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Cognitive Behavioral Psychology
   Aaron T. Beck  “The Father of Cognitive Behavior Therapy”    The Early Years  Aaron Beck was born in Providence, Rhode Island,on July 18, 1921.    He was the youngest of five children.    Both of his parents were Russian Jewish immigrants.  Beck had an older brother and sister that died beforehe was born.  The Early Years    His brother and sister  passed away from theinfluenza pandemicof 1919.    His mother becameextremely depressed after loosing her two children to the flu.  Beck felt that he was supposed to be a replacement for his deceased  sister. He felt this way mostly because of his mother’s constant  expressions of disappointment over him being a boy and not a girl.  The Early Years Because of the struggles he was forced to face as a child Beck developed great courage and determination.Because of the circumstances and events surrounding his childhood, Beck later became interested in studying the “psychological turning  point.” This is what ultimately started Beck on his way to becoming  “The Father of Cognitive Behavior Therapy.”    When he was 7 years old he broke his arm , and this resulted in him   getting blood poisoning. Beck was then eventually held back a year in school because of this sickness. Beck says this made him feel “stupid.”  
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