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NewsletterA M ERIC A N ASSOCIATION OF PHY SICIST S IN ME D I CI NE VOLUME 33 NO. 6NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2008AAPM President’s Column the last year or so—sorry but no…
NewsletterA M ERIC A N ASSOCIATION OF PHY SICIST S IN ME D I CI NE VOLUME 33 NO. 6NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2008AAPM President’s Column the last year or so—sorry but no new volunteer commitments until my AAPM regency has expired. The viability of the project spiraled downward from there--- I had thought that my pledge of financial support would be sufficient, but it seemed that sweat equity was also an absolute requirement. Unfortunately my pledge of sweat equity had been given to another until the end of 2009.Gerald A. White Colorado Springs, COSeveral weeks ago I found myself addressing the board of directors and staff of a local organization of community activists. Lots of comfort was, for me, to be found there. It seems as though a lot of what I spent so much time on in the ‘60s (alas, it was not all Math and Physics) has come back to us again. The purpose of my visit was to make a pitch for a particular project I thought they should undertake. I’d done a fair amount of preparation; adapting a national program to match our unique circumstances in Colorado Springs, collecting resources for both intellectual and materials support and providing a source of funding for start up with a plan for subsequent fiscal viability. It was, in my somewhat biased opinion, a proposal that would be so appealing as to immediately move forward. My sails were deflated when they put to me one question—how much of my own time would I be willing to commit to the implementation of the project? I invoked the message that I’ve been giving to a great many forTreasure and participation, capital and labor, money and time are all essential for any substantial project and accomplishment. It doesn’t seem to me as though they always need to come together from the same sources. A paired contribution of wealth and self gives great benefit to any organization, but is not necessary for progress. Participants, members of the group endeavor, can supply one or both, but it is vital to have, at a minimum, one of the two thrown in to the communal pot. Last week at the orientation for new members of the AAPM Board I came across the data that there are nearly 1000 volunteer AAPM members participating in roughly 250 committees, task groups and workgroups. A quick calculation (assuming, conservatively, a 1 hour per week time commitment and $100/hour cost of physicist effort) gives us a time contribution worth a bit over $5 million per year. This contribution of about 15% of AAPM members dwarfs the annual dues contributions of all of us. These are folks who support with both time and treasure, the former coming inincreasingly short supply while the need for the incredibly productive activities of the Association continues to grow. We can’t grow much more time, but we can grow a bit more treasure. Many of us can’t find more time to move the AAPM forward, but surely we can all find bit more money. The AAPM Education and Research Fund awaits our attention. The recent defeat of the initiative for an increase in the AAPM dues structure calls out for a more vigorous dialog on the need for support from all of us, in a tangible fashion, for the mission of the Association. We are closing a year of reflection after 50 years of progress. We have, without a doubt, suitably celebrated the present, but we must also honor the past and prepare for the future by assuring a strong and adequate financial base for the Association. May the 51st year bring us the opportunity to make that a reality. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chair of the Board’s Column President-Elect’s Column Executive Director’s Column Editor’s Column Education Council Report Professional Council Report Leg. & Reg. Affairs Website Editor’s Column American Board of Radiology EFOMP Conference Update ACR Accreditation DBIS Program Update Health Policy/Economics Web-based Modules Persons in the Newsp. 2 p. 3 p. 4 p. 5 p. 6 p. 7 p. 9 p. 11 p. 13 p. 15 p. 16 p. 19 p. 20 p. 22 p. 22AAPM NewsletterNovember/December 2008Chairwoman of the Board’s ColumnMary K. Martel UT MD Anderson Cancer Center “Thank You”Iwill write one more column postBoard meeting in December at RSNA, but this column will serve as my “thank you” to colleagues, friends and family. Interwoven in the thankyou’s will be some comments on continuing issues that women face in our field. It is not so obvious how to become involved in the volunteer work of the AAPM, and sometimes you have to catch a lucky break. I have Jean St. Germain to thank for placing me on the Rules Committee which she was chairing at the time. With her mentorship and vast knowledge of the AAPM, this was an ideal spot for a younger member to learn committee work. Then, through work on a task group (thanks to senior colleagues Dick Fraass and Randy Ten Haken for suggesting me), fellow