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1. d e Waterman Specialist Secondment Services 2. ã One of Britain’s premier multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental consultancies. ã Employ 1300 staff…
  • 1. d e Waterman Specialist Secondment Services
  • 2. • One of Britain’s premier multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental consultancies. • Employ 1300 staff across 20 offices in the UK and internationally. • Turnover of £68.8m in 2013. • Principal disciplines include: about waterman • Civil and Transportation • Structural • Environmental • Mechanical and Electrical • Health & Safety • Sustainable Energy • Secondment & Outsourcing • Waste Management www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 3. structural engineering www.watermanaspen.co.uk principal services building services civil engineering environmental consultancy specialist secondment transportation
  • 4. • Waterman’s Specialist Secondment Service • Second staff into short or long-term roles • Main areas of work include: • Bridges • Highways • Building Surveying • Building Structures • Road Safety Audits • Traffic • Rail • Transportation • Infrastructure • Drainage and Environment waterman aspen www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 5. • Majority of staff are permanently employed by Waterman • Contract employment also offered • Staff are then outsourced to our extensive client base • Clients include Local Authorities, National Organisations and Private Consultants • Staff are trained and appraised by Waterman Aspen • Approved training schemes (ICE) • Offering flexibility and excellent progression specialist secondment www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 6. • Waterman employs over 500 staff in the civil engineering and transportation sector (including rail) with £40m annual turnover. • Integrated approach and depth of experience helps deliver sustainable road and transportation projects. • Extensive track record of working closely with public sector through long-term framework agreements with local authorities, Transport Scotland, Regional Development Agencies and the Highways Agency. • Strong capability in transportation planning, traffic engineering and environmental assessment. • Extensive understanding of statutory and local government procedures ensuring public consultation and inquiries are satisfied. • Dedicated infrastructure and land engineering teams provide detailed design services. highways & transportation www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 7. www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 8. • The village had an A road running through it so at the request of local residents and councillors they created a give and take priority working system with a mini roundabout at the central junction. • As part of the works they were requested to undertake a resurfacing scheme at the same time as well as general maintenance around the village such as hedge cutting, gully emptying, some new footway construction and replacement of damaged or missing signs. The works should have taken 3 weeks on site but was completed on site in 6 days to minimise disruption to residents and local businesses. • The scheme has been hailed by both residents and councillors as a massive success, already cutting vehicular speeds and volumes through the village. • Waterman Aspen secondee Ian was the lead designer, site engineer and public liaison officer and dealt with the scheme from concept through to completion on site. project experience church minshull traffic calming Client: Cheshire East Council www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 9. • A Waterman Aspen staff member was seconded to Newham Council and was working on some traffic related schemes just outside of the Olympic Park. • The scheme, which was awarded funding by LOCOG in January 2012, was to enable safe crossing for approximately 450,000 plus pedestrians visiting the Uniform Distribution and Accreditation Centre (UDAC) before and during the Olympic Games. • There was a mixture of Stewards and Technical Officers visiting the centre during the Games and they were all encouraged to travel to the site via public transport, which in this case was Star Lane DLR. • The UDAC centre opened for operations on 16th April 2012 and remained open for 160 days. At any one time it is estimated that there were 900 people on site. project experience olympic park traffic schemes Client: London Borough of Newham www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 10. • There were several problematic areas encountered during the build. The placement of the piles both landward and seaward being driven into some of the world’s hardest Basalt volcanic rock. • There was many areas where everything had to be done differently to the norm in order to keep all parties satisfied during the construction phase. The majority of materials had to be brought in by sea to avoid disturbance of the golf course from heavy haulage vehicles. For the marine construction they had to employ the use of a huge jack up platform that was as high as the surrounding