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  Article TitleLEARNING VOCABULARY THROUGH GAMESThe Effectiveness of Learnin Voca! lar# Thro h Ga$es A thors N #en Thi Thanh H #en%h at Thi Th NaA!stractVietna$ese st &ents s all# feel !ore& in voca! lar# lessons !eca se the# have notchane& their learnin ha!its' s ch as (ritin (or&s on )a)er' tr#in to learn !# heart or learnin )assivel# thro h the teacher*s e+)lanations, To hel) st &ents fin& lan aeclasses' es)eciall# voca! lar# lessons $ore interestin' an& to achieve $ore fro$ a$es'(e con& cte& action research to fin& the ans(er to the - estion' ./o a$es hel) st &entslearn voca! lar# effectivel#' an& if so' ho(0. Most aca&e$ic revie(s start fro$ anass $)tion that a$es' ! n&le& (ith other as)ects of learnin' e,,' CALL' are !eneficial, Ho(ever (e sinle& o t the co$)onent of a$es to st &# that in isolation,After revie(in aca&e$ic o)inions on this s)ecificall# foc sse& $atter' of (hich thereare relativel# fe(' (e !ean action research (hich incl &e& a))l#in a$es in o r o(nclasses' o!servin other teachers* classes' an& intervie(in !oth teachers an& learners soas to elicit st &ents* reactions' feelins an& the effectiveness of a$es in voca! lar#  learnin, The research sho(s the# are effective in hel)in st &ents to i$)rove their voca! lar# ! il&in s1ills,2,3 Intro& ction4ro!le$ In learnin a forein lan ae' voca! lar# )la#s an i$)ortant role, It is one ele$ent thatlin1s the fo r s1ills of s)ea1in' listenin' rea&in an& (ritin all toether, In or&er toco$$ nicate (ell in a forein lan ae' st &ents sho l& ac- ire an a&e- ate n $!er of (or&s an& sho l& 1no( ho( to se the$ acc ratel#,Even tho h st &ents reali5e the i$)ortance of voca! lar# (hen learnin lan ae' $ostVietna$ese st &ents learn voca! lar# )assivel# & e to several factors, 6irst' the#consi&er the teacher*s e+)lanation for $eanin or &efinition' )ron nciation' s)ellin an&ra$$atical f nctions !orin, In this case scenario' lan ae learners have nothin to &oin a voca! lar# learnin section ! t to listen to their teacher, Secon&' st &ents onl# thin1 of voca! lar# learnin as 1no(in the )ri$ar# $eanin of ne( (or&s, Therefore' the# inore all other f nctions of the (or&s, Thir&' st &ents s all# onl#ac- ire ne( voca! lar# thro h ne( (or&s in their te+t!oo1s or (hen iven !# teachers& rin classroo$ lessons, 6or e+a$)le' learners fin& $an# ne( (or&s in a te+t an& thenas1 the teacher to e+)lain the $eanins an& sae*s, 6orth' $an# Vietna$ese learners &onot (ant to ta1e ris1s in a))l#in (hat the# have learnt, St &ents $a# reconi5e a (or&in a (ritten or s)o1en for$ an& thin1 that the# alrea&# .1no( the (or&.' ! t the# $a#not !e a!le to se that (or& )ro)erl# in &ifferent conte+ts or )rono nce it correctl#,  In recent #ears' co$$ nicative lan ae teachin 7CLT8 has !een a))lie& in Vietna$an& fro$ o r o(n e+)erience' it has sho(n its effectiveness in teachin an& learninlan ae, CLT is an a))roach that hel)s st &ents !e $ore active in real life sit ationsthro h the $eans of in&ivi& al' )air an& ro ) (or1 activities, It enco raes st &ents to )ractice the lan ae the# learn in $eaninf l (a#s, In a CLT classroo$' )la#invoca! lar# a$es is one of the activities (hich re- ires st &ents to activel#co$$ nicate (ith their class$ates' sin their o(n lan ae, Th s the - estion (e !ean to e+a$ine is' ./o a$es hel) st &ents learn voca! lar# effectivel# an& if so'ho(0.Literat re revie(Learners of Enlish have to &eal (ith nfa$iliar voca! lar# & rin their lan aeac- isition, In or&er to learn an& retain ne( (or&s' learners sho l& )artici)ate in &ifferenttas19!ase& activities in their classroo$ (hether it is a  essin tas1' a &escri!in e+erciseor conversation $a1in, S ch activities also incl &e voca! lar# a$es (hich es)eciall#foc s on hel)in learners &evelo) an& se (or&s in &ifferent conte+ts !# $a1in thelessons en:o#a!le, Therefore' it is necessar# to e+)lore (hether st &ents learn voca! lar#effectivel# thro h a$es an& ho( the# learn it,Tra&itionall#' voca! lar# has not !een a )artic lar s !:ect for st &ents to learn' ! t has !een ta ht (ithin lessons of s)ea1in' listenin' rea&in an& (ritin, / rin the lesson'st &ents se their o(n voca! lar# an& are intro& ce& to ne( (or&s )rovi&e& !# the  teacher an& class$ates (hich the# a))l# to classroo$ activities, 6or $an# learners of Enlish' (henever the# thin1 of voca! lar#' the# thin1 of learnin a list of ne( (or&s(ith $eanins in their native lan ae (itho t an# real conte+t )ractice, A n $!er of learners $a# share the sa$e e+)erience of loo1in ) (or&s in a !ilin al &ictionar# tofin& their $eanins or &efinitions (hen the# enco nter ne( (or&s, The# $a# even (rite&o(n lines of ne( (or&s (itho t an# i&ea of the real se of the$ in conte+t, ;or1inthis (a#' after a short )erio& of ti$e' $an# learners $a# fin& o t that learnin voca! lar#in lists &oes not satisf# the$selves' an& the# thin1 the ca se for it is : st their !a&$e$ori5ation' Gnoins1a 72<<=>2?8, Research an& ) !lications have sho(n that this is nota ver# effective (a# to st &#, /ecarrico 7?3328 states that (or&s sho l& not !e learntse)aratel# or !# $e$ori5ation (itho t n&erstan&in, Moreover' .learnin ne( (or&s isa c $ lative )rocess' (ith (or&s enriche& an& esta!lishe& as the# are $et aain.' Nation7?333' ),@8, Therefore' the .loo1 an& re$e$!er. (a# of voca! lar# learnin see$s to !enot ver# effective for learners of the Enlish lan ae,6 rther$ore' so$e other st &ents $a# re- ire teachers to ive $eanin an& ra$$aticalf nction for (or&s that the# are not fa$iliar, Learners : st (ait for teachers (ho controlthe lesson to )rovi&e ne( for$s of (or&s then the# (rite those (or&s in their note!oo1sor co$)lete their e+ercises, The# $a# se (or&s the# learn in the e+act for$ats as theoriinal )atterns in (hich those (or&s a))eare&, This 1in& of rote ver!al $e$ori5ation isoo& to a certain e+tent since it hel)s learners learn an& se the correct for$ of (or&s,Ho(ever' accor&in to /ecarrico 7?3328' the voca! lar# se& in s ch conte+t is rather si$)le !eca se ra$$atical an& )honoloic as)ects are e$)hasi5e& an& as a res lt' the
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