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BELL SYSTEM PRACTICES Plant Series SECTION 518-4 1 0-1 00 Issue 6, November 1967 AT&TCo Standard 6A KEY TELEPHONE SYSTEM IDENTIFICATION AND INSTALLATION 1. GENERAL 1 .01 This section 1s reissued to include the following: ã 227B key telephone unit (KTU) replacing the 227A KTU which is rated MD. ã Show 229B KTU as an additional choice for single add-on transfer circuit. ã Installation information formerly covered in individual6A arr
  BELL SYSTEM PRACTICES Plant SeriesSECTION 518-4 10-1 00 Issue 6, November 1967 AT&TCo Standard 6A KEY TELEPHONE SYSTEM IDENTIFICATION AND INSTALLATION 1. GENERAL1 01 This section 1s reissued to include the following:ã 227B key telephone unit (KTU) replacingthe 227A KTU which is rated MD. ã Show 229B KTU as an additional choice forsingle add-on transfer circuit.ã Installation information formerly covered inindividual6A arrangement connection sections.Since this reissue covers a general revision, arrowsordinarily used to indicate changes have beenomitted. 2. IDENTIFICATION PURPOSE 2.01 The 6A Key Telephone System, available inthree arrangements (sele~ ~. ~ ~ ~. and two-talking link), is a single and/or 2-digitdial selective intercommunicating system designedprimarily for on-premise operation. However, withthe use of a long line circuit, remote stations haveaccess to the local 6A system facilities. DESIGN AND OPERATING FEATURES 2.02 The 6A Key Telephone System offers avariety of service features to the customerdepending on the type of basic arrangement (selectoronly, single-talking link, or two-talking link) installed.Some optional features can be obtained by strappingchanges on key telephone units; other featuresrequire the addition of key telephone units. 2.03 The selector only arrangement (Fig. 1) provides for:(a) Access to a colmUon talking path for amaximum of 36 stati61l .codes. (b) Rotary dial station selection. (c) TOUCH-TONE® dial station selection utilizing the 247A (MD) or B key telephone unit. (d) Line busy lamps. (e) Station signaling over a separate pair bymeans of a single-spurt audible signal.(f) Preset Conferencing: This optional featureenables a 6A station to simultaneously selectand signal a group of preselected stations (maximum of six) by means of either a dialedcode or the operation of a signal key. Several preset conference arrangements may be provided at an installation and a particular station canappear in one, all, or none of these. Assignmentof a single or 2-digit dial code for each preset conference reduces the total number of 6A stationcodes in the system by that amount. Note: For transmissionreasons, preset conference-connected stations should not bebridged onto a central office or PBX line bymeans of the add-on conference circuit of the 6A Telephone System. (g) Off-premise Stations connected to the 6Asystem by means of a long line circuit willprovide satisfactory transmission if the followingconditions are met: (1) All off-premise stations must be equippedwith 500-type telephone sets. (2) The maximum external loop between the off-premise station and the long linescircuit (225A KTU) shall not exceed 500 ohmswhen operated at a minimum battery potentialof 20 volts. (3) Off-premise stations that may be connectedto the add-on conference feature shouldnot exceed a 1000-cps loss of 8 db from thestation to the serving central office. © American 'Fe.lephone and Telegraph Company, 1967 Printed in U.S.A. Page 1  BUSYTONE  FLASHINGLAMP INTERRUPTED  RINGING  r-- ' l B  KTU 32  ELEMECH FLASH RING CTRO- ANI  CAL ,  WINK, ,AND E OUT IM  Ci  RCUITIPER SYSTEM214BKTU  (MD) SINGLE-LINK  BATTERYFEED AND  9-STATION  SIGNALING CIRCUIT  19B  KTU,  209A  KTU,  OR 212A KTU FLASH! NG  CIRCUIT 215A  KTU 3-STATION SIGNALINGCIRCUIT217B KTU CONFERENCE  TIME-OUT  CIRCUIT  2278 KTU  STATION BUSY CIRCUIT  --- ..