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  Biodiversity Journal  , 2012, 3 (1): 93-95 A new species of genus Laubuca Bleeker, 1860 cyprinidfish from Bangladesh (Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae) Sh Kn 1 , Swn Sks 2 & Chch Nn 3 1 Department of Fisher Manaement, Facult of Fisheries, Kasetsart Universit, Bankok, Thailand 10900; e-mail: kulab-ton2011@mail.com. 2 Reference Collection Room, Inland Fisheries Resources Research and Development Institute, Department of Fisheries, Thailand10900; e-mail: Siriwan.suksri@mail.com. 3 534/26 Soi Phaholothin 58 Phaholothin Rd. Sai Mai, Bankok, Thailand; e-mail: sorn133@hotmail.com. ABSTRACT KEY WORDS Received 02.03.2012; accepted 20.03.2012; printed 30.03.2012 A new species of cprinid fish (Cpriniformes, Cprinidae),  Laubuca brahmaputraensis n.sp. from Brahmaputra River, Banladesh, is described. This species is distinuished fromother species of enus  Laubuca Bleeker, 1860 b the combination of the followin characters:lateral line scales comprisin 31-32 + 1-2 scales, transverse line scales of ½6-½7/ 1 / 2½ -3½ scales, bod depth ranin from 25.1 to 29.3 % Standard lenth (SL), pelvic fin not rea-chin beond the anus, anal fin with 3 unbranched ras and 19½-20½ branched ras, black  blotch above the pectoral fin base and no tubercles on lower jaw.  Laubuca ; Cprinidae; Brahmaputra River; Banladesh; new species. INTRODUCTION Freshwater fishes enus  Laubuca Bleeker,1860 (Pisces, Cpriniformes, Cprinidae) has been reported for Indian subcontinent and Indo-Australian archipelao (Hamilton, 1822; Weber & de Beaufort, 1916; Smith, 1931; Menon, 1952;Silas, 1958; Deraniaala, 1960; Pethiaoda etal., 2008).Currentl the enus  Laubuca comprises eihtvalid species:  L. caeruleostigmata Smith, 1931from Thailand;  L. laubuca (Hamilton, 1822) wi-del distributed in Indian subcontinent and Indo-Australian archipelao;  L. dadyburjori Menon,1952 and  L. fasciata Silas, 1958 from India;  L.lankensis Deraniaala, 1960 from Sri Lanka; and  L. insularis ,  L. ruhuna and  L. varuna described b Pethiaoda et al. (2008) from Sri Lanka.In Banladesh, Ataur Rahman (2003) reportedthat  L. laubuca is the onl species of enus  Laubuca found in the countr area.In October 1995, the inland aquarium fishcollector who cauht all the specimens of   Lau-buca emploed in this stud (collection site:Brahmaputra River, Banladesh), sent these spe-cimens to the Inland Fisheries Resources Rese-arch and Development Institute, Department of Fisheries, Thailand [NIFI] under the name  L.laubuca [NIFI 2799].In 2012 after havin reviewed all the speci-mens sent b Mr. Kittipon Jaruthanin, we con-cluded that these fish are sinificantl differentnot onl from specimens belonin to  L. laubuca as described b Ataur Rahman (2003) from Ban-ladesh, but also from all other species of   Lau-buca hitherto known, b the combination of thefollowin characters: lateral line scales, tran-sverse line scales, bod depth, caudal peduncledepth, fin ras and the absence of tubercles onlower jaw.Hence, the population collected from Brahma- putra River is described herein as a new species.  S. K ulabtoNg , S. S uKSri & C. N oNpayom  Laubuca brahmaputraensis n. sp.E xAMINEDMATERIAL .Holotpus, NIFI 4532: Brah-maputra River, Banladesh, 12.x.1995, leit Kit-tipon Jaruthani, (Fi. 1); Paratpi, NIFI 2799: 2specimens, same data of holotpus.D ESCRIPTIONOFHOLOTyPUS (seual eternal charac-ters cannot be specified).  