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  Question: 1.What are two good ways for the development team to make non-functional requirements visible? 2. What are two ways that architecture and infrastructure are handled in Scrum?  a)They are discussed during Product Backlog refnement and are developed only along with selected unctionality. b)They are added to the Product Backlog and addressed in early Sprints, while always requiring at least some business unctionality, no matter how small. c)They are built by a separate team through the creation o an architectural runway. d) They are discussed, determined, and documented beore the actual eature development Sprints. --> I would say a) and b) ? 3. What are two things a group of 100 people should take into account when they are forming into multiple Scrum Teams?  a) The skills needed or the specifc technical layer the team will develop (such as database or UI) b) The mixture o senior and junior people on each team c) The eect o team size on the team's ability to work together d) The mixture o skills in each team to avoid dependencies on external experts -> I think a) and b) ? 4. What are two good ways for a Scrum Team to ensure that security concerns are satised?  Add a Sprint to specifcally resolve all security concerns. a)Postpone the work until a specialist can perorm a security audit and create a list o security-related Product Backlog items. b)Delegate the work to the concerned department. c)Add security concerns to the defnition o Done . d)Have the Scrum Team create Product Backlog items or each concern. -> I think c) and d) ? 5. Currently, your Development Teams are organized to address a single layer only (for example, front end, middle tier, back end, and interfaces). What are three things to consider when deciding to move away from such component teams toward feature teams?  a) Productivity may suer when making this kind o move. b) You cannot do Scrum without eature teams.  c) With eature teams, it is easier to calculate the productivity per team. d) Feature teams have less communication overhead. e) Getting support rom the business side frst helps. 6.What are three benefts o sel-organizing?7. 1) Select two ways in which technical debt impacts transparency.  a) It enhances transparency or the Product Owner as a Development Team is not allowed to do additional eature development in a Sprint as long as there is technical debt. b) As development progresses and code is added, the system becomes more dicult to stabilize, which results in uture workbeing slowed down in unpredictable ways. c) It leads to alse assumptions about the current state o the system, specifcally o an Increment being releasable at the end o a Sprint. d) When calculated and estimated, the total amount o technical debt shows exactly how long until the Product Owner can release the Increment. -> I think b) & c), that is destabilize the system and creates alse assumptions. 2) A Development Team selects a set of Product Backlog items for a Sprint Backlog with the intent to get the selected items Done by the end of the Sprint. Which three phrases best describe the purpose of having a denition of Done ?  a) It tracks the percent completeness o a Product Backlog item. b) It defnes what it takes or an Increment to be ready or release. c) It controls whether the developers have perormed their tasks. d) It creates transparency over the work inspected at the Sprint Review. e) It provides a template or elements that need to be included in the technical documentation. ) It guides the Development Team in creating a orecast at the Sprint Planning. -> a), b) & ) ? 3) Which two ways o creating Development Teams are consistent with Scrum's values? a) The Chie Product Owner determines the new team structures and assignments. b) Bring all the developers together and let them sel-organize into Development Teams. c) Managers personally re-assign current subordinates to new teams. d) Existing teams propose how they would like to go about organizing into the new structure. e) Managers collaborate to assign individuals to specifc teams. -> b) and d) because o sel-organizing teams? 4) You have just been hired by a company new to Scrum. Your management has assigned you to be the Scrum Master o six new Scrum Teams. These teams will build one product. Select two conditions you should strive or in this scenario: a) There should be six Product Owners, one or each Scrum Team. b) The product has one Product Backlog. c) There should be only one Product Owner. d) There should be six Product Owners, reporting to a chie Product Owner.  e) Each Scrum Team should have a separate Product Backlog. -> defnitely b), and d) ? 