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  T.S. Eliot and the Failure to Connect Satire on Modern MisunderstandingsISBN: 9781137364692DOI: 10.1057/9781137364692Palgrave Macmillan Please respect intellectual property rights This material is copyright and its use is restricted by our standard site license terms and conditions (see palgraveconnect.com/pc/info/terms_conditions.html). If you plan to copy, distribute or share in any format, including, for the avoidanceof doubt, posting on websites, you need the express prior permission of PalgraveMacmillan. To request permission please contact rights@palgrave.com.  󰁤󰁯󰁩: 󰀱󰀰.󰀱󰀰󰀵󰀷/󰀹󰀷󰀸󰀱󰀱󰀳󰀷󰀳󰀶󰀴󰀶󰀹󰀲 .S. Eliot and the Failure to Connect 10.1057/9781137364692 - T.S. Eliot and the Failure to Connect, G. Douglas Atkins    C  o  p  y  r   i  g   h   t  m  a   t  e  r   i  a   l   f  r  o  m  w  w  w .  p  a   l  g  r  a  v  e  c  o  n  n  e  c   t .  c  o  m  -   T  r   i  a   l   A  c  c  e  s  s  -   P  a   l  g  r  a  v  e   C  o  n  n  e  c   t  -   2   0   1   3  -   1   0  -   3   0  󰁤󰁯󰁩: 󰀱󰀰.󰀱󰀰󰀵󰀷/󰀹󰀷󰀸󰀱󰀱󰀳󰀷󰀳󰀶󰀴󰀶󰀹󰀲  Also by G. Douglas Atkins HE FAIH OF JOHN DRYDEN: Change and Continuity READING DECONSRUCION/DECONSRUCIVE READINGWRIING AND READING DIFFERENLY: Deconstruction and the eaching o Composition and Literature ( co-edited with Michael L. Johnson )QUESS OF DIFFERENCE: Reading Pope’s PoemsSHAKESPEARE AND DECONSRUCION ( co-edited with David M. Bergeron )CONEMPORARY LIERARY HEORY ( co-edited with Laura Morrow )GEOFFREY HARMAN: Criticism as Answerable StyleESRANGING HE FAMILIAR: oward a Revitalized Critical WritingRACING HE ESSAY: Trough Experience to ruthREADING ESSAYS: An InvitationON HE FAMILIAR ESSAY: Challenging Academic OrthodoxiesLIERARY PAHS O RELIGIOUS UNDERSANDING: Essays on Dryden, Pope, Keats, George Eliot, Joyce, .S. Eliot, and E.B. White.S. ELIO AND HE ESSAY: From Te Sacred Wood   to Four Quartets READING .S. ELIO: Four Quartets  and the Journey toward UnderstandingE.B. WHIE: Te Essayist as First-Class Writer.S. ELIO MAERIALIZED: Literal Meaning and Embodied ruthSWIF’S SAIRES ON MODERNISM: Battlegrounds o Reading and Writing ALEXANDER POPE’S CATHOLIC VISION : “Slave to no sect” T.S. ELIOT, LANCELOT ANDREWES, AND THE WORD : Intersections o Literature and Religion   (  orthcoming  )   10.1057/9781137364692 - T.S. Eliot and the Failure to Connect, G. Douglas Atkins    C  o  p  y  r   i  g   h   t  m  a   t  e  r   i  a   l   f  r  o  m  w  w  w .  p  a   l  g  r  a  v  e  c  o  n  n  e  c   t .  c  o  m  -   T  r   i  a   l   A  c  c  e  s  s  -   P  a   l  g  r  a  v  e   C  o  n  n  e  c   t  -   2   0   1   3  -   1   0  -   3   0
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