play football Learn to learn You play football seven days a week. Do you play every day or three times a week?   I every day. I also take the dog for a walk . I watch TV.   do you play football?   talk about routines  I play football once a week. I never catch the bus. I take the dog for a walk every day. I catch the bus three times a week. I watch TV every day. I play football twice a week. I catch the bus every day. I take the dog for a walk three times a week. I never play football. How often do you brush your teeth?I brush my teeth twice a day. 9 Functional language  Lesson 4
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