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From: Green Economy Task Force Subject: Green Jobs News, Resources and Events Reply: kate@sbnphiladelphia.org GREEN JOBS NEWS, RESOURCES, & EVENTS Dear Leanne, Please don't tell my dad, but I still haven't weatherized my house. What am I waiting for? I keep putting off an energy audit because it pains me to think what the up-front cost for fixing all the problems would be. Embarrassed? Yes. Alone? Not at all. Last week I joined Green Economy Task Force Policy Co-Chair
  From: Green Economy Task Force <kate@sbnphiladelphia.org> Subject: Green Jobs News, Resources and Events Reply: kate@sbnphiladelphia.org GREEN JOBS NEWS, RESOURCES, & EVENTS   Dear Leanne,  Please don't tell my dad, but I still haven't weatherized myhouse. What am I waiting for? I keep putting off an energy auditbecause it pains me to think what the up-front cost for fixing allthe problems would be. Embarrassed? Yes. Alone? Not at all.Last week I joined Green Economy Task Force Policy Co-Chair,Natalia Olson-Urtecho, on an action-packed tour of Capitol Hill.In addition to meeting with both Senators Casey and Specter,we were thrilled to be in the Capitol Building when HOME STAR( Cash for Caulkers ), bipartisan energy efficiency legislation,passed the House.If HOME STAR passes the Senate, what will it mean forprocrastinators like myself? First I would go to an approved retailer or contractor and theywould give me a discount before work is conducted. Then they would submitdocumentation of the purchase or work to the U.S. Department of Energy forreimbursement. If I opted for the Gold Star program, I would get a rebate of up to$3,000 if I conducted a whole-house energy audit and made improvements that increasedmy home's overall energy-efficiency by at least 20%. Then I would also be eligible for anadditional $1,000 rebate for each additional 5% efficiency improvement-that's up to$8,000 in rebates!With the up-front financial burden reduced, imagine thousands of Philadelphians likemyself insulating their ceilings, replacing those Florida windows, and installing Energy Starappliances. Not only would we put people back to work and improve the resale value of ourhomes, but we would have more money in our pockets from energy savings to spend atlocal businesses. You don't need to be a green business to understand this would be goodbusiness! Read more about HOME STAR below.Fondly, Kate Kate Houstoun (right) withJohn Siegel of QuantaTechnologies (center) andSen. Specter In This Issue   News   Events   Resources   Join our list   NEWS Action Alert: Support Legislation toInstitutionalize Industry Partnerships inPA  Pennsylvania's Industry Partnership (IP) program is in    danger of once again getting caught up in the partisanrancor around the state's annual budget process. As youknow, HB 2230 passed the Pennsylvania Houseunanimously in mid-March. But almost two months afterthe legislation passed the House, HB2230 still has not beenconsidered by the Senate's Labor & Industry Committee.HB 2230 should be voted on by the full Senate, therebyshowing the legislature's ability to quickly enact common-sense bipartisan legislation that strengthens Pennsylvaniabusinesses and expands opportunity for workers.Your help is needed. Below are the contacts for the keySenators that sit on this Committee from SoutheasternPennsylvania:Christine M. Tartaglione (D)Senate District 2Philadelphia (part) County.TELEPHONE: (717) 787-1141E-MAIL ADDRESS: tartaglione@pasenate.com    Mike Brubaker (R)Senate District 36Chester (part) and Lancaster (part) Counties.TELEPHONE: (717) 787-4420E-MAIL ADDRESS: mbrubaker@pasen.gov    Mike Folmer (R)Senate District 48Berks (part), Chester (part), Dauphin (part),Lancaster (part) and Lebanon Counties.TELEPHONE: (717) 787-5708Charles T. McIlhinney Jr. (R)Senate District 10Bucks (part) and Montgomery (part) Counties.TELEPHONE: (717) 787-7305E-MAIL ADDRESS: cmcilhinney@pasen.gov    Lawrence M. Farnese Jr. (D)Senate District 1Philadelphia (part) County.TELEPHONE: (717) 787-5662Without immediate action, the clock could wind down andHB 2230 may not be passed before the Legislaturerecesses the current session. Pennsylvania's industry partnerships are a proven andvaluable workforce and economic development tool thatbrings together businesses and workers in similarindustries for the common purpose of improving theeconomic security of workers and the competitiveness of businesses in certain industries, said Secretary of Labor & Industry Sandi Vito. The industry partnership initiative is a nationallyrecognized, award-winning initiative that advancesworkers' skills, increases employees' wages and improvesour state's position as a national workforce and economicleader.This is exactly the type of program we must continue tosupport in order to strengthen our economic recovery.   