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  CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking Fundamentals Chapter 5 Router and IOS Basics  CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking Fundamentals, Fourth Edition2 Objectives ãescribe the bene!its o! network segmentation with routersã nderstand the elements o! the Cisco router user inter!aceãCon!igure the #$%er&erminal %rogram to inter!ace with the Cisco router ãescribe the various router con!iguration modes  CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking Fundamentals, Fourth Edition' Objectives (continued) ãescribe the various router %asswordsã nderstand the enhanced editing !eatures o! the Cisco *O+ãCom%are router com%onents to t$%ical C com%onents  CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking Fundamentals, Fourth Edition- .ene!its o! /outing ã/outers %rovide  0acket !iltering 0Connections between local networks 0&ra!!ic control 01ide area network (1AN) connections ã/outers o%erate at the Network la$er o! the O+* re!erence model  0.ecause o! Network la$er addressing, routers can direct %ackets to both local and remote segments
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