__ .._____ f-- BUSY TONE '--- 1---- FLASHINGLAMP  ,...--- ·.- '--- r-- .___  I PER ADDITIONAL 3STATIONS IPERSYSTEMIPER3 STATIONS  ISS 6,  SECTION  518-4  10-1  00 216A KTU  TRANSFERCIRCUIT 207C KTU SELECTOR  CIRCUIT I  247B  KTU  TOUCH-TONE ADAPTERCIRCUIT 217BKTUPRESET CONFERENCE  CIRCUIT 227B KTU SINGLE Ll  NE ADD-ONTRANSFER CIRCUIT  229B KTUSINGLE OR  MULTIPLE LINE ADD-ON  TRANSFERCIRCUIT22GB KTU ADO-ON  CONFERENCE  CIRCUIT 224B KTU BUSYTONE  AND CAMP-ON CONTROL CIRCUIT  227B  KT  U  RINGING AND TONE  CONTROL CIRCUIT 225A KTU  LONG  LINE  CIRCUIT227B KTU AUXILIARY  RELAY BUSY LAMP  CIRCUIT 2278 KTU AUXILIARY RELAY  LAMP FLASHClRCUIT  IPE ADO  R ITIONAL DES co I PESYS  R  TEM I PE R  TEM  YS IPER2PRE  CON SET  FERENCE ANGEMENTSRRI PE  R3CONTROL  TIONS  TAORI G  NATING  -ON FERENCING  ADD  CON I PE R CONTROL  TION  GINATING  -ON FERENCING  STA ORIADDCON IPER CO  OR PBX Ll NE TO  BECONFERENCEO f-- I PE  ~  ~  - TO  KEY  TELEPHONESYSTEM  RSYSTEM  DIAL  TONEBUSYTONE  RINGING  TONESTATION BUSYIPER SYSTEM  IPPED WITH LTONEAND ERRUPTEO GING EQU DIA INT RIN  IPE R  OFFMISETION  PRE  STA  ~  TO  OFF PREMISE STATION  I p WH ERSYSTEM ENOVER 40 Y LAMPS  US I PE  RSYSTEM WH  ENOVER  20 ULTANEOUS  SHING LAMPS SIMFLA Fig. 2-Single-Link  Arrangement Using 2148 KTU (MD) Page3  SECTION 518-4  10-1  00  .BUSY TONE FLASHING  LAMP INTERRUPTED RINGING  Page4 - -- - r-- 232B KTU ELECTRO- MECHANICAL FLASH,WINK, RING, AND TIME OUT CIRCUIT I PER SYSTEM 216A  KTU 234A  KTU TRANSFER SINGLELINKCIRCUIT  BATTERY FEED, 9-STATION SIGNALING CIRCUITS, SELECTOR AND 215A KTUTRANSFER .___  3-STATION SIGNALING CIRCUIT217BKTU '--- PRESET CONFERENCE CIRCUIT 19B KTU, 209A KTU, OR -BUSY TONE 2278KTU 212A KTU SINGLE LINE r--- ADD-ONFLASHING f-- FLASHING TRANSFER  CIRCUIT LAMP  CIRCUIT 2298 KTU SINGLE OR  MULTIPLE ,.- LINE ADD-ONTRANSFER CIRCUIT ,____ 2268 KTU ADD-ON  ...._  CONFERENCECIRCUIT 224B KTU BUSYTONEAND  CAMP- ON ....--- CONTROL CIRCUIT  ...._  227B  KTURINGINGANDTONECONTROL CIRCUITI PER 247B  KTU SYSTEM  2  25A KTU TOUCH-TONE LONG LINE ADAPTER CIRCUIT CIRCUITI PER 2178 KTU SYSTEM 227B KTU AUXILIARY CONFERENCE RELAY BUSY TIME- OUT LAMP CIRCUITCIRCUITIPER 227B KTU  227B KTU  3STATIONS  AUXILIARY  STATION RELAY LAMP BUSY FLASH  CIRCUITCIRCUIT  Fig. 3-Single-Link Arrangement Using 234A  KTU !PER  A DDITIONAL SWHEN MIS OVER 9 CODE SYSTE 18 COD  ES OR WHEN  SYSTEMR 9CODESUSINGKTU ISOVE  247B IPER ADDITI ONAL TIONS STAI PER  2  T  RESECONF ERENCEARRANGEMENTS I PERSTATIORIGICONF  !PER STAT IORIGICONFI PER3 CONTROLONS NATING ADD-ON ERENCING CONTROL  ON  NATINGADD-ONERENCING COOR PBX BE  C LINE TO ONFERENCED f-- I PER f---+f---+ TO KEY TELEPHONE SYSTEM SYSTEMDIAL TONEBUSY TONE RINGING TONE STATION BUSY I PER SYSTEM PPED  WITH TONE  ANDRRUPTED lNGEQUIDIAL INTE RINGIPER  OFF- PRE MISE STATION 1----+ TO  OFF-PREMISE  STATION IPE  R SYSTEM  WHE N OVER 40 Y  LAMPS US IPE RSYSTEM WH SIM ENOVER  20 ULTANEOUSSHING LAMPS LA
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