cliffs. • The slipway design is a thing of beauty in itself and natural stone work has been placed to reflect the image of the original slipway which was built around 1860. The building itself is as beautiful on the inside constructed from oak arched glulam beams and the local stonemasons have done a terrific job in making the building blend in to its Natural surroundings. project experience porthdinllean lifeboat station Client: Royal Haskoning www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 11. • 2 Waterman Aspen Area Managers worked on the Phase 2 public realm works within Coventry City Centre which continues on from the initial Phase 1 £10.7M Olympic Legacy project, involving a number of Waterman Aspen staff at the time. • In this second tranche of works Coventry CC are currently bidding for European Regional Development Funding to extend the funding stream to near £5M of public realm works. • The successful completion of the city centre projects at the end of June has resulted in an extremely positive reaction from residents, developers, investors and visitors to the city, particularly during the Olympic Games this summer. Phase 2 provides the council with an opportunity to continue and enhance these public realm works to further encourage investment and regeneration and complement works already completed. (top image is an example of Phase 1 works). project experience phase 2 public realm works Client: Coventry CC www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 12. Carmarthenshire County Council and the Welsh Assembly Government are working as Joint Venture partners to promote the long term regeneration of the whole of the Bury Port and Llanelli Coastline. Waterman have carried out the following: • Hydraulic analysis of the Nant Dyfaty, potential tidal flooding at Burry Port. • Assessment of existing drainage infrastructure and pluvial flood risk, strategic drainage design for foul and surface water discharges. • Fluvial analysis carried out using FEH and Tuflow. The Assessment has provided input to the Master plan and subsequently enabled mitigation measures to be designed to promote 3no.mixed use development sites. The Environment Agency originally showed the whole of the Master Plan area to be at risk of flooding. Our detailed analysis has however revealed this not to be the case and has permitted the progression of a Master Plan for around £40m of mixed use development. project experience burry port master plan Client: Camarthenshire County Council and Welsh Assembly Government Value: £40 million www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 13. • In Warwickshire, queuing on the hard shoulder of the M40 occurs in the morning peak periods due to traffic waiting to leave the motorway at Junctions 12. Queues of up to 2km form at the junction which creates a risk of high speed collisions due to the mix of stationary and fast moving traffic in close proximity. The congestion at Junction 12 is due to the very high volume of traffic travelling to the Jaguar-Land Rover (JLR) and Aston Martin (AM) sites. There is a lack of capacity at the motorway junction itself and on the Warwickshire CC’s network between the motorway and the JLR and AM site entrances. • Waterman Aspen secondees working with internal client, Transport Planning Group, have designed an improvement to J12 and the route from J12 to the site entrances that will solve the current congestion and provide capacity for an extra 5000 jobs at JLR and AM. The scheme includes a lengthening the J12 off slip, a dual carriageway section and a number of signalised junctions along the route. project experience m40 junction 12 improvements Client: Warwickshire CC www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 14. • Data showed emergency vehicles going through this busy signal junction on ‘blue lights’ were involved in accidents - they could not be seen by traffic approaching the green signal. Solution: remove the vegetation from the visibility splay. • Sketch showing enlarged pedestrian island proposal to improve pedestrian crossing provision across side road. • Sketch showing reduced corner radius, enlarged pedestrian island and reduced crossing distances to improve pedestrian accessibility. project experience pedestrian and visibility improvement schemes Client: Sheffield City Council www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 15. • A Waterman Aspen Area Manager is seconded to the Highways Agency in Birmingham. He was recently involved in a project that saw him working solidly through the night to dismantle Pegwell Brake footbridge over the M5 near Bristol. • The concrete footbridge, located between junctions 16 and 17, needed to be demolished to make way for a new steel pedestrian bridge, which will be suitable for high-sided vehicles to pass under when the managed motorway is fully operational and the hard shoulder is used as a running lane. • The dismantling and removal of the 220-tonne bridge required the M5 to be closed in both directions for the duration of the work. • The bridge was dismantled into two sections, each of which was hoisted and removed by