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   Anny Sulaswatty and. Karossi, A.T;Fermentation in Industrial Scale Country Report 1990 79 FERMENTATION IN INDUSTRIAL SCALEINDONESIAN COUNTRY REPORT Anny Sulaswatty and Karossi A.T.R & D Centre for Applied Chemistry - LIPIIndonesian Institute of SciencesJalan Cisitu Sangkuriang, Bandung, 40135, Indonesia I NTRODUCTION Biotechnology has become the focus of worldwideattention due to new and innovative developments in several fields.For centuries, microorganisms have been used in food productionsuch as wine, beer and vinegar or in the production of solventssuch as alcohol. This kind of biotechnology is considered an “old”one because the primary force behind the production was merelya result of selection of microorganisms. The “new” biotechnology,on the other hand, involves the manipulation of the interiorstructure of the microbes mainly through recombinant DNAtechnology.In a developing country where the economy isagriculturally based, such as Indonesia, biotechnology can play asignificant role in the development of the agricultural sector, inthe development of its agro based industries, the improvedutilization of its agricultural by- product and better managementof the environment. A few institute have already focused theiractivities on developing prototypes or production side. However,many of these data are not properly utilized yet. Consequentlythe industrial production or commercial scale in Indonesia is stillsmall. << List Of Content    Anny Sulaswatty and. Karossi, A.T;Fermentation in Industrial Scale Country Report 1990 80This paper will give a brief account of current state of thescale up and technology transfer of biotechnological processes inIndonesia. S TATUS O F F ERMENTATION I NDUSTRIES I N I NDONESIA The major fermentation products currently produced inindustrial or commercial scale in Indonesia include monosodiumglutamate, glutamic acid, glucose and fructose syrup, ethanol, beer,fermented fish sauce, soybean sauce, yeast, cheese, tempe andcitric acid. Production data for some of these product are presentedin Table 1 (1, 2). Table 1. Production of Indonesian Fermentation Industries  Commodity and company Location of plants Yearly capacity (ton)A. Glutamic acid * 1. PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia Mojokerto 36,0002. PT. Miwon Indonesia Gresik 45,0003. PT. Sasa Inti Probolinggo 44,0004. PT. Ajinex Inti Mojokerto 27,0005. PT. Palur Raya Solo 12,7006. PT. Bumas Rajawali Prabhawa Sidoarjo 30,0007. PT. Glutama Indorasa Merak 24,0008. PT. Cheil Samsung Astra Pasuruan 20,0009. PT. Monosari Glutama Lampung 18,00010. PT. Indomiwon Citra Inti Lampung 18,00011. PT. Indo Miki Batang, Pekalongan 10,00012. PT. Sahid Mekosin Kujang Lestari Krawang 10,000 294,700 << List Of Content    Anny Sulaswatty and. Karossi, A.T;Fermentation in Industrial Scale Country Report 1990 81 Table 1. continued…… Commodity and company   Location of plants   Yearly capacity(ton)  B. Mono sodium glutamate * 1. PT. Miwon Indonesia Gresik 45,0002. PT. Sasa Inti Probolinggo 44,1003. PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia Mojokerto 36,0004. PT. Bumas Rajawali Prabhawa Sidoarjo 30,0005. PT. Ajinex Inti Mojokerto 27,0006. PT. Glutama Indorasa Merak 24,0007. PT. Cheil Samsung Astra Pasuruan 20,0008. PT. Monosari Glutama Lampung 18,0009. PT. Indomiwon Citra Inti Lampung 18,00010 PT. Palur Raya Solo 12,00011. PT. Indo Miki Batang, Pekalongan 16,80012. PT. Sahid Mekosin Kujang Lestari Krawang 10,00013. PT. Rena Jaya Semarang 3,60014. PT. Sasa Fermentasi Sidoarjo 3,60015. PT. Foomaco Ungaran 1,80016. PT. Indo Vetsin Solo 2,200 311,100C. Yeast * 1. Baker’s Yeast Depok 1,0002. Fodder Yeast Depok 1,0003. Bread Improver Depok 20 2,020D. Ethanol * 1. PT. Indo Acidatama Solo 15,4002. PT. Aneka Kimia Mojokerto 12,8003. PT. Jatiroto Lumajang 6,0004. PT. Madusari Murni Lawang 4,6805. PT. Comal Batang 4,5606. PT. Basis Indah Ujung Pandang 4,4007. PT. Permata Sakti Medan 4,1768. PT. Palimanan Cirebon 3,9409. PT. Madu Baru Yogyakarta 3,20010. PT. Molindo Raya Sidoarjo 3,20011. PT. Starsaco Langsa, Aceh 2,88012. PT. Padaharja Tegal 1,60013. PT. Nabati Sarana Cirebon 1,440 68,276E. Citric acid * 1. PT. Budi Acidjaya Lampung 2,7302. PT. North Aspac Chem. Ind. Jakarta 1,0803. PT. Sari Idaman Surabaya 1204. PT. Budi Alam Kencana Lampung 1,0005. PT. Kali Jaya King Raya Jakarta 3,0006. PT. Kancing Mas Jaya Semarang 1,200 9,130 << List Of Content    Anny Sulaswatty and. Karossi, A.T;Fermentation in Industrial Scale Country Report 1990 82 Table 2. Molasses Production in Indonesia *)   Table 1. continued……  Commodity and companyLocation of plants   Yearly capacity(ton)  F. Beer ** 1. San Miguel Brewery Bekasi Depend on2. Guinnes Jakarta Market3. Bintang Surabaya4. Anker Jakarta5. Green Sand Surabaya G. Glucose and fructose syrups ** 1. PT. Sari Tani Nusantara Malang 2,5002. PT. Raya Sugar Industry Tasikmalaya 2,5003. PT. Puncak Gunung Mas Ciracas 3,0004. PT. Trebor Indonesia Jakarta 3,0005. Delta Chemical Industry 3506. PT. Jaya Glucose Jakarta 2,3007. PT. Indonesian Maltose Bogor 2,4008. PT. Super World Wide 550Food Stuf Indonesia9. CV. Ebesco 45010. PT. Migro Brothers 1,50011. CV. Harum Manis Jakarta 90012. CV. Danaco Jakarta 36013. Firma Industri Kimia “Murni” Jakarta 300 20,110 *) Indo Chemical, 1989 & BKPM* *) BBIHP, 1981. YearProduction(ton) 1983 894,8921984 847,9561985 847,7001986 1,005,2601987 1,035,184 << List Of Content 
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