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a r X i v : h e p - t h / 0 5 0 5 0 2 8 v 3 3 1 M a y 2 0 0 5 CALT-68-2542 hep-th/0505028 SUPERSTRING HOLOGRAPHY AND INTEGRABILITY IN AdS 5 ×S 5 Dissertation by Ian Swanson In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy California Institute of Technology Pasadena, California 2006 (Defended April 19, 2005) ii c ( 2006 Ian Swanson All Rights Reserved iii For my parents, Frank and Sheila, and my brother, Cory. Ackno
    a  r   X   i  v  :   h  e  p  -   t   h   /   0   5   0   5   0   2   8  v   3   3   1   M  a  y   2   0   0   5 CALT-68-2542hep-th/0505028 SUPERSTRING HOLOGRAPHY ANDINTEGRABILITY IN AdS  5 × S  5 Dissertation by Ian Swanson In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirementsfor the Degree of Doctor of PhilosophyCalifornia Institute of TechnologyPasadena, California2006(Defended April 19, 2005)  iic  2006Ian SwansonAll Rights Reserved  iiiFor my parents, Frank and Sheila, and my brother, Cory.  Acknowledgements I am deeply indebted to my advisor, John Schwarz, and to my collaborator, Curt Callan.Their patience, encouragement, mentorship and wisdom have been invaluable in my studies,and I will always be inspired by their incisive intellect and their thirst for investigation.This work would not have been possible without their kind efforts. I would also like tothank Anton Kapustin, Hirosi Ooguri and Alan Weinstein, who, in addition to serving onmy thesis committee, have helped to create an exciting academic atmosphere in the physicsdepartment at Caltech. In this respect I am especially thankful to Tristan McLoughlin forhis friendship, patience and many lucid discussions of physics.I have also benefited from interaction with Gleb Arutyunov, Niklas Beisert, Andrei Be-litsky, Louise Dolan, Sergey Frolov, Umut G¨ursoy, Jonathan Heckman, Vladimir Kazakov,Charlotte Kristjansen, Martin Kruczenski, Andrei Mikhailov, Jan Plefka, Didina Serban,Matthias Staudacher, Arkady Tseytlin and Kostya Zarembo. In addition, let me specifi-cally thank current and former members of the theory group at Caltech, including ParsaBonderson, Oleg Evnin, Andrew Frey, Hok Kong Lee, Sanefumi Moriyama, Takuya Okuda,Jong-won Park, David Politzer, Benjamin Rahn, Harlan Robins, Michael Shultz, Xin-KaiWu, and particularly Sharlene Cartier and Carol Silberstein for all their hard work. I wouldlike to acknowledge entertaining and inspiring discussions of physics and otherwise with NickHalmagyi, Lisa Li Fang Huang, Will Linch, Luboˇs Motl, Joe Phillips, Peter Svrˇcek and XiYin. I am also grateful to the organizers, lecturers and participants of the 2003 TASI summerschool and the 2004 PiTP summer program.I am honored to have the support and faithful friendship of Megan Eckart, NathanLundblad, Chris O’Brien, Alex Papandrew, Mike Prosser, Dave Richelsoph, Demian Smith-Llera and Reed Wangerud. I would especially like to acknowledge Nelly Khidekel, who hasencouraged and supported me in every facet of my academic and personal life. People of hercaliber are rare, and in having met her I consider myself fortunate beyond words. Let mealso thank my family, to whom this work is dedicated.In addition, this work was supported in part by the California Institute of Technology, theJames A. Cullen Memorial Fund and US Department of Energy grant DE-FG03-92-ER40701.iv
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