task group member, Jatinder Palta, recommended me as the scientific program director for the annual meeting. This role as program director opened up the passageway to higher level committees in the AAPM organization, including eventual election to the Board of Directors. This is only a snapshot of my work in the AAPM, but it shows that it helps to have a number of people serving as guides through the AAPM labyrinth.However, when I received the call to run for President of the AAPM, I said no, citing such reasons as new job tasks and a young son. But once I was called for the third year in a row (this time by Howard Amols), I realized that I needed, and could, figure out how to juggle my personal, job and professional responsibilities. Too, I had in mind that the last (and the first) woman president was Ann Wright a long 25-some years ago. This in turn has caused me to reflect on the scarcity of women in leadership roles in our AAPM society. As a matter of fact, as a co-director for the scientific program annual meeting in 1999 with Maryellen Giger, there has not been a woman in such role since, or ever as education program director. And, as long as I have been an AAPM member, I do not recall any woman as a Council Chair, one of the most important roles in the society. Another issue is that lower salaries persist for women when compared to men, across the board, according to the AAPM survey, though median years of experience are approximately the same. And currently, there is one AAPM Board member, out of approximately 30, that is a woman (other than on EXCOM). There has been only one woman Coolidge award winner, Edith Quimby, which was near the beginning of the start of the AAPM. While one would have hoped that the mentioning of a gender gap would be irrelevant in the year 2008, the facts as they are indicate differently. There is some good news in that a number of women have played roles as secretary and treasurer on the Executive Committee. Several women have been awarded the AAPM’s Achievement Award through the years. And I observe more midcareer women as members in task groups and committees. Too, though2approximately 19% of the Full members are women, approximately 30% of the Student members are women, showing a larger pool of women for potential leadership roles in the future. However, it is likely that there will be a call to action at the beginning of the year for those interested to help address the leadership imbalance. This may include putting together a mentorship program, identifying women for some of the key organization tasks, and helping women gain in job arena though better negotiation. Should an enthused group come together and gel, it may be possible to form an AAPM chapter “without borders”, ensuring a seat at the AAPM Board of Directors table. Back to the thank-you’s. Besides the people I have already mentioned, I would like to thank the people on EXCOM that I have worked with during the past 3 years. In particular, Don Frey, Howard Amols and Russ Ritenour encouraged a collaborative environment on EXCOM, much appreciated by me. I have learned much from the current members of EXCOM: Jerry White, Maryellen Giger, Gary Ezzell, Mary Moore and Angela Keyser. I have worked with some amazing members of the Board (you know who you are!). And it would not have been possible to devote the time and energy needed for EXCOM/Board work without the strong and loving support of my husband, John Carr, and my son, Max. Finally, to thank my parents, Ambrose and Maxine Martel, I will finish with an apropos comment made recently by Tina Fey when accepting an Emmy award: “I want to thank my parents for somehow raising me to have confidence that is disproportionate to my looks and abilities. Well done, that is what all parents should do!”AAPM NewsletterNovember/December 2008President-Elect’s ColumnMaryellen Giger University of ChicagoThis is my last newsletter article as President-Elect of the AAPM, written in October 2008. It has been a wonderful year of continuous learning about the AAPM and its many functions, and of meeting more and more member volunteers of the association. I am almost finished with my major task of appointing/reappointing chairs and members of the various Councils and committees for 2009. The “yellow book” of committee ads on the AAPM website contributed some to the postings and appointments, however, the main recruitment method continues to be face-to-face [or phone-to-phone] communication between the various AAPM members. I spent much of my time at the AAPM annual meeting in Houston talking in the hallway. In addition, Lisa Giove of the AAPM staff pleasantly and tirelessly worked with me to query the various chairs of committees, subcommittees, task groups, and work groups for new members. The accumulated list of volunteers of all the councils, committees, subcommittees, task groups, and work groups will be presented for approval to the AAPM Board of Directors at their November 2008 board meeting.I have also enjoyed the many chapter meetings I have attended during this President-Elect