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    IBM Placement Paper Pattern   October 19, 2010 Category : Studies Abroad Hi Friends!   International Business Machines (IBM) is an American multinational computer, technology and IT consulting corporation headquartered in Armonk, New York, United States. IBM is the world's fourth largest technology company and the second most valuable global brand(after Coca-Cola). IBM is one of the few information technology companies with a continuous history. IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software and offers infrastructure services, hosting services, and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nano technologies.   This is the blog about how the IBM interview pattern and paper would be.   1. WRITTEN TEST:   This is the new pattern of IBM. It contains 3 sections.   SECTION-1 [Matrix Test] 15 ques - 13 min. [No negative marks for this section]  SECTION-2 [Number series test] 20 ques - 4 min. 15 mins mathematical [Negative marking(1/4) is there for this section.] SECTION-3 [Analytical type (Aptitude)] 12 ques - 15 min. [Negative marking(1/4) is there for this section.] SECTION 1 : Some information is given in the form of matrices, with headings for rows as row1, row2 ... Etc. For columns with headings as column1, column 2... Etc. Those matrices are as follows. C1 C2 C3 C4   @ * 2 Z S K ? $  I P Z + # 8 F Q  Questions are as follows (Not same questions but same type) 1. If Column1, Column4 are interchanged and row3, row4 are interchanged and diagonal elements from top left to bottom right are written in reverse order then what is the element in row1 and column 1? 2. If Z's in odd numbered rows are replaced with 7's and S's in odd numbered columns are replaced with 5's then which column elements sum equals to 9? 3.After giving similar type of conditions , what is the element left to H? In this section they gave around 4 matrices of this type and gave some questions for each matrix. Total No. of Questions are 15. These are multiple choice questions.5 answers were given for each question. No negative marks are there for this section. Time Limit is 13 minutes. SECTION-2 :   All questions in this section are from number series. Total number of questions are 20 and the time limit is 4 minutes.These are also multiple choice questions( 5 options). Negative marking(1/4) is there for this section. 2. NUMBER SERIES (20 qs -4 mins-20 marks- negative 1/4) Its very simple and we can easily score the points but we should be very quick....Time management is very important for this section.  And one more thing is the invigilator signals time for every 30 secs don't feel tense with that just go wth your work.. The questions will be like this:  EX: 17,18,19,34,35,19,20,___  Ans....21 EX: 22,21,34,33,45,____  Ans......44 EX: 40,41,41,42,42,42,44,44,____  Ans.....44  SECTION-3   Negative marking(1/4) is there for this section.This consists of Analytical type Questions. This secton is little bit tough.You must have practice to do this section. (Questions: 12, time: 15 minutes).Be careful while answering the questions and mark the answer if you know that perfectly otherwise leave it and go for next.   1. If a company produces 15 different models of tv sets, 2 inches screen and 4 different model of 4 inch screen size then how many models should vendor has for all the model ?  2. If a team consists 20 members in which 20% are mathematician then how many member should they hire so that the ratio would become 10/11. 3. The rate of color toner increases $33 to $35 and rate of black&white toner increases $28 to $29 if company spend $1540 in which 3/5 is color toner how much is total expenditure. 4. A computer shop consists 3 brand's laptop .Laptop of brand A is sold 3/16, B is sold 1/16 and C is sold ¾ then what fraction is sold by the shop in all.  Ans. 1/16 5. Printer A prints 8192 character per minute and printer B prints 13862 character per minute. 4 characters are equal to one word. Printer A starts at 7:15 am while Printer B starts at 7:29 am then at what time both will have same number of words printed? 6. In a library there are 5 cluster and each is having 44 books(module). In first week 75 books are used, in second 95, in third 95 and in fourth 160 books are used. then how much fraction of books are used? 7. We have 171 kg rice custing 7 rs/kg.we have rice at 11 rs/kg and 2 rs/kg .then after mixing 11 rs/kg and 2 rs/kg rice. What is quantity of 11 rs/kg rice ?  Ans. 76.00 8. Rectangular room has width half of its length. When 6 is decreased from both length and width then its area is differed by 108, so find the width?  Ans. L=8, W=4  9. Rectangular room has width twice of its length. When 6 is decreased from both length and width then its area is differed by 108 so find the width.  Ans L=4, W=8 10. Company A taken a truck on rent of $1280 per month another company B bought the truck in $40000 and send $120 per month. After 4 years what will be the difference in the amount spent by the both companies on the TRUCK? 11. In a company printing work is done by two machine 5% of the work done by machine A are wasted, and 40% of work done by machine B are wasted. if the 80% of the total work is done by machine A. then what is the total percentage of wastage? Then Group Discussion   Gd topics are : 1.Money is irresponsible. 2.Exercise is good for health. brain and drain. 3.Primary education. Is better than Higher education. 4.Nuclear deal Here they can check only communication skills.   Then communication test   Details about IBM Voice/Communication test you will be given cell phone and you have to dial the server number. The details regarding this will be communicated to you at the time of test.Once you connected to the server there will be five rounds to check your Voice/communication. 1st round - Read the sentences   You'll be given a paper which contain 10-12 sentences in english. You will be asked to read the sentences like Read the sentence no 6... There will be 8-9 sentences to read.
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