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Government Organized Crime will Fall this Fall 2010 and you will be there to witness the fall of the greatest crime wave earth's populace has ever seen and if you are sane you will be with us at
  January 14 10 Commissioner Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada General [] Att’nEric MurphyClient Liaison Officer   Your reference: 124287Re: Request for copyRCMP Staff Sgt. R.B.MacAdam’sR eportInvestigation of Government Organized CrimeFile # 2007 - 1355445 Under Access to Information Act Dear  Mr. Eric MurphyRe: Your e-mail December 3 2009 as follows Mr. Gallagher,   In response to your two e-mails -   Subsection 2(2) of the  Access to Information Act  states that the Act is intended to complement and not replace existing procedures for obtaining government information and is not to limit in any way the type of information that is normallyavailable to the general public, and article 4.1 of the Government Communications Policy, Communications Volume,Information and Administrative Management, Treasury Board Manual explicitly states that institutions should respond toenquiries outside the Act whenever it is possible to do so. However, institutions retain the discretion to decide on the exacttreatment of requests outside the Act.   Thus, with respect to options :Option 1, you make a request outside the Act. Sometimes this will obtain a faster response, however the institution is notobliged to respond and the requester has no recourse if the institution refuses to respond.   Option 2, you make a request pursuant to the Act. With this type of request, the institution must respond within the timelimit allowed by the Act and in the format provided by the Act. If the requester is not satisfied with the institution'sresponse, he may file a complaint with the Information Commissioner, who will then perform an indepent investigation of the institution's treatment of the request. If the requester is still not satisfied after the Commissioner has issued her finding,he may then request a review of the matter by the Federal Court, pursuant to section 41 of the Act.   Please note that since the exemptions provided by the Act allow institutions to refuse access to certain information, and theresponse to every request must be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine if information must be withheld (eachexemption has exceptions), the outcome of any specific request cannot be predetermined.With respect to the 'loophole', the text in my earlier response referred to section 31 of the Act, which reads as follows:   “31. A complaint under this Act shall be made to the Information Commissioner in writing unless the Commissioner authorizes otherwise. If the complaint relates to a request by a person for access to a record, it shall be made within sixtydays after the day on which the person receives notice of a refusal under section 7, is given access to all or part of the recordor, in any other case, becomes aware that grounds for the complaint exist.”Lack of response by the institution within the time limit allowed by the Act is considered to be ongoing grounds for complaint. Thus, until the institution responds, the deadline for complaining never expires, and therefore no proof isrequired. 1    Should you have any questions or concerns with respect to the  Access to Information Act  , please do not hesitate to contactour office again.Yours sincerely,   Eric MurphyClient Liaison Officer Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada ph. Under Option 1: On November 4 2009 I made a request to Michel GervaisAccess to Information and PrivacyCoordinator ,Commission for Public Complaintsfor the subject RCMPStaff Sgt. R.B.MacAdam’s R eport,Investigation of Government Organized Crime File # 2007 – 1355445with no response (See Page 40) and of course under the circumstance did not expect one, just going through the diversionaryformalities documenting as I go.I also wrote the  Treasury November 4 2009   On November 6 2009 (See Page 38) I wrote Royal Canadian Mounted Police,, Yves Marineau,Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator ,1200 Vanier Parkway,Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R2,Telephone: 613- 993-5162,Facsimile: 613-993-5080, for copy of  RCMPStaff Sgt. R.B.MacAdam’sR eport,Investigation of  Government Organized Crime File # 2007 – 1355445  as per directions of  Denise Brennan Access to Information and Privacy Director | Directrice, Programme d'accès à l'information et de protection desrenseignements personnelsMinisterial Services | Services ministérielsStrategic Communications and Ministerial Affairs | Communications stratégiques et affaires ministériellesTreasury Board of Canada Secretariat | Secrétariat du Conseil du Trésor du CanadaOttawa, Canada K1A (See page 39) On November 16 2009 RCMP Sgt. Kent Swim acknowledged my November 6 2009 and $5 cheque, and I noted errors in myresponse November 19 2009 (See page 25)On December 21 2009 (See Page 14) Sgt. Kent Swim writes he felt the Commission for Public Complaints would be moreinterested to which I responded January 2 2010 (See Pages 4-13)The signatures signed Kent Swim Sgt. on these 2 documents are obviously different so I do not know who signed either that couldvery well be one of their kids from grade school giving it a shot on RCMP letterhead because the information is not factual as Ihave corrected them on both. I emailed you Eric Murphy on December 5 2009 (Pages 19 - 21) and December7 2009 (Page 18) minorcorrection of the 5 th defining Priorities 1-4 with Priority 1 as follows to be certain you and othergovernment personnel were aware of the serious nature of the issues and of course if you were allinvolved with a legitimate government you would have thanked me very much for the information,dropped everything and attended to the issues Priority 1 because you would be unbiased competentresponsible and irreproachable in of and with “the Spirit of the Law” with fortitude and conviction toevery individual’s equally guaranteed Charter rights of equal protection and benefits, being the samelaw that equally governs, protects and benefits you.The same law that must consistently punish every individual that does not comply because it is of themost serious nature regarding the safety and wellbeing of every individual and of course the quality of life of everyone with you people having the wherewithal to deal with it and responsible having acceptedfinancial benefit are bound