L. brahmaputraensis n.sp. is slender, bod depth is 26.1%SL. The fish isver compress, bod width is 8.7 %SL. Scales inlateral series are medium to lare, lateral line scalesinclude 31 + 1-2 scales, transverse line scales on bod comprises ½6 - ½7/ 1 / 2½ -3½ scales and pre-dorsal scales are 16. Head lenth (HL) is 24.1 %SL,head depth (HD) is more than half of bod depth(BD) and head lenth (66.6 %BD or 72.2 %HL or 17.4 %SL). The ee is lare, ee diameter is36.1%HL (50.0 %HD or 8.7 %SL). Post orbitallenth is 38.9 %HL (10.7 %SL), snout lenth isshort, with 18.1 %HL (4.3 %SL) and interorbitalwidth is 51.4 % HL (12.4 % SL) loner than postor- bital width (44.4 %HL or 10.7 %SL).Dorsal fin oriin is posterior behind anal fin ori-in, predorsal fin lenth is 66.9 %SL, prepectoralfin lenth is 31.4 %SL, prepelvic fin lenth is48.2 %SL and preanal fin lenth is 66.9 %SL. Cau-dal peduncle depth is 9.8 %SL. Pectoral fin is lon but not reachin beond the anus, the pectoral finlenth is 31.4 %SL and 9 branched fin ras.Pelvic fin is short not reachin beond anus, the pelvic fin lenth is 20.1 %SL and 5 branched finras. Anal fin base is loner than dorsal fin base,the anal fin base lenth is 28.4 %SL, dorsal fin with3 unbranched ras and 8 branched ras and anal finwith 3 unbranched ras and 19½ branched ras. Thedorsal fin base lenth is 12.7 %SL.V ARIABILITy . 30.7-33.9 mm SL. Variation of maleand female are unknown.E TyMOLOgy .from Brahmaputra River, Banladesh,where this species was collected.D ISTRIBUTION . This species is known onl fromBrahmaputra River, Banladesh.C OMPARATIVENOTES .  L. brahmaputraensis n. sp. isdistinuished from other species of enus  Laubuca  b the combination of the followin characters:lateral line scales complete, with 31-32 + 1-2 scales;transverse line scales on bod showin ½6 - ½7/ 1 /2½ - 3½ scales; bod is slender, bod depth is25.1-29.3 %SL; caudal peduncle depth is 8.9-9.8 %SL; anal fin with 3 unbranched ras and 19½-20½ branched ras; pelvic fin is short (43.2-83.3 %HL) not reachin beond the anus; a black  blotch above the pectoral fin base; lower jaw smo-oth, lackin tubercles on skin.Particularl,  L. brahmaputraensis n. sp. isclearl different from  L. caeruleostigmata of Thai-land in man characters: bod depth is 3.4-4.0 timesSL (in  L. caeruleostigmata is 2.25), lateral line sca-les includes 31-32 scales (vs 34-35 scales in  L. cae-ruleostigmata ).Moreover,  L. brahmaputraensis n.sp. has one black blotch above the pectoral fin base (vs. 4-5dark vertical stripes above pectoral fin base on sidesof bod in  L. caeruleostigmata ) (Smith, 1931;Smith, 1945; Silas, 1958).  L. brahmaputraensis n.sp. is different fromother species of enus  Laubuca of Sri Lanka b thecombination of the followin characters: lower jawsmooth, lackin tubercles on skin (vs. some denseltubercles in  L. insularis and  L. lankensis ); pelvic finis short not reachin beond the anus (vs. a lon pelvic fin reachin beond posterior anal fin oriinin  L. insularis ); bod depth is 25.1-29.3 %SL (vs.32.8-34.6 %SL in  L. ruhuna , 27.9-32.4 %SL in  L. varuna , 27.2-29.8 %SL in  L. lankensis , and 26.0-28.8 %SL in  L. insularis ); anal fin is 19½-20½ branched ras (vs. 15½ -17½ in  L. varuna , 17-18½in  L. ruhuna , 17½ -19½ in  L. insularis , and 16½-20½ in  L. lankensis ) (Pethiaoda et al., 2008).  