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8/21/10 Hello, All: You are receiving this message because you are enrolled in the online Section 5 of EDU 349 (Educational Psychology) for the Fall ‘10 term. This section has been set up for students who are seeking certification in Childhood/Early Childhood/Inclusive Ed (with or without Middle School Extension). This memo gives you some basic information about the course requirements and access information. This is not the Syllabus; you will be able to access that at the start of the course by
  EDU 349 Fall Online Welcome Memo (Gradel)  1  8/21/10Hello, All:You are receiving this message because you are enrolled in the online Section 5 of EDU 349   (Educational Psychology) for the Fall ‘10 term. This section has been set up for students whoare seeking certification in Childhood/Early Childhood/Inclusive Ed (with or without MiddleSchool Extension).This memo gives you some basic information about the course requirements and accessinformation. This is not the Syllabus; you will be able to access that at the start of the course bylogging onto our course  ANGEL site. Note that I am also posting this memo to  ANGEL for you.Also please note…as with any course, you learn the ropes as you go along. This memo is justto kick us off. Do not fear…I am here to help you through the content, as well as the tech!! PART 1: DATES, TIMES, & VENUES   ã The course starts Monday, August 24; module work will end on December 10. Finalcourse work must be submitted by the last day of Final Exam Week, December 17.   ã There are no required times that you must be online withothers all at the same time. And – since this is a totallyonline course – there is no time when you must meetwith anyone face-to-face (F2F). So…learning in PJs, onyour porch, or at the beach is AOK! ã There will be both “soft” and “hard” deadlines in thecourse. “Soft” deadlines are designed to help you paceyour independent (and sometimes collaborative) workthrough the material and requirements; “hard” deadlinesare submission deadlines that you are expected to meet. Iwill always tell you what is a soft vs. a hard deadline, aswe move along. Keep reading my points below… ã You will be spending approximately the same amount of time on this course as you would inany upper-level F2F course. I plan work that will take – on average – 320 minutes/week. Attimes, you will spend more, and at other times, less…but this is a solid average (and basedon feedback that I have gotten from prior students’ real time tracking  .) ã You will ALWAYS want to grab (that is a familiar term for downloading) the Module Guide for the week (or sometimes two weeks) at the beginning of the module period. We will plan tohave our modules start on Mondays by 10 AM, and end on Sunday by 11:59 PM. (Note thatthese times are adjusted when we have holidays or breaks.) So…even if you do not startworking on the module on Mondays, please DO go to  ANGEL and pull the Module Guidedown to your own computer. Read through it to get an idea of what you will need to do,knowing that it is a very very detailed, step-by-step plan. I encourage you to “breathe,” assometimes the length of the Module Guide is a bit daunting. But think…normally, drkg wouldbe telling me a bunch of this stuff in person, and now she needs to write it all down for me.  EDU 349 Fall Online Welcome Memo (Gradel)  2  ã If there are days that you cannot spend the time listed as “soft deadlines” in our ModuleGuides, you will want to pre-plan to spend the equivalent time on the day(s) before or theday after. PART 2: COURSE START-UP  Initial online course materials will become available on our   ANGEL site as of  10 AM onMonday, August 23 at 10 AM. Note that you do NOT need to log on at 10 AM…I am just tellingyou when materials will be posted. I will be available for technical assistance as of thisweekend, but am not available 24/7.Our  Module Guides will be on  ANGEL . These Guides walk you through every step of what wewill be doing in all parts of the course. You will need to go to the Fredonia home page, click onthe  ANGEL button, logon, and then click on this course on your own  ANGEL screen. If you arehaving problems logging onto  ANGEL , please do one or more of the following:1. Please re-check the GENERAL STUDENT INFORMATION section below and/or on theinformation that you received after registering for the course.2. If #1 doesn’t work, go to the Fredonia home page and click on FredQuest under the E-SERVICES list on the left bottom of the page. Put in a “Fred Ticket” to request help.3. Reach drkg, and tell her what your problem is.Please plan on checking into the course on the first day of the term, as you will have initial(getting acquainted) work to this week. Also, PLEASE CHECK YOUR FREDONIA EMAIL AND  ANGEL ANNOUNCEMENTS at least on alternate days while enrolled in the course.  In general, we will be using due times of  SUNDAYS by 11:59 PM (this is right before midnight)for “hard deadline” submissions. PART 3: GENERAL STUDENT INFORMATION NOTE: If you are a continuing student here at Fredonia, this sectionmay be irrelevant. However, if you are a new student at FSU or are avisiting student (registered through SUNY Learning Network), you will want to use this information to ensure that you are logged onto your FSU email, ANGEL, and YOUR CONNECTION. ã   Student Identification Number: Your unique student ID number (FID) is FXXXXXXXX. You will use it as the UserID when logginginto the “Your Connection” portal. Treat it as being confidential; please keep it in a safeplace, or memorize it as you would your social security number. ã   E-Services username and password: A unique “e-Services” username and password isprovided to every student for logging into electronic resources, such as the  ANGEL LearningManagement System, the campus network, library resources, and your Fredonia e-mailaccount. The “e-Services” username and password are secured for your reference withinthe “Your Connection” portal on the SUNY Fredonia Home page athttp://www.fredonia.edu,which is located on the left side, near the bottom of the page. To get started, please followthese steps to locate your “e-Services” login credentials:1. Log into “Your Connection” using the student ID number (FID) listed above as theUser ID and your date of birth in MMDDYY format as the initial PIN.2. Once logged into “Your Connection,” click the View Your UserIDs and Passwords  link (located under the Personal Information link).  