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Abbreviation list
  ABBREVIATIONS   OF EGW PUBLICATIONS AA  Acts of the Apostles , 1911AG God’s Amazing Grace , 1973AH  Adventist Home , 1952ApM  An Appeal to Mothers , 1864AY  An Appeal to the Youth , 18641BC, 2BC, etc.  Bible Commentary: eventh!day Adventist: llen G# $hite Comments . 7 vols.  plus  upplement   (vol. 7A), 1953-57CC Conflict and Courage , 197CC! Counsels for the Church , 1957C Counsels on %iet and &oods , 1923C# Christian ducation , 1893CG Child Guidance , 1954CH Counsels on Health , 1923C!$ Christian ervice , 1925C!% Christian 'eadership , 1974C% Country 'iving  , 1946CM Colporteur Ministry , 1953CM#  A Call to Medical vangelism and Health   ducation , 1933C&% Christ’s (b)ect 'essons , 19C$ Counsels on te*ardship , 194C$' Counsels on abbath chool $or+  , 1938C Counsels to ,arents- .eachers- and tudents , 1913CBH Christian .emperance and Bible Hygiene , 189C  Christ .riumphant  , 1999C' Counsels to $riters and ditors , 1946 A  %esire of Ages , 1898 G  %aughters of God  , 1998#'   arly $ritings , 1882#*   ducation , 1931888   llen G# $hite /000 Materials-  1987#v   vangelism , 1946#+  A +etch of the Christian 1perience and 2ie*s of llen G# $hite  ,1851#+54 upplement to the Christian 1perience and 2ie*s of llen G# $hite , 1854#  &undamentals of Christian ducation , 1923%B .he &aith 3 'ive By , 1958'  &aith and $or+s , 1979AG God’s Amazing Grace , 1973G'92 Gospel $or+ers , 1892G'15 Gospel $or+ers , 1915GC88 Great Controversy bet*een Christ and atan-  1888GC11 Great Controversy Bet*een Christ and atan-  1911HM  Health &ood Ministry , 197H%  Healthful 'iving  , 1897H  3n Heavenly ,laces , 1967H$  Historical +etches of the &oreign Missions of the eventh!day Adventists , 1886% #  'ast %ay vents , 1992%H/  'ift Him 4p , 1988%  'ife of ,aul- +etches from the , 1883%$  'ife +etches of llen G# $hite , 1915%$8  'ife +etches of 5ames and llen $hite , 188%$88  'ife +etches of 5ames and llen $hite , 1888%Y%  'etters to Young 'overs , 1983M0   Maranatha: .he 'ord is Coming  , 1976MB  Mount of Blessing- .houghts &rom the , 1896MC  Manual for Canvassers , 1921MC, 2MCM*, C!00cte, 0* eso0lt. 2 vols., 1977MH  Ministry of Healing  , 195M%  My 'ife .oday , 1952MM  Medical Ministry , 19321M, 2M, etc.  Manuscript 6eleases . 21 vols., 1981-1993MY  Messages to Young ,eople , 193 %  A 7e* 'ife 1%, 2%, etc.  7oteboo+ 'eaflets from the lmshaven  'ibrary , 1985&HC (ur High Calling  , 1961C  ,eter’s Counsel to ,arents , 1981  ,atriarchs and ,rophets , 189   ,rophets and 8ings , 1917M .he ,ublishing Ministry , 1983C  6eflecting Christ  , 1985Y  6etirement Years , 199$A  A olemn Appeal  , 1871$A, 2$A ermons and .al+s , 199, 1994$C teps to Christ  , 1892$ ons and %aughters of God  , 19551BC, 2BC, . . . 