for every law must be consistent with the Constitution and in application of your mandate being experienced in the offices you work cannot help, but notice when there are 2  inconsistencies given the epitome and simplicity of “the Spirit of the Law” that is “the Spirit of theGolden Rule” that has forever blown in the wind well understood by us all at 5 prior to the first day of school that is incomprehensible that a human would not know what is and what is not receptive to afellow human where “Cause and Effect” is prominent and due punishment prerequisite for a saneperson to deliberately deprive another of their hard earned property and money. Re: Priority 1Government Organized Crime Since I have your bosses prodigiously and irrefutably documented in on the conspiracy and the Minister of Justice and Attorney General administers the Act you operate under and advises all government departments,agencies and RCMP I highly suspect that you have been appropriately advised consistent with the conspiracyand now are cooperating with the cover-up aiding and abetting their flight from justice, obstructing justice andlike them aiding with the undermining of the Constitution that equally governs, protects and benefits us all onlywhen we eradicate the conspirators and take our money back that they deliberately stole as Criminal Frauds toacquire their positions of financial trust to use the people’s hard earned money suffering quality of life with the10% impoverished a necessity to thrive off the woes of society.Perhaps you have an excuse as to why you have not responded to Priorities 2 -4 and there were other questionsyou could answer and I am requesting the answers so please read this document carefully with due regard to theutmost serious nature of the issues … and of course I will read your inane excuses, always have with others anddocumented them.I should mention that all the documentation acquired during this exercise with the Access to Information Act is published on the Charter Democracy Force sitewww.charterdemocracyforce.caunder menu tab Access toInformation and this document will be published on my Scribd site which I will provide the link before e-mailing you and the infamous GLIST earlier writing I mentioned the information would be published on thewww.charterdemocracyforce.infosite, but I obviously changed my mind. .So on page 14 somebody of the RCMP I presume signed over Kent Swim, Sgt’s name December 21 2009informing they had no interest in cooperating and assigned the task to the Commission for Public Complaintsagainst the RCMP, Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator Mr. Michel Gervais who has refused torespond since I wrote November 4 2009 showing no more interest than the Commission that I requested a copyof RCMP R.B. MacAdam’s report September 24 2008 with no response with their Reviews Report implicatingthem in the conspiracy..On pages 4 – 13 in my January 2 2010 response to the RCMP December 21 2009 letter signed over Kent SwimSgt’s name I explained that I would not be letting the RCMP off the hook as it is their Access to Informationdepartment I applied to and paid to with them access to the srcinal copy of RCMP Staff Sgt. R.B MacAdam’sReport now NCO 1/c and that is the report I have requested a copy of since September 24 2008 and sinceOctober 15 2009 this time around through the Access to Information Act.I have requested that you inform and do so again … What time is allowed them under the Act since November 62009 … the date the RCMP acknowledged receipt of my request under the Act and $5 cheque for a copy of THEREPORT prepared by RCMP Staff Sgt. R.B MacAdam NCO i/c File # 2007 – 1355445. They have not yet responded to my January 2 2010 presuming they have responded and stand fast withno desire to provide the incriminating evidence against them selves and I hereby file a complaint withyou in accordance with section 31 of the Act as you provided on page 1. (Option 2) Please attend to this matter with no further delay.I again request the matter addressed in Priority 4 (Page 21) be immediately attended to. 3  See page 56 for additional information.January 2 2010 RCMP Sgt. Kent SwimOffice of the Departmental Privacyand ATI Coordinator Access toinformationand Privacy Branch1200 Vanier Parkway,Ottawa, OntarioK1A 0R2  Re: Request for copyRCMP Staff Sgt. R.B.MacAdam’sR eportInvestigation of Government Organized CrimeFile # 2007 - 1355445Referred to following document Re: Your File # GA-3952-3-05-203/09 Response to your letter dated December 21 2009 (Copy Page 11) Dear Sgt. Kent SwimYou cannot possibly be as dumb as your writings appear being of particular concern due thehumongously serious nature of the issues and I must presume you are getting some help from your superiors. Such errors are absolutely pathetic for the business you are in, but personal incompetence isdwarfed by the ideology adapted in the structuring of the system that requires another one to deal withyou people.See copy of your letter November 16 2009 (Pg 12) which you incorrectly refer to the file I request asRCMP file # 2007-2316 & 2007-2317I corrected you on this in my November 19 2009 response to your 16 th (See Pg 22-3) when you provided me 30 days from the date of your letter to provide what you felt was missing information.You provided me an e-mail address so I used it requesting you acknowledge receipt, but you did not.You acknowledged receipt of $5.00 required under the Access to Information Act and from your letter head and e-mail address I presume you to be with the RCMP.Your December 21 2009 letter (Pg 11) states “This letter is with regard to your access to informationrequest dated November 6 2009 for RCMP Complaints file # 2007-2316 & 2007-2317. Your requestwas received by the RCMP December 21 2009”The request I filed November 6 2009 (See Page 33 and 34) was for the same RCMP Staff Sgt. RBMacAdam’s Report File # 2007 – 1355445 from both the RCMP and Commission for PublicComplaints against the RCMP. Either one would have a copy as explained in my request and the manydocuments sent you that you declined to acknowledge as you are not required to give a damn aboutHUMANISM in your world of ASSHOLEISM.Since you are with the RCMP and it is an RCMP report I request namely the RCMP Staff Sgt. R.B.MacAdam NCO i/e file   # 2007 - 1355445 that he has a copy, RCMP Superintendent Robert DavisDistrict Commander of the GTA has a copy and they are both at345 Harry Walker Parkway S.,4
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