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See how 2CheckOut.com increased revenues by over $10 million per year using Amadesa's A/B testing platform.
  The problem Recognizing that bottlenecks in thecheckout limit sales, 2Checkout.comsought to: 1  Increase the number o shopperscompleting the checkout process 2  Remove conversion impedimentsby improving its existing shoppingcart design “ Amadesa offers unrivaledcustomer service. Whilemeeting to roll out our initialoptimization test and overhaulour shopping cart, Amadesa’steam, rom the top down,took time to discuss ourvision and provide input onthe best ways to enhance ourconversion rates. They addressour questions and requestspromptly and with theutmost concern or ourcontinued success. We arevery pleased with theincrease in revenue we’veachieved using Amadesa’stechnology and we willcontinue to partner withthem moving orward.” – Kristin Dach, CFO for 2Checkout.com  3  Eliminate shopping cartbottlenecks to reduce userabandonment ConsTrainTs 2Checkout could not aord to makeany changes to its existing shoppingcart, its underlying payment processes,validations, and steps, due to limitedresources and technological capabilities.Additionally, one o the key successes o2CO is their continued ocus on listeningto their customers’ eedback and needs.To do so, they requently test dierentrecommendations they receive romvendors, customers and others. The soluTion Amadesa applied its revenue optimizationplatorm and Shopping Cart Optimizationapplication to: ã Create several alternative versions othe checkout/shopping cart processwithout requiring changes to theexisting cart baCkground 2Checkout.com provides turnkey e-commerce solutions to thousands o businesscustomers around the world by combining proprietary back-oce automation with besto breed technology partnerships. 2Checkout.com’s business customers served more thantwo million buyers, purchasing $220 million in merchandise in 2007 alone. To serve thesebusinesses, 2Checkout.com consistently seeks opportunities to develop best practices andincrease eciencies or its customers and their buyers. eMarketer estimates 59 percent oonline power shoppers abandon a transaction; so even small improvements can translateinto big returns or 2Checkout.com and its customers. shopping CarT opTimizaTion  Case Study 28%   cv t $10.6  increase   v Conversion Rate Wave 1 continued on reverse  Wave 2 3.83%4.89%  abouT2CheCkouT.Com, inC. 2Checkout.com, Inc. (2CO) is theauthorized reseller or thousandso tangible or digital products andservices. Established in 1999 andheadquartered in Columbus, Ohio, 2COprovides turnkey e-commerce solutionsto thousands o business customersaround the world. 2CO’s proprietarytechnology supports back-oceunctions including nancial reporting,tracking, raud prevention, aliatetracking, customer service and salestracking. In 2007, 2CO serviced over 2million buyers or a total o over 220million in sales. The site serves o anaverage o over 9.5 million page viewsper month. Since inception 2CO hasmaintained a steady and maintainablegrowth. The company’s approach isgeared towards providing qualityservice to new and existing clientswithout eeling the need to expand ata rate that would sacrice service toour clients. For more inormation, visitwww.2Checkout.com.   ã Test each dierent version againstthe pre-existing “control cart”simultaneously ã Analyze the trac and look or areaso riction ã Reduce cart abandonmentAmadesa modied the entire usercheckout experience by A/B testing morethan twenty-ve aspects o the purchaseunnel to identiy the ideal structure. Aew o the optimized aspects included: ã Introduction o a progress barcustomized or each checkout fow ã Placement and nature o errormessages throughout each step ã Existence, placement, and removal oexit points ã Improved marketing messages such asenhanced security and branding resulTs Results were validated to provestatistical signicance over time.Highlights include: ã   28% conversion rate ã   4.87%  increase in conversionrate, which led to ã   $10.6 million  increase inannual revenue abouT amadesa Amadesa delivers a Sotwareas a Service (SaaS) platormthat analyzes behaviors to guideuser choices and outcomes,growing customer revenuesand improving conversionrates. Five primary applicationscomprise its integrated, best-in-class optimization platorm:A/B and Multivariate Testing,Online Forms and Shopping CartOptimization or Content Providersand Online Marketers, Rules-based Targeted Content Delivery,Dynamic Personalization, andProduct Recommendation Engine.Amadesa’s platorm enables clientsto dynamically personalize andmeasure their customers’ onlineexperiences, driving engagementand increasing clients’ ability toconvert online trac. To learnmore, visit www.amadesa.com. us offiCe  1611 Simpson Street, #3Evanston, IL 60201Ph. 866.321.8245 F. 847. 864.4297 emea offiCe  Paz Towers, 5 Shoham St., 6th FlrRamat Gan, 52521, IsraelPh. +972 3 753 4490F. +972 3 753 4493www.amadesa.com sales sales@amadesa.com parTners partners@amadesa.com informaTion ino@amadesa.com
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