cranes. Using this method of removal avoided excessive vibration due to the presence of a pipeline on the northbound carriageway. project experience dismantling of pregwell footbridge, M5 Client: Highways Agency www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 16. • Leicestershire County Council’s living willow visibility screen is designed to restrict visibility and hence reduce vehicle speeds on the A50 and A511 approaches to the M1 Junction 22. • The screen comprises of living willow shoots about 2m high attached together to form panels. This provided a solution that was sympathetic to the nature conservation value of the area at no extra cost, and without having to blight the landscape with an uglier type barrier. • Trial holes were dug at the site and revealed an old carriageway under the planting area which was then removed. Maintaining the screen should be relatively straightforward and details of the planting project were featured in an article in Surveyor magazine. • The effects of the screen were evaluated. The council monitored the site to ascertain whether the barrier lengths are correct and the monitoring will be ongoing. They also checked for congestion, speeds and welcomed feedback from the local residents. project experience living willow visibility screen Client: Leicestershire County Council www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 17. project experience edinburgh tram project Client: BAM Rail www.watermanaspen.co.uk • Waterman Aspen are currently working on the Edinburgh Trams Project which is being built between Edinburgh Airport and the City Centre of Edinburgh. The project is currently running late and is £200 million over budget and wont now go to Leith as was originally contracted. • Currently track has been laid on sections ready to receive it and that includes the section leading to the airport, the large depot area at Gogarburn, the old guided busway near Broomhouse, Haymarket Station and all of Princes Street. • Challenges for the future will include working close to Network Rail's track north to Aberdeen, very brief access to road crossings at the airport to enable the airport traffic to continue to flow, and working near heavy traffic at South Gyle shopping centre. The work is varied and constantly offering fresh challenges.
  • 18. • Waterman has staff seconded into the Highways Agency and have worked on the QMB on Princess Parkway bridge renovation scheme. • The QMB is a big yellow machine that moves temporary concrete barriers using a system of rollers. The 600m of barrier at Princess Parkway are moved each evening to give working space to work on the bridge leaving just one lane for traffic. The concrete barrier gives good solid protection to the people working on the site and enough space to be able to safely undertake the repair work in the bridge's concrete boxes. Before the morning peak hour the barriers are moved back again to leave two lanes for traffic. Each operation takes about 15 minutes with additional works to change the approach signs and cones but the use of the QMB provided a solution to a challenging traffic management problem. • Without the QMB, the queues would have extended some 17 miles round the M60 at peak times. project experience quick moveable barrier – M60 manchester Client: Highways Agency www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 19. • Waterman staff are seconded to the Highways Agency and have worked towards the delivery of the A419 Blunsdon Bypass. • The £65.5m ECI project involved the construction of a 3.5km offline bypass which consisted of an underbridge, 2 overbridges and 1 grade- separated junction to improve journey time reliability through Blunsdon and improve safety. The construction phase of the project commenced in September 2006 and completed in March 2009. • The A419 passes through the village of Blunsdon on the edge of Swindon, causing considerable road safety concerns, congestion and severe environmental issues. The construction of the two mile dual carriageway will take traffic west of Blunsdon. The design of the new bypass was based on sustainability and therefore the alignment was developed to reduce the amount of material excavated and addressed concerns of the local community to minimise the disruption to traffic during construction. The removal of through traffic will significantly improve life in the village. project experience A419 blunsdon bypass - swindon Client: Highways Agency www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 20. • This shared use facility runs from Primrose Hill roundabout to Guys Cliffe roundabout and is part of Sustrans National Cycle Network, Route 52 • The key objectives of the scheme were to improve the links for pedestrians between Warwick, Leek Wooton and Kenilworth. Warwickshire CC also wanted to increase the number of cyclists by 5% before 2011. This was actually increased by 18% in the first year. • The design criteria was to have the path 2.5m wide at all times with a 1m verge where possible. Where there were restrictions the width was reduced to 2m. Problems included the highway ditches near to the passing