3. Wind Power Mature Market History and Lessons by A. Wasielke

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Presentation in ADB Quantum Leap in Wind Workshop, 21 June 2010
  Wind Power Mature Market: History and Lessons Angelika Wasielke The views expressed in this presentation are those of the presenter and do not necessarily represent those of the Asian Development Bank.  Development of WindEnergyCapacity EU  Mature Markets -Germany Angelika Wasielke   (1) high-quality calibrated instruments installed according to IECwind measurement standards, and  (2) covering each relevant region of the country. Whenever possible, base the search for locations on  (3) a mesoscale wind modeling of the country and  (4) the transmission grid map, and have experts to find good,representative sites in each region. After a year provided a short  (5) pre-feasibility evaluation for each location, with a Wind Measurements –Key for Success      (6) micro-scale WAsP wind modeling analysis, the governmentshould  (7) maintain the masts and instrumentation in place, maintainingmasts year after year and continued to collect data from the mastswithout moving them, so as to provide  (8) good long-term reference data for nearby wind projects.
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