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Reading: The coffee Coffee is the most important agricultural product in Colombia. It has influenced the national economy and the social development of our country. Coffee has been cultivated in Colombia since the beginning of the 19th century. Now, the green tree of African origin is cultivated in many departments. This is the coffee process: First, the coffee tree is planted. After 3 or 4 years, the plant begins to produce fruits, the ripered fruits or cherries are hand-gathered by coffee coll
  Reading: The coffeeCoffee is the most important agricultural product in Colombia. It hasinfluenced the national economy and the social development of ourcountry. Coffee has been cultivated in Colombia since the beginning of the 19th century. Now, the green tree of African srcin is cultivated inmany departments. This is the coffee process: First, the coffee tree isplanted. After 3 or 4 years, the plant begins to produce fruits, the ripered fruitsor cherries are hand-gathered by coffee collectors. The freshfruit is pulped by a pulping machine, the residue of the pulp is removedby fermentation in tanks, the coffee beans are finally washed with purewater, the coffee beans are dried naturally or mechanically and thecoffee is ready for the industry.Lectura: El caféEl café es el producto agrícola más importante de Colombia. tieneinfluido en la economía nacional y el desarrollo social de nuestropaís. El café ha sido cultivado en Colombia desde el comienzo deel siglo 19. Ahora, el árbol verde de srcen africano se cultiva enmuchos departamentos. Este es el proceso del café: En primer lugar, el cafetoesplantado. Después de 3 o 4 años, la planta comienza a producir frutos, losfrutos o las cerezas ripered son hechos a mano recogidos por recolectores decafé. El frescofruta es pulpa por una máquina de fabricación de pasta, se elimina el residuode la pulpapor fermentación en tanques, los granos de café se lavaron finalmente conpuraagua, los granos de café se secan de forma natural o mecánica y lacafé está listo para la industria.  Reading: The DolphinsDolphins are very interesting animals. They are not fish; they aremammals. They have warm blood. They live in oceans and largerivers. Dolphins have big mouths and many small teeth (160 to 200). Their nose is very long and forms a beak. They can be three and a half meters long. They live many years. They live in groups andcommunicate with sound. They can learn to do many things. They can jump high into the air. In the Amazonas River we can find grey andpink dolphins: Dolphins are our friends, we have to protect them.Lectura: Los DolphinsLos delfines son animales muy interesantes. Ellos no son peces, sonmamíferos. Ellos tienen la sangre caliente. Ellos viven en los océanos y grandesríos. Los delfines tienen grandes bocas y muchos dientes pequeños (160 a200).Su nariz es muy largo y forma un pico. Pueden ser de tres años y mediometros de largo. Viven muchos años. Viven en grupos ycomunicarse con sonido. Ellos pueden aprender a hacer muchas cosas. puedensaltar alto en el aire. En el río Amazonas podemos encontrar gris ydelfines rosados: Los delfines son nuestros amigos, tenemos que protegerlos.Reading: The mystery PlanetPluto is a mystery planet. It is very far from the Sun and the Earth. It issmall, cold and dark. It is made of rocks and frozen gases. Pluto wasdiscovered by astronomer Clyde W. Tombaugh on February 18, 1930.  It was named for the Pluto of Mythology, the brother of Jupiter (Zeus)and Neptune (Poseidon). Pluto appears only as an imperceptible pointof light and we can see it a special instrument. It has a diameter of about 2,284 km. The planet revolves around the Sun once every 248.4years. Pluto has a satellite. Its name is Charon. It is gray. It wasdiscovered by the American astrophysicist James W. Christy on June22, 1978.Lectura: El planeta misteriosoPlutón es un planeta misterioso. Es muy lejos del Sol y la Tierra. espequeño, frío y oscuro. Está hecho de rocas y gases congelados. Plutón eradescubierto por el astrónomo Clyde W. Tombaugh el 18 de febrero de 1930.Fue nombrado para el Plutón de la mitología, el hermano de Júpiter (Zeus)y Neptuno (Poseidón). Plutón aparece sólo como un punto imperceptiblede la luz y podemos ver que un instrumento especial. Tiene un diámetro deaproximadamente 2.284 kilometros. El planeta gira alrededor del Sol una vezcada 248,4año. Plutón tiene un satélite. Su nombre es Caronte. Es de color gris. fuedescubierto por el astrofísico estadounidense James W. Christy en junio22, 1978.Reading: Mr. JonesMr. Jones woke early one morning, before the sun had risen. It was abeautiful morning, so he went to the window and looked out. He wassurprised to see a neatly dressed, middle-aged professor, who workedin the university just up the road from Mr. Jones’s house, coming fromthe direction of the town. He had grey hair and thick glasses, and wascarrying an umbrella, a morning newspaper and a bag. Mr. Jones  thought that he must have arrived by the night train and decided towalk to the university instead of taking a taxi. ReadingsAssignment 6 - 2013 - ILorena and Leidy Diana  Course DirectorsEnglish IIMr. Jones had a big tree in his garden, and the children had tied a longrope to one of its branches, so that they could swing on it.Mr. Jones was surprised to see the professor stop when he saw therope, and look carefully up and down the road. When he saw that therewas nobody in sight, he stepped into the garden (there was no fence),put his umbrella, newspaper, bag and hat neatly on the grass and tookhold of the rope. He pulled it hard to see whether it was strong enoughto take his weight, then ran as fast as he could and swung into the airon the end of the rope, his grey hair blowing all around his face.Backwards and forwards he swung, occasionally taking a few morerunning steps on the grass when the rope began to swing too slowly forhim.At last the professor stopped, straightened his tie, combed his haircarefully, put on his hat, picked up his umbrella, newspaper and bag,and continued on his way to the university, looking as quiet and correctand respectable as one would expect a professor to be.Lectura: El Sr. JonesEl Sr. Jones se despertó una mañana temprano, antes de que saliera el sol. Fueunhermosa mañana, así que fue a la ventana y miró hacia afuera. era
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