5) How should Product Backlog items be chosen when multiple Scrum Teams work rom the same Product Backlog? a) The Product Owner decides. b) The Development Teams pull in work in agreement with the Product Owner. c) The Scrum Team with the highest velocity pulls Product Backlog items frst. dI Each Scrum Team takes an equal number o items. e) The Product Owner should provide each team with its own Product Backlog. -> I balance between a) and b). I would say a) because the Product Owner has the last word to say and the Team is only responsible or the sprint backlog. 1)From the list below, what is the most important concern or multiple Development Teams when they are working rom the same Product Backlog? a) Making sure there's enough work or everyone on every team b) Minimizing dependencies between teams c) Meeting original scope projections d) Clear defnition o requirements Answer: a) 2) Twelve (12) Scrum Teams are working on a single product. Which one o the ollowing Sprint Planning ormats is most likely to be eective? a) Product Owners and management may employ a Pre-Sprint Planning Meeting to plan the goals and content o an upcoming Sprint. The Planning Team then shares the work assignments in the Sprint Planning Meeting to the Development Teams who will actually create the product Increment. b) All Scrum Teams meet together at the same time in a shared location, and the Product Backlog isvisible to all. Scrum Teams fgure out what Sprint Goals and Product Backlog they will work on in the upcoming Sprint. They coordinate dependencies, shit team members as needed, and create Sprint Backlogs. c) Product Owners and representatives rom the Development Teams meet to defne goals, and select Product Backlog items. Development Team representatives then take the assigned Product Backlog items back to their Development Teams or decomposition into a Sprint Backlog. Answer: b) Is it a good idea to have representatives rom Dev Team when there are too many scrum teams. I have worked in a project with 3 scrum teams. That itsel has been sometimes chaotic. This questions talks about 12 scrum teams. 3) A 2000 person sotware company has been losing money and market share or 3 consecutive years. The CEO has worked hard on the last resort, a merger with a sotware giant. As part o this merger the CEO eels the company needs to go agile, and wants all 200 teams to use Scrum as soon as possible. Which o the ollowing strategies is the best course o action? a) Assign the teams the goal o going agile in a smooth manner. Have all team members become certifed to demonstrate they have basic knowledge in Scrum within 3 months. Assessment results should be reviewed collaboratively by the Agile black belts o the company. Agile black belts must be certifed with at least a 95% passing grade.  b) Deprecate all old procedures, positions, titles and unction descriptions. Replace them with Scrum terms while instructing the teams to act upon their new accountability going orward. Ask the process and procedures department to hand out detailed role descriptions, and the business architects to create a unifed set o quality standards or teams to abide by immediately c) Bring in an external consulting company to create a plan or all development to be done upon Scrum. Creation o the plan should take no more than 30 days. Execution will be agreed by the company and the senior executives o the company, as they will own the change. Until then no promises o elapse time are possible. d) Bring the pros and cons o the merger to the departments and their teams to stress urgency. Bring in external people with relevant experience to work with the teams to understand and adopt Scrum. Work with the Scrum Masters to identiy organizational problems that hinder the teams. Answer: a) All the other 3 answers talk about urgency. I don’t think transition can be successul in such a tensed environment. 4) A scaled Scrum eort is one that conorms to Scrum and uses more than one Scrum Team or one or more Sprints. a) True b) False Answer: a) 5) Scrum Teams should normalize their estimates so that management can use team velocities as acoordinated productivity measure. a) True b) False Answer: a) This I believe will help in understanding the perormance o the team 1) Select two ways that time-boxing promotes self-organization.  a) Time-boxes help everyone ocus on the same problem at the same time. b)Teams can determine on their own how much overtime is acceptable or a time-box, generally expressed as a percentage o the time-box. c) Time-boxes encourage the people who are closest to the problem to create the best possible result in the time allotted, given the current context. d)Time-boxes eliminate politics and bureaucracy. e)Time-boxes do not allow enough time or stringent processes or meeting overhead. -> I chose d) and a). But with a) I'm not really sure because in my opinion e) and c) are also kind o true :S 2) In the Sprint Planning meeting, the Product Owner and the Development Team were unable to reach a clear understandingabout the highest order Product Backlog items. Because o this, the Development Team couldn't fgure out how much
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