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DEPUTATION POLICY GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJAB FINANCE DEPARTMENT Compendium 2008 Deputation Policy No. FD.SR.II/6-13/97 Dated the 13th August 1998 Subject: DEPUTATION POLICY I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to say that in supersession of all previous policy instructions on the subject, the following standard terms and conditions shall be made applicable in case of officers/officials working on deputation against the post under Autonomous Bodies of the Punjab irrespective o
    DEPUTATION POLICY GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJABFINANCE DEPARTMENT  Compendium 2008 Deputation Policy1056  No. FD.SR.II/6-13/97Dated the 13 th August 1998 Subject: DEPUTATION POLICY I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to say that insupersession of all previous policy instructions on the subject, the followingstandard terms and conditions shall be made applicable in case ofofficers/officials working on deputation against the post under AutonomousBodies of the Punjab irrespective of the fact whether the deputation is a Federalor a Provincial Government’s employee:1. PAY AND ALLOWANCES  Pay and allowances as admissible in his parent department fromtime to time under the Government rules.2. DEPUTATION ALLOWANCE Deputation Allowance @20% of the Basic pay of deputation3. RESIDENTIAL ACCOMMODATION He is entitled to House Rent Allowance as admissible under thePunjab Government Rules provided he is not already residing in aGovernment owned accommodation. If accommodation is providedit will be subject to normal deduction of 5% of his pay.Provided, if a Government servant, while on deputation with anAutonomous Body, continues to retain Government ownedaccommodation, the Autonomous Body concerned shall be liable topay House Rent to the Government on behalf of the deputationist@ 45% or 30% (whichever is applicable) of the minimum of the payscale of the deputationist in his parent Department.  Compendium 2008 Deputation Policy1057 4. TRAVELLING/DAILY ALLOWANCE (i) T.A./D.A. during incumbency of deputationAs admissible in accordance with the T.A. Rules of theBorrowing Organization, provided these are not inferior toGovernment rules.(ii) T.A./D.A. on transfer to and back to the parent departmentshall be paid on the Borrowing Organization.5. JOINING TIME He will be entitled to joining time on his transfer from the BorrowingOrganization, and salary for the joining time will be paid by suchOrganization.6. ENCASHMENT OF L.P.R. A civil servant on deputation who is due to retire from Governmentservice either on completion of 26 years qualifying service orattaining the age of superannuation may draw the encashment ofL.P.R. from the Borrowing Organization, if he continues to workduring the entire period of his L.P.R./last year of his service, withoutrepatriation of his services.7. LEAVE/LEAVE SALARY The leave account of the Government servant during the period ofdeputation shall remain closed. No leave salary contribution shallbe reserved from the Borrowing Organization and the deputationistwill be granted leave and paid leave salary by such Organization.The period of service with the Borrowing Organization shall notcount towards earning leave under the Government. However, incase a deputationist applied for leave to the Competent Authority inthe Borrowing Organization and the leave was refused, theborrowing authority is bound to pay him the encashment ofleave/remaining portion of leave earned by the deputationist duringthe period of his deputation.  Compendium 2008 Deputation Policy1058 8. DISABILITY LEAVE. The Borrowing Organization shall also be liable for leave salary inrespect of disability leave granted to the civil servant on account ofdisability occurred in and through deputation service even though ifsuch disability manifest itself after the termination of service. Theleave salary charges, for such leave shall be recovered by the civilservants direct from the Borrowing Organization.9. PENSION CONTRIBUTION The Borrowing Organization shall be required to pay pensioncontribution at the rate of 33-1/3% of the mean of minimum andmaximum of the pay scale of the officer plus other emolumentsreckonable for pension (subject to verification of audit) to theGovernment during the deputation period.10. MEDICAL FACILITIES He will be provided medical facilities in accordance with the rules ofthe Borrowing Organization, provided such facilities are not inferiorto those admissible to him under the Government/parentdepartment.11. SUBSCRIPTION TO FUNDS He will continue to subscribe to G.P. Fund and such other funds ashe was subscribing to before deputation at the rates under therelevant rules of the Government.12. RESIDENTIAL TELEPHONE *As per policy of the Borrowing Organization. * Substituted vide letter No. SOR.II-6-13/97 dated 10 th April ,2002.
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