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  Idealism and Existentialism  Continuum Studies in Philosophy  Series Editor: James Fieser, University of Tennessee at Martin, USA  Continuum Studies in Philosophy   is a major monograph series from Contin-uum. The series features 󿬁rst-class scholarly research monographs across the whole 󿬁eld of philosophy. Each work makes a major contribution to the 󿬁eld of philosophical research. Aesthetic in Kant  , James Kirwan Analytic Philosophy: The History of an Illusion  , Aaron Preston Aquinas and the Ship of Theseus  , Christopher Brown Augustine and Roman Virtue  , Brian Harding The Challenge of Relativism  , Patrick Phillips  Demands of Taste in Kant’s Aesthetics,  Brent Kalar  Derrida: Profanations  , Patrick O’Connor  Descartes and the Metaphysics of Human Nature  , Justin Skirry   Descartes’ Theory of Ideas  , David Clemenson  Dialectic of Romanticism  , Peter Murphy and David Roberts  Duns Scotus and the Problem of Universals  , Todd Bates Hegel’s Philosophy of Language  , Jim Vernon Hegel’s Philosophy of Right  , David James Hegel’s Theory of Recognition  , Sybol S. C. Anderson The History of Intentionality  , Ryan Hickerson Kantian Deeds  , Henrik Jøker Bjerre Kierkegaard, Metaphysics and Political Theory  , Alison Assiter Kierkegaard’s Analysis of Radical Evil  , David A. Roberts Leibniz Re-interpreted  , Lloyd Strickland Metaphysics and the End of Philosophy  , H. O. Mounce Nietzsche and the Greeks  , Dale Wilkerson Origins of Analytic Philosophy  , Delbert Reed Philosophy of Miracles  , David Corner Platonism, Music and the Listener’s Share  , Christopher Norris Popper’s Theory of Science  , Carlos Garcia Rationality and Feminist Philosophy  , Deborah K. Heikes Role of God in Spinoza’s Metaphysics  , Sherry Deveaux Rousseau and the Ethics of Virtue  , James Delaney  Rousseau’s Theory of Freedom  , Matthew Simpson Spinoza and the Stoics  , Firmin DeBrabander Spinoza’s Radical Cartesian Mind  , Tammy Nyden-Bullock St Augustine and the Theory of Just War  , John Mark Mattox St Augustine of Hippo  , R. W. Dyson Thomas Aquinas and John Duns Scotus  , Alex Hall Tolerance and the Ethical Life  , Andrew Fiala  Idealism and Existentialism Hegel and Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century European Philosophy  Jon Stewart 
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