Information about the legislation, including talking points,a sample letter to your legislator and contact informationfor the senators can be obtained at www.workforcepa.com.    Cash for Caulkers Passes the House   By a vote of 246 to 161 the House of Representativesvoted to approve the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act of 2010 (H.R. 5019), otherwise known as the cash forcaulkers program, which authorizes creation of a nationalenergy retrofit program for American homeowners lastThursday, May 6th. The vote marks a significant milestonein the progress of the bipartisan HOME STAR legislation,although the authorization bill must be matched by theSenate, and followed up with an appropriation bill toallocate funds for the $6 billion program. The $6 billion Bill includes homeowner incentives (rebates)for up to $3000 to purchase American made energy savingproducts (such as windows, doors, and insulation) andrebates up to $3000 for households that cut their energyconsumption by 20% with an additional $1000 for everysubsequent 5% up to $8,000. The program will save 3million Americans $200-$500 a year on energy costs,amounting to billions of dollars in savings over the nextdecade, and will create 150,000 to 200,000 jobs.More information is available at www.efficiencyfirst.org or   read about it on the FrumForum. Find out who your Congressional Representatives are and   how to contact them by clicking here.    LAUNCH: Business United for ConservationIndustry Partnership Last week over 50 senior level managers and stakeholders,and over 35 companies in the engineering, landscape,construction, architecture, and finance firms attended thefirst meeting of Business United for Conservation IndustryPartnership (BUC). Businesses showcased their stormwatermanagement expertise, heard the City's Green Streets stormwater transformation plans from Howard Neukrug,Director of Watersheds for the Philadelphia WaterDepartment, and discussed gaps and opportunities in theirindustry. Survey results from businesses showed anoverwhelming interest in the Industry Partnership, aunified passion for conservation, and an eagerness toconnect with other businesses.The meeting, held at the Delaware Valley RegionalPlanning Commission, brought together businesses thatprovide green infrastructure or stormwater managementservices to identify barriers to the industry's growth,workforce needs, business-to-business procurement  opportunities, industry best practices, and futuretechnology. Among being a business for business resource,BUC aims to be a catalyst in the industry's growth with theCity of Philadelphia's ambitious plans to be the greenestcity in the US.  GreenWorks First AnnualProgress Report  Join the Mayor's Office of Sustainabilityas they present their first annualprogress report on the GreenWorksPhiladelphia Plan. Be part of acommunity event that celebrates thegreening efforts of so manyorganizations, individuals, neighborhoodgroups, departments, City Council members, andcompanies. Community Host : Asociacion de Puertorriquenos enMarcha (APM) Location : Eastern North Philadelphia Date : May 26 2010, 10:30 amFor more details contact sarah.wu@phila.gov.    Join the Renew Growing Greener Coalition  There is an urgent need for a renewed commitment toPennsylvania's communities and natural resources. Growing Greener  has transformed Pennsylvania byempowering communities to protect working farms andconserve special places, clean up rivers and streams,create and improve parks and trails,and revitalize citiesand towns. After a decade of success, the funding sourcesthat support Growing Greener  are nearly gone. Unlessaction is taken, the good work made possible by theGrowing Greener programs will come to an end in 2011.For more information, or to sign on to the Letter of Support visit www.renewgrowinggreener.org.    Clean Energy Company Opens in BucksCounty  Y-Carbon, a company with the unique capabilities to altercarbons used in the alternative energy and energy sectors,has opened its doors in Bristol Township, creating ten newresearch and development positions. The company plansto hire an additional fifteen employees. Y-Carbon, Inc.,which was founded based on technology developed atDrexel University's College of Engineering, has also createdtwo spin-off companies, Y-Energy and Y-Water, both of which will also locate in Bucks County. Jim Horan, CEO of Y-Carbon, estimates that each additional company willemploy 25 workers within 18 months.Y-Carbon Inc.'s expansion was made possible with a
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