5.5. Vietnam Country Presentation by N. Tuan

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Presentation in ADB Quantum Leap in Wind Workshop, 21 June 2010
  Country Profile Opportunities and Challengesto scaling up wind power in Vietnam 1 Dr. Nguyen AnhTuanInstitute of Energy Quantum Leap in Wind Power in Asia –Structured Consultation21 June 2010 The views expressed in this presentation are those of the presenter and do not necessarily represent those of the Asian Development Bank.  Power Sector Overview 1.Population 87 million; 96% connected to the grid2.Power Generation –58% fossil fuel-based, 4% import, 37% Renewable Energy3.RE Capacity: Hydro –6,304 MW, Biomass –150 MW, Wind –10.5 MW, Solar –1.25 MW, MSW –0.75 MW4.Electricity Tariff –US cents 5.3/kWh –among world’s lowest ã Energy security and energy independence,energy self sufficiency by 2020, 100%electrification by 2020 ã Limited indigenous fossil fuel resources butsignificant solar, geothermal, hydro and windresources ã Growing energy supply/demand gap, facingcritical shortages in the Southern region ã More 4,000MW new generation required peryear in period 2010-2020  Wind Resources Identified potential with power density of at least 500W/m 2 and average wind speed 6m/s at height 60 m. RegionTechnicalpotential (MW) North50Centre880 Surface winddistribution South855 Total1785 WindapplicationinVN(in2009)Typicalpower(kW)InstalledsystemsStart of operationArea of installation Wind home system0.1-0.2About1300Asof1999Southcoastalareaof DanangWind-diesel hybridsystem3011999HaiThinhcommune,HaiHaudistrict,NamDinhWind -solar hybridsystem212000DacHadistrict,KonTumLarge wind turbine80010.5MW1720042009BachLongViislandBinhThuanprovince  TargetGrid : 3212MWOff-grid: 129.3 MW   TargetGrid: 1905 MWOff-grid: 81.4 MW   TargetGrid: 513 MWOff-grid : 10.3 MW   RE Gen. 8,13,41,5 (2,7%)(3,8%)(4,1%)% RE inPrimary Energy RE Development Plan and Roadmap 2010 2015 2025 BiofuelTarget6075 KTOE-PV: 262-Biogas 529-Biomass: 5.266   TargetMeeting 1% gasoildemand(174 ktoe)   RE heatTargetMeeting 5% gasoildemand(1253 ktoe)   Target1623 KTOE-PV: 51-Biogas: 274-Biomass: 1.289 u   ppy Access to electricity 97%100% (by 2020)
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