year. As usual, as communication opens and/ or improves, so do appreciation and understanding, and I have learned to value even more the chapters’ role in the AAPM. Each chapter’s Board representative holds two important positions in communication – bringing the latest news from the AAPM Board to their own chapter members and contributing to the growth and organization of the AAPM as an active Board member. As I visited these chapters, I enjoyed giving different presentations. Usually I offered three types of presentations: a status of the AAPM presentation [either as an overview or with a specific focus on, for example, the 2012/2014 initiative or licensure], a research presentation on multimodality breast CAD, or a mixture of both. Fortunately, I was able to give all three types throughout the year, with different chapters having different interests. Jerry White, Angela Keyser, and I met with the RSNA Board of Directors to discuss initiatives and plans for the upcoming year. RSNAcontinues to be a strong colleague of the AAPM and multiple initiatives are of interest to both. Many AAPM members are actively involved in the RSNA’s Quantitative Imaging Initiative, with much involvement by John Boone, as chair of the AAPM Science Council as well as a member of the RSNA Research Development Committee. Also, the RSNA acknowledges the need to increase the number of medical physics residency programs in diagnostic imaging, and will be working with the AAPM to develop ways to expedite the acceptance and enactment of such residency programs. The RSNA is also enthusiastically working with the AAPM on the creation of webbased modules for the teaching of physics to radiology residents – a major effort led by Bill Hendee. I say goodbye and thank you to Mary Martel, our Chairwoman of the Board, and Gary Ezzell, our Secretary. I have enjoyed tremendously working with them on EXCOM. I know they are only a phone call away to taking on new AAPM volunteer roles. And so remember, it is never too late to volunteer. The experience is educational and rewarding.The American Association of Physicists in Medicine cordially invites you to attend theAAPM Tuesday Evening Reception during the 2008 RSNA Meeting Sponsored in part by Landauer, Inc. RTI Electronics, Inc.Tuesday, December 2, 2008 • 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Waldorf Room • Chicago Hilton light hors d’oeuvres3AAPM NewsletterNovember/December 2008AAPM Executive Director’s Column competitive basis to be an AAPM summer fellow. Each summer fellow receives a stipend from the AAPM. For more information, go to: http://www.aapm.org/education/ SUFP/Angela R. Keyser College Park, MD Meeting Dates he 2009 AAPM Summer School will be held June 2125 at Colorado College. The topic will be Clinical Dosimetry Measurements in Radiotherapy with Dave Rogers and Joanna Cygler serving as Program Directors.TThe 2009 AAPM Annual Meeting will be held July 26 – 30 in Anaheim, California. The Call for Abstracts will be available online in early January. Registration and housing information with be posted in March. Undergraduate Fellowship Opportunities The Summer Undergraduate Fellowship program is designed to provide opportunities for undergraduate university students to gain experience in medical physics by performing research in a medical physics laboratory or assisting with clinical service at a clinical facility. In this program, the AAPM serves as a clearinghouse to match exceptional students with exceptional medical physicists, many who are faculty at leading research centers. Students participating in the program are placed into summer positions that are consistent with their interest. Students are selected for the program on aThe Minority Undergraduate Summer Experience (MUSE) program is designed to expose minority undergraduate university students to the field of medical physics by performing research or assisting with clinical service at a U.S. institution (university, clinical facility, laboratory, etc). The charge of MUSE is specifically to encourage minority students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Minority Serving Institutions or non-Minority Serving Institutions to gain such experience and apply to graduate programs in medical physics. For more information, go to: http://www.aapm.org/ education/muse/ FYI • 2009 dues renewal notices were distributed in October. Sixteen AAPM Chapters have elected to have HQ collect their chapter dues. Make sure to check to see if your chapter is participating. If it is, we hope that you will appreciate the convenience of paying your national and chapter dues at one time! • The most up-to-date schedule for AAPM meetings during the RSNA meeting is available online at: http:/www.aapm.org/meetings rsna08/schedule.asp • Make plans to join your colleagues on Tuesday, December 2008 for the AAPM \Reception during RSNA at the Chicago Hilton. Thanks to Landauer, Inc. and RTI Electronics for their financial contributions4to offset the costs for this event. • Due to budget cuts and time constraints, BIROW 6, scheduled for