L. brahmaputraensis n.sp. is distinuished from  L.dadyburjori of India b a complete lateral line sca-les (vs. an incomplete one in  L. dadyburjori ).  L. dadyburjori has a black stripe on lateral se-ries, with 2-5 black circular spots on it, the stripe isetend from the anterior of ee to caudal pedunclewhereas  L. brahmaputraensis n. sp. does not showan black stripe alon the bod (Menon, 1952;Silas, 1958).  L. brahmaputraensis n. sp. is distin-uished from  L. fasciata of India b short pelvic finnot reachin beond the anus (vs. a lon pelvic finreachin beond the anus in  L. fasciata ), lower jawsmooth (vs. scattered tubercles in  L. fasciata ), a black blotch above the pectoral fin base (vs. a black lonitudinal stripe in  L. fasciata ); anal fin shows19½ – 20½ branched ras (vs. 14½ - 16½ in  L. fa- sciata ) (Pethiaoda et al., 2008; Silas, 1958). 94   L. brahmaputraensis n. sp. is distinuished from  L. laubuca of Banladesh b bod depth which is3.4-4.0 times SL (vs. 2.7-3.3 times SL or 3.5-4.2times total lenth,TL, in  L. laubuca ), lateral linescales comprises 31-32 scales (vs. 34-36 in  L. lau-buca ), branched anal fin ras include 19½-20½ branched ras (vs. 18-19 in  L. laubuca ), predorsalscales are 16-17 (vs. 20-21 in  L. laubuca ) (Ataur Rahman, 2003). ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors are rateful to reviewers for revie-win this manuscript. A special thank to Mr. Kitti- pon Jaruthanin, who collected all the specimens of   L. brahmaputraensis n. sp. emploed in this stud.We wish to thank Dr. Rohan Pethiaoda,Wildlife Heritae Trust in Sri Lanka and Dr. SorinStefanut, Institute of Biolo Bucharest, RomanianAcadem, Romania for providin the oriinal de-scription of man species of enus  Laubuca . REFERENCES Ataur Rahman A.K., 2003. Freshwater Fishes of Ban-ladesh. Second Edition. Zooloical Societ of Banladesh, Dhaka. 394 pp.Deraniaala P.E.P., 1960. A new subspecies of thefish Chela laubuca from Celon. Spolia Zelanica,29: 17.Hamilton F., 1822. An account of the fishes found inthe river ganes and its branches. Edinburh &London, 405 pp.Menon A.g.K., 1952. Notes on fishes in the IndianMuseum. xLVI. On a new fish of the enus  Lau-buca from Cochin. Records of the Indian Museum(Calcutta), 49: 1-4.Pethiaoda R., Kottelat M., Silva A., Maduwae K.& Meeaskumbura M., 2008. A review of the enus  Laubuca in Sri Lanka, with description of threenew species (Teleostei: Cprinidae). IchtholoicalEploration of Freshwaters, 19: 7-26.Silas E.g., 1958. Studies on cprinid fishes of the orien-tal enus Chela Hamilton. Journal of the Bomba Natural Histor Societ, 55: 54-99.Smith H.M., 1931. Descriptions of new enera and spe-cies of Siamese fishes. Proceedins of the United Sta-tes National Museum, v. 79 (no. 2873), 48 pp.Smith H.M., 1945. The fresh-water fishes of Siam, or Thailand. Bulletin of the United States National Mu-seum, No. 188, 622 pp.Weber M. & de Beaufort L.F., 1916. The fishes of theIndo-Australian Archipelao. III. Ostariophsi: IICprinoidea, Apodes, Snbranchi. 455 pp.  A new species of genus Laubuca Bleeker, 1860, cyprinid fish from Bangladesh (Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae) Fiure 1.  Laubuca brahmaputraensis n. sp. from Brahmaputra River, Banladesh. 95
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