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  Alcatel-Lucent1  7450ESSOS 5.0.R25N OV -4-2009 *93-0166-25V5.0.R25* 93-0166-25 V5.0.R25 These release notes are for Release 5.0.R25 of the 7450ESSOS software for the 7450ESS routers. R ELEASE  N OTES  O RGANIZATION The following are the major topics covered in these Release Notes:Release 5.0.R25 Documentation Set on page4ãRelease 5.0.R25 Supported Hardware on page5ãNew Features in 5.0.R25 on page6ãNew Features in 5.0.R24 on page6ãNew Features in 5.0.R23 on page7ãNew Features in 5.0.R22 on page7ãNew Features in 5.0.R21 on page7ãNew Features in 5.0.R20 on page7ãNew Features in 5.0.R19 on page7ãNew Features in 5.0.R18 on page7ãNew Features in 5.0.R17 on page7ãNew Features in 5.0.R16 on page8ãNew Features in 5.0.R15 on page8ãNew Features in 5.0.R14 on page8ãNew Features in 5.0.R13 on page8ãNew Features in 5.0.R12 on page8 7450ESSOS 5.0.R25S OFTWARE  R ELEASE  N OTES  7450ESSOS5.0.R25 Software Release Notes2Alcatel-Lucent ãNew Features in 5.0.R11 on page9ãNew Features in 5.0.R10 on page9ãNew Features in 5.0.R9 on page9ãNew Features in 5.0.R8 on page9ãNew Features in 5.0.R7 on page10ãNew Features in 5.0.R6 on page10ãNew Features in 5.0.R5 on page10ãNew Features in 5.0.R4 on page12ãNew Features in 5.0.R3 on page14ãNew Features in 5.0.R2 on page14ãNew Features in 5.0.R1 on page14- Hardware on page14- Services on page17- TPSDA on page19- System on page24- Management on page25- MPLS on page26- OAM on page27  7450ESSOS5.0.R25 Software Release NotesAlcatel-Lucent3 ãEnhancements on page28- Release 5.0.R25 on page28- Release 5.0.R24 on page28- Release 5.0.R23 on page28- Release 5.0.R22 on page29- Release 5.0.R21 on page30- Release 5.0.R20 on page30- Release 5.0.R19 on page30- Release 5.0.R18 on page30- Release 5.0.R17 on page30- Release 5.0.R16 on page30- Release 5.0.R15 on page31- Release 5.0.R14 on page31- Release 5.0.R13 on page31- Release 5.0.R12 on page31- Release 5.0.R11 on page32- Release 5.0.R10 on page32- Release 5.0.R9 on page32- Release 5.0.R8 on page32- Release 5.0.R7 on page33- Release 5.0.R6 on page33- Release 5.0.R5 on page33- Release 5.0.R4 on page35- Release 5.0.R3 on page36- Release 5.0.R2 on page37- Release 5.0.R1 on page37ãUsage Notes on page46ãSoftware Upgrade Procedures on page48- Software Upgrade Notes on page49- 5.0.R25 Firmware Update Rules on page49- 5.0.R9 or Earlier to 5.0.R25 on page49- 5.0.R2 or Earlier to 5.0.R25 on page49- 4.0.R9 or earlier to 5.0.R25 on page49- 4.0 to 5.0.R25 on page50- 3.0.R5 or Earlier to 5.0.R25 on page50- 3.0 to 5.0.R25 on page50- ISSU Upgrade Procedure on page51- Standard Software Upgrade Procedure on page56ãKnown Limitations on page61  7450ESSOS5.0.R25 Software Release Notes4Alcatel-Lucent ãResolved Issues on page65- Resolved in 5.0.R25 on page65- Resolved in 5.0.R24 on page66- Resolved in 5.0.R23 on page68- Resolved in 5.0.R22 on page71- Resolved in 5.0.R21 on page71- Resolved in 5.0.R20 on page72- Resolved in 5.0.R19 on page73- Resolved in 5.0.R18 on page73- Resolved in 5.0.R17 on page74- Resolved in 5.0.R16 on page74- Resolved in 5.0.R15 on page75- Resolved in 5.0.R14 on page76- Resolved in 5.0.R13 on page77- Resolved in 5.0.R12 on page78- Resolved in 5.0.R11 on page79- Resolved in 5.0.R10 on page80- Resolved in 5.0.R9 on page81- Resolved in 5.0.R8 on page82- Resolved in 5.0.R7 on page83- Resolved in 5.0.R6 on page84- Resolved in 5.0.R5 on page85- Resolved in 5.0.R4 on page86- Resolved in 5.0.R3 on page88- Resolved in 5.0.R2 on page90- Resolved in 5.0.R1 on page92ãKnown Issues on page100 R ELEASE  5.0.R25 D OCUMENTATION  S ET The 7450ESSOS Release 5.0.R25 documentation set consists of Release Notes and the 7450ESSOS Release 5.0 manuals. The components of the Release 5.0.R25 documentation set are the following:ã7450ESSOS 5.0.R25 Software Release Notes (Document Number: 93-0166-25 V5.0.R25)ã7450 ESS OS Basic System Configuration Guide 5.0 (93-0100-03-01)ã7450 ESS OS System Management Configuration Guide 5.0 (93-0101-03-01)ã7450 ESS OS Interface Configuration Guide 5.0 (93-0102-03-01)ã7450 ESS OS Routing Configuration Guide 5.0 (93-0103-03-01)
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