70BC eventh!day Adventist BibleCommentary-  #lle G. '!te Coets, 7 vols. plus upplement (vol. 70), 1953-19571$G, 2$G, 3$G, 40$G, 4:$G piritual Gifts-  4 vols., 1858, 186, 1864$; tory of 5esus , 1896$% .he anctified 'ife , 19561$M, 2$M, 3$M elected Messages , 1958, 1981$, 2$, etc. pirit of ,rophecy . 4 vols., 187, 1877,1878, 1884$pM palding and Magan’s 4npublished Manuscript .estimonies of llen G# $hite $p#* pecial .estimonies on ducation , c. 1897$' .he outhern $or+  , 1898, 1911, 2, etc. .estimonies for the Church . 9 vols., 1855-199A .he .ruth about Angels , 1996 G .his %ay *ith God  , 1979e .emperance , 1949MB .houghts from the Mount of Blessing  , 1896M .estimonies to Ministers and Gospel $or+ers , 1923M  .hat 3 May 8no* Him , 1964$A .estimonies to outhern Africa , 1977  $B .estimonies on e1ual Behavior- Adultery- and  %ivorce- 1989$  .estimony tudies on %iet and &oods , 1926$$ .estimonies on abbath!chool $or+  , 19/% .he 4p*ard 'oo+  , 1982$$ .he 2oice in peech and ong  , 1988'%  A $ord to the 9'ittle &loc+  , 1847'M $elfare Ministry , 1952Y Ye hall 6eceive ,o*er  , 1996 PERIODICALS AND PUBLICATIONSNOT AUTHORED BY ELLEN G. WHITE 1Bo, 2Bo, etc. At!u %. '!te,   llen G# $hite <Bo=0p!>, 6 vols., 1981-1986B#  Bible cho and igns of the .imes #G'# el0?el*,   llen G# $hite in urope- /00!/00;-  1975.GCB, GC B General Conference <%aily= Bulletin H   Health 6eformer  MMM  Manuscripts and Memories of Minneapolis-  1988/   ,acific 4nion 6ecorder  H  6evie* and Herald> Advent 6evie* and abbath Herald   $HM tory of (ur Health Message- 1943$ igns of the .imes  A/C   Australasian 4nion Conference 6ecord  Y@ Youth?s 3nstructor  OTHER ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THE  ELLEN G. WHITE ENCYCLOPEDIA AHCA*vetst Het0=e Cete, A*es /vestBBoo, 0 0c!v0l c0te=o *es=0t= lette  :oos  t!e Gee0l Co?eece Ac!vesB+Bo+, 0 0c!v0l c0te=o  t!e A*vetst Het0=e Cete, A*es /vestCollCollecto, 0 0c!v0l c0te=o  t!e A*vetstHet0=e Cete, A*es /vest  ocuet le, 0 0c!v0l c0te=o  t!e #lleG. '!te ese0c! Cetes, clu*= t!e %o0%*0 /vest Het0=e oo#G'#c <>   llen G# $hite ncyclopedia #G'C-GC#lle G. '!te #st0te ese0c! Cete 0* 0 o??ce, Gee0l Co?eece o? $ A, $lve $p=, M0l0*#G'C-A/#lle G. '!te ese0c! Cete 0*  :0c! o??ce, A*es /vest, Bee $p=s, Mc!=0l*ol*e, 0 0c!v0l c0te=o  t!e Gee0l Co?eece Ac!ves 0*  t!e A*vetst Het0=e Cete, A*es /vestGCAAc!ves, Gee0l Co?eece o? $ A, $lve $p=, M0l0*GCC MGee0l Co?eece <#+ecutve> Cottee Mutes#G'C-%%/#lle G. '!te #st0te ese0c! Cete 0* :0c! o??ce, %o0 %*0 /vest, %o0 %*0, C0l?o0Geco* Goup, 0 0c!v0l c0te=o  t!e Gee0l Co?eece Ac!ves$ $!el? ocuet, oe o? 0 sees o? pu:lc0tos  po*uce* 0* *st:ute* : t!e #lle G. '!te #st0te$ A$evet!-*0 A*vetst
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