EDU 349 Fall Online Welcome Memo (Gradel)  3  3.Your initial “e-Services” ID and password are listed. You can also find out how tochange it and reset it if you've forgotten it. For detailed login instructions, please visithttp://www.fredonia.edu/helpdesk/procedures/logininstructions.asp. ã    ANGEL : The  ANGEL Learning Management System will be one of our resource areas; youwill log onto it by clicking on  ANGEL from the Fredonia home page. We will not “live” onANGEL, but it will store electronic files for your access.  ANGEL will also be where I will postgeneric announcements for you. PLEASE CHECK  ANGEL AT LEAST ON ALTERNATEDAYS.  ã   Fredonia E-mail: The Fredonia e-mail system is used for communication with instructors aswell as with administrative offices. To access it, click on the Outlook Webmail buttonlocated on the bottom left of the Fredonia home page. It is critical that you use your Fredonia e-mail for all campus communication – alternate e-mail systems are notrecommended. I will be corresponding to you via your FREDONIA email. PART 4: REQUIRED TEXT Our text is as follows:Woolfolk, A. (2010). Educational psychology  (11th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ:Pearson Education, Inc. (Note that this version is packaged with MyEducationLab.) The ISBN for this package is:ISBN 978-0-558-50412-0    No other versions of these materials will work for the course. Please do not get confusedby the text requirements for other sections of this course. This text is available ONLY throughthe Fredonia BookStore. I have chosen this format because it significantly reduces the cost of the text for you.  NOTE: If you are enrolled as a distance learning student (i.e., you attend another university or college), you will need to purchase the text through the FredoniaBookStore; use this URL to get to it:http://www.sunyfredoniabookstore.com/buy_book_detail.asp?mscssid=F3A95143FEB24635B0047E3660884855&pf_id=10628874   ). I will also be furnishing information about how to access JUST an electronic version of the text,as soon as I receive it from the publisher. Hold tight    PART 5: CORE REQUIRED FREE ELECTRONIC RESOURCES/SOFTWARE Note that you do NOT need to have all of the materials/access assembled by the START of thecourse. BUT it is important that you begin to get your online tools ready and in-place by thesecond week of class. Also, note that all of the software is available on most campuscomputers, for those of you who will be local. FOR WEEK 1, you will need: 1. The Firefox web browser. You MUST use the Mozilla Firefox browser, whether youare on a Mac or a Windows-based PC. It is downloadable FREE from:http://www.downloadfirefoxbrowser.com/ 2. ANGEL  EDU 349 Fall Online Welcome Memo (Gradel)  4  3. Adobe® Reader v. 7 or above (note that Readers is now in its 9.x version):http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/   FROM WEEK 2 on: Drkg will be introducing you to various tools during the course. The following are “must-haves;” other tools will be staggered in, and drkg will give you tons of guidance on usingthem.4. Text electronic support materials including – but not exclusive to – (a) electronicresources referenced in the text (see the text); (b) MyEducationLab , accessible via acode that wrapped with the text ( MyEducationLab ; (c) podcasts produced by our textauthor, Anita Woolfolk (available athttp://anitatalks.wordpress.com;and (d) additionalresources accessible through links from course modules and  ANGEL (to be announced) .(NOTE: You will not need an MP3 player to access the course’s podcasts, but you willneed a computer that can access MP3 or MP4 files; most Windows and Mac systemshave pre-installed software to do this. If not, I will be giving you information on where tograb free media software online.)5. We will be using a course Wiki (free) for some of our collaborative work; thatinformation will be supplied in the Syllabus.6. The course’s iTunes University portion of our   ANGEL site.7. Quicktime (free):http://www.apple.com/downloads/ 8. iTunes (free):http://www.apple.com/downloads/ 9. We will be using free online tools called Zoho Writer, Notebook, and Show  . In thepast, 100% of my students have never used these tools. However, they ALL havereported – by the end of the course – that these tools helped them keep their materialstogether and “on the same page” with both me and their colleagues. These are Internet-based tools that you will NOT need to download to your computers. HOWEVER, youmay choose to also use the Microsoft® Office suite, Open Office, or a word processingprogram of your choice, but – because of Zoho – you may choose to do little in other applications. To register, you may go directly here:https://accounts.zoho.com/register?serviceurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.zoho.com%2F (note that – if you have one – you can use your Google, Google Apps, Yahoo, or Facebook ID to register). To get a quick intro to Zoho, you may wish to visit the FAQ(Frequently-asked Questions) file at:http://www.zoho.com/faq.html(DO NOT SWEAT…Iwill be walking you step-by-step through our use of these cool tools.) PART 6: HELP  First and foremost, please each drkg @gradel@fredonia.edu. If face-to-face or telephone contact is necessary, you will need to make prior arrangements with me, to set up these arrangements. It will also be possibleto step into an online “meeting room,” to get assistance, as needed; this,too, will require advance planning.I will be available for technical assistance as of today, 6/21. It is possiblethat – at times – you may need to wait 24 hours for a response. However, itis more likely that you will get a return email within minutes or a few hours. I
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