bay at Saxon Mill and a highway fence that had to be installed to protect cyclists and pedestrians. • The carriageway near to Saxon Mill regularly flooded so with close consultation with County Highways and Warwick District Council, the gullies were unblocked and ditches cleared out. • Construction took place over 12 weeks and was carried out under the LTP Framework contract. project experience A429 coventry road shared footway / cycleway Client: Warwickshire County Council www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 21. project experience cabot circus footbridge - bristol • The Cabot Circus footbridge links the multi-storey car park with a major new retail development in Bristol city centre that other Waterman staff have been working on. In keeping with many high profile footbridges in prominent locations at prestigious developments, the bridge has a distinctive sculpted form with a sweeping curve across Bond Street. • The footway is enclosed within a glass canopy with a varying inclined parallel roof, soffit profiles and side cladding to enhance the sweeping curve form as it passes over the main road.The main structure comprises a fully welded variable steel box deck, the shaped steel box beam consisting of constant sloping web plates and two inclined soffit plates. • The support columns are tapered, eccentrically inclined and alternately reversed in direction to blend seamlessly with the deck structure and footway canopy. Hidden spliced joints were provided close to the column supports to facilitate on-site installation. The columns are fully welded to the soffit of the steel box girder deck and bolted to the reinforced concrete foundation base. www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 22. • Mixed use development on a 100-hectare brownfield site incorporating 2 million square feet of office and industrial premises and 1,500 houses.. • Waterman was commissioned to undertake the Transportation Assessment for the development and the detailed design of the £15M Fastrack public transport system. • Fastrack is a quality bus based system providing direct links with Dartford and Greenhithe rail stations and the Bluewater retail park. • The Fastrack infrastructure includes over a mile of dedicated bus carriageway, new bridge crossings over the M25 and A206, GPS activated bus priority at all signalised junctions. • Project named the winner in Transportation category at the ACE Engineering Excellence Awards 2008. fastrack, the bridge dartford, kent Client: ProLogis / Dartford Borough Council Value: £15m project experience www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 23. www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 24. testimonials Highways Agency “Fast, right and effective support through the Support Framework is what I expect to get and Waterman Aspen have always been able to provide this to me. They have made sure that I get the staff support that meets my specific needs for the project. Overall I find Waterman Aspen easy to do business with. Birmingham City Council “Following the culmination of working recently with yourself on a number of different work strands I would like to formally extend my thanks to you for your support and most particularly your reactiveness. Your willingness to go the “extra mile” to assist in sorting out issues affecting the highway has been most effective and is, I think, a fine example of how partnership working can increase efficiency in a very volatile and fast moving environment.… a sincere thank you.” Cheshire West & Chester Council “The service and staff provided by Waterman Aspen has been good. Regular visits by WA local managers to the work place has meant that WA know our business, requirements and have ensured that their staff are kept gainfully employed and ensure the well being of the staff WA provided to the council. Waterman Aspen engineers have produced some good work and ask appropriate questions when required.” Environment Agency “The Environment Agency have been very pleased with the support Waterman Aspen has provided to the West Area Delivery Team. The team seconded into the Agency has provided expertise in AutoCAD, GIS, Highways designs and general civil engineering which has been vital in progressing our fast track Flood Risk Management Schemes though the business case and detailed design phases ready for construction to start this summer. In addition to fitting well into the team they are delivering innovative and cost effective solutions.” www.watermanaspen.co.uk
  • 25. • Responsive civil and transportation teams across the UK with excellent links to international offices. • Good understanding of national and local transport policy. • Excellent contacts with Network Rail, Transport for London, Transport Scotland, Highways Agency, and local authorities. • Extensive experience in working for major developers and identification of optimum transport solutions. • Experience in working with and managing specialist consultants and suppliers. waterman your partner in secondment and civil engineering www.watermanaspen.co.uk
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