January 15 -16, 2009, has been canceled. The BIROW organizers are considering the future of the program, and the possibility of holding the meeting in early 2010. Headquarters News Ramy James was promoted to the position of Accounting Manager in mid-August. Since joining the staff in April, Ramy has proven himself to be an asset to the HQ team. We welcomed Lakea (Kea) Shirriel to the HQ team in September as the Accounting Assistant.Part of the success of AAPM HQ operations is our ability to attract and retain an excellent team of highperforming association management professionals. Several AAPM team members have celebrated an anniversary in the last half of 2008. I want to publicly thank them and acknowledge their efforts (see page 5). I began my journey as a member of the HQ team in November, 1993 and I continue to marvel at the commitment of the AAPM volunteers to the medical physics profession and to this organization. In this, the last newsletter of the 2008 year, I want to take the time to sincerely thank you for your continued support and for the confidence that you place in me as your Executive Director. The AAPM Headquarters office will be closed Thursday, November 27 – Friday, November 28, Thursday, December 25 – Friday, December 26 and Thursday, January 1 – Friday, January 2. I wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday season.AAPM NewsletterNovember/December 2008Editor’s ColumnMahadevappa Mahesh Johns Hopkins UniversityThis is the last issue for this celebrated 50th anniversary year of the AAPM and we are already laying out plans for the 2009 issues. As always, the year has come and is going quite fast and all of us have become a year wiser. This year the newsletter underwent some changes in order to lower the overall cost of producing a quality print newsletter. As year ends, the AAPM Newsletter is facing another major hurdle with regards to the budget. The Professional Council, the Newsletter’s parent committee, informed me last week that the 2009 newsletter budget was reduced during the recent BudgetSubcommittee Meeting with the recommendation to discontinue printing of the newsletter from the January/February 2009 issue onwards. I did not expect the economic uncertainty and the ‘Wall Street’ issues to hit the ‘Main Street’ so fast. I plan to make an appeal to the AAPM Board of Directors to reconsider the recommendation of discontinuing the printing of the newsletter for the following reasons: As I mentioned in my May/June 2007 editorial column (volume 32, number 3; page 5), according to the AAPM members’ survey, the 89% of the survey respondents preferred the print version of the newsletter. The newsletter is the only printed document mailed to all AAPM members and serves as historical documentation of the association and its activities for the years to come. The newsletter budget request for 2009 amounts to less than 1% of the annual AAPM budget after taking into account the anticipated advertisement revenues. The newsletter expensesAAPM STAFF ANNIVERSARIES Years of Service as of July - December, 2008 Lisa Rose Sullivan Penny Slattery Michael Woodward Farhana Khan Peggy Compton Noel Crisman-Fillhart Yan-Hong Xing Tammy Conquest Corbi Foster Jackie Ogburn15 12 12 10 4 3 2 1 1 1 5for this year are already lower by nearly 40% compared to previous years. I am hoping this appeal to restore the newsletter budget and to grant permission and to continue printing the newsletter will receive a positive response from the AAPM Executive Committee, Board of Directors and the Finance Committee. In the event that my appeal fails, this will be considered to be the last printed version of the newsletter that is mailed to all the members of the AAPM. Having said that, the newsletter will still be published on time but only electronically and will be available on the AAPM website to all of the members of the association. Members will have access to all of the previous issues and current issues including links to extended articles from next year onwards. As the last 2008 issue of the newsletter reaches AAPM members, I’d like to thank the AAPM staff, particularly Ms. Nancy Vazquez, for all of her work on the newsletter and Ms. Farhana Khan for her help in establishing a presence on the AAPM website. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Angela Keyser and the headquarters’ staff, the Newsletter Editorial Board and the Executive Committee for their help and advice. Finally, I would also like to thank my wife and kids for their cooperation in this task. As this issue arrives at your desk, we are entering the holiday season and I wish you and your family a very happy holiday season.AAPM NewsletterNovember/December 2008Education Council ReportHerb Mower Education Council ChairThis is my last contribution as Chair of the Education Council as, with this edition of the Newsletter and the close of the calendar year I complete my six years of service to the Association in this capacity. What a great six years it has been. We have seen a lot o
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