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Trilithic support manual: 860 DSPi RTP Reflector Option
  860 DSP & 860 DSPi - Operation Manual, Section I: The Basics1.32 Overview In addition to the standard VoIP RTP test functionality of the 860 DSPi, Trilithic offers exclusivecompatibility with the Tektronix  ®  DirectQuality™ system. A hand-held probe (PP-30) us used ininstallation testing to relay call quality information back to a DirectQuality server for display on theinstaller’s 860 DSPi browser.Additionally, an RTP reflector option configures the 860 DSPi to reflect an RTP stream generatedby a Tektronix probe, enabling analysis of upstream and downstream call characteristics.The 860 DSPi RTP Reflector Option extends the measurement and troubleshooting range of fieldtechnicians by offering a simple round-trip VoIP quality test from any RF test point. The optionworks through communication with the Tektronix DirectQuality active monitoring system, enablingtests to verify RTP communication from the test point to probes placed strategically throughout thecable network.Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) is used to transmit IPTV, Video-on-Demand (VoD), VoIP andother real-time media over IP networks. Tektronix’ RTP Loopback test agent accurately simulatesthese media streams by supporting over 50 different audio and video codecs, including the latestwideband VoIP, HDTV and IPTV standards.The RTP Reflector Option enables round-trip stream analysis for packet loss, jitter, delay andother IP impairments. R-factor, MOS and other industry-standard service quality metrics areincluded based on a Tektronix E-model implementation.The Tektronix DirectQuality server provides a PocketDQ 2.0 application that enables browserbased activation of a wide range of tests to verify IP communication characteristics. PP-30 Test Probe The PP-30 is a small test probe that attaches to a telephone outlet for call and connectionquality testing within the Tektronix system. The 860 DSPi can be configured to communicatewith the system to initiate tests and display results.  8.860 DSPi RTP Reflector Option8  860 DSP & 860 DSPi - Operation Manual, Section I: The Basics1.33 Note: For [IP_address] enter either the IP address of the DQ server, orthe name of the server, e.g. dq.trilithic.com, etc. 860 DSPi Web Browser Configuration The links on the 860 DSPi browser home page can beconfigured using WorkBench.The following procedure shows how to configure a linkfor “PocketDQ” or “RTP Reflector” on the 860 DSPi. Thegraphic shown to the right is the 860 DSPi Configuration Window within WorkBench that is usedto set web browser parameters.To configure a link for “RTP Reflector”, perform the following steps:1.Select the “Modify web browser parameters as defined below” radio button.2.Choose the link title number that you wish to change, for example, “Link 3 Title” and enter“RTP Reflector”.3.Choose the “Link 3 Address,” and change the URL to: http://[IP_address]/tektronix/cgi-bin/ pocketdq.exe.  860 DSP & 860 DSPi - Operation Manual, Section I: The Basics1.34 Accessing the PocketDQ Application After you have configured the 860 DSPi webbrowser using WorkBench, enter the 860 DSPi Web Browser Mode and select the RTP Reflectorlink. The PocketDQ login screen will be displayed.Upon successful login, the following screen isdisplayed. This screen enables you to run a test,view previous test results, or retrieve supportinformation. Test Procedure When the user selects Test from the PocketDQscreen, the test will start with an Initiation screen.First the user selects test objective, test srcin (callfrom), and service area. Next the user enters IPaddress or host name for termination device. The IPaddress is set automatically when using a Trilithic860 DSPi. The test duration can be set within arange of 1 to 10 minutes. The codec used isconfigured in the DirectQuality server defaultsettings.  860 DSP & 860 DSPi - Operation Manual, Section I: The Basics1.35 Searching for Previously Run Tests Tests that have been run previously can be found by “searching” and users can use anycombination of parameters to search for test results. The search mode entry display example isshown below.Search results are grouped by date, as seen in the above results display. The “State” columnprovides overall Pass or Fail information. The “Phone/IP” column displays the phone number or IPaddress of termination.
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