5 Top Tips For Hosting Airbnb Guests Long-Term

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A short presentation showcasing 5 Top Tips For Hosting Airbnb Guests Long-Term. For more information visit us at www.winwinnkeeper.com or check out our blog at www.winwinnkeeper.com/blog/
  • 1. 5 Top Tips For Hosting Airbnb Guests Long-Term
  • 2. Introduction  Hosting Airbnb guests for weeks at a time can be amazingly compensating.  You may be going on holiday or a business trip for a certain amount of time; therefore a long-term booking can be beneficial, as you will be dealing with one set of guests.
  • 3. 1. Don’t be afraid to leave your property  With long-term bookings there is the chance that you the host will be afraid of leaving your property in the hands of your Airbnb guests for such a long time.  However you should not fear as Airbnb has measure in place to remove any avoidance to long-term bookings.  Airbnb is based on confidence, accidents are not a regular occurrence but you should still take basic precautions.  For example provide the Airbnb guests with items to upkeep the property such as a vacuum cleaner, dustpan and brush, bin bags, cleaning cloths, etc.
  • 4. 2. Keep your calendar up-to-date  This is a key point, as you need to think about if you want to let out your property while you are away on holiday, or possible when you are already away.  Usually when Airbnb guests become accustomed to the living environment you will not need to be around for them as much.  Another key factor is that long-term bookings are usually made in advance meaning a booking request could be made at lease 6 months prior to the booking date.  Therefore it is imperative to make sure calendar is updated in advance.
  • 5. 3. Pricing dynamics for you to consider  The way you price is of course up to you, however by adjusting the price you can control the appeal of your long-term property bookings.  Subsequently you can set up a discount for long-term bookings depending on the amount of weeks the Airbnb guests are staying.  You need to contemplate the difference between either lots of short-term bookings and more revenue, more work or potential gaps in the booking calendar but a secure income.
  • 6. 4. Be clear about the long-term stay requirements  For long-term bookings Airbnb guests may have different needs and wants. For example a place to work, somewhere to keep food, storage space, etc.  You need to make sure you are clear about the amenities available for guest as a closed kitchen may be acceptable for a 2 night booking but for a 2 month booking that is inexcusable for a guest.  Consider all complications that may occur for long-term bookings to avoid guest disappointment.
  • 7. 5. Explaining the property restrictions  Due to the nature of long-term bookings you will need to set more detailed rules set for the long-term basis.  For example you may not want your guests constantly inviting people over on a weekly basis- with that being unannounced.  Should the guest be able to receive postal mail at your property? Can they use all the appliances within the property? These are some questions you need to answer when setting the house rules.
  • 8. For more information on Premium Airbnb Property Management please contact us at contact@winwinnkeeper.net or visit our website www.winwinnkeeper.com
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