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MATERNAL/OB NOTES I. Human Sexuality A. Concepts 1. A person s sexuality encompasses the complex behaviors, attitudes, emotions and preferences that are related to sexual self and eroticism. 2. Sex is basic and dynamic aspect of life 3. During reproductive years, the nurse performs as resource person on human sexual ity. B. Definitions related to sexuality: Gender identity sense of femininity or masculinity 2 - 4 years / 3 years gender identity develops. Role identity attitudes, behaviors and at
  MATERNAL/OB NOTESI. Human SexualityA.Concepts1.A person  s sexuality encompasses the complex behaviors, attitudes, emotions andpreferences that are related to sexual self and eroticism.2.Sex  is basic and dynamic aspect of life3.During reproductive years, the nurse performs as resource person on human sexuality.B.Definitions related to sexuality:Gender identity  sense of femininity or masculinity2 - 4 years / 3 years gender identity develops.Role identity  attitudes, behaviors and attributes that differentiate roles.Sex  biologic male or female status. Sometimes referred to a specific sexual behavior such assexual intercourse.Sexuality - behavior of being boy or girl, male or female; man or woman.- It is an entity subject to a life long dynamic change.- developed at the moment of conception.II. Sexual Anatomy and PhysiologyA. Female Reproductive System1. External - vulva or pudenduma.Mons pubis/veneris -a pad of fatty tissues that lies over the symphysis pubis covered byskin and at puberty covered by short pubic hair that serves as cushion or protection to thesymphysis pubis and surrounding delicate tissues from trauma.Tannerscale -tool used to determine sexual maturity rating.Stages of Pubic Hair DevelopmentStage 1  Pre-adolescence - No pubic hair except for fine body hair onlyStage 2  Occurs between ages 11 and 12  sparse, long, slightly pigmented & curlyhair along the labia .Stage 3 - occurs between ages 12 and 13  hair becomes darker & curly hair thatdevelops along symphysis pubis.Stage 4  occurs between ages 13 and 14. Hair assumes the normal appearance ofan adult but is not so thick and does no appear to the inner aspect of theupper thigh.Stage 5 - sexual maturity - normal adult - appear to the inner aspect of thigh.b.Labia Majora  means  large lips  - a longitudinal fold, that extends from the symphysispubis to the perineum; Two folds of skin with fat underneath; contain Bartholene  sglands  c.Labia Minora  means  nymphae     a soft and thin longitudinal fold that is located inbetween the labia majora; two thin folds of delicate tissues; form an upper foldencirclingthe clitoris called the prepuce and unite posteriorly called the fourchette.  2 sensitive structures of labia minora:c.1. clitoris  means  key  - anterior, pea shaped erectile tissue composed of so manynerve endings which is the sight of sexual arousal in female. (Greek-key)c.2. fourchette - Posterior, tapers posteriorly of the labia minora- very sensitive to manipulation, oftenly torn during vaginal delivery.-common site  episiotomy.d. Vestibule  an almond shaped, narrow space area seen when the labia minora areseparated,that contains the hymen, vaginal orifice and bartholene  s glands.i.Urinary Meatus  small opening of urethra that serves for urination; external opening ofthe urethra; slightly behind and to the side are the openings of the Skene  s Glands.ii.Skenes Glands/or Paraurethral Gland  two small mucous secreting substances thatserve for lubrication; often involved in infections of the external genitalia.iii. Hymen  a membranous tissue that covers vaginal orifice, membranous tissue* Carumculae mystiforms - healing of a torn hymeniv.Vaginal Orifice  external opening of vaginav.Bartholene  s Glands/or Paravaginal Gland or Vulvo Gland - 2 small mucus secretingsubstance that secrets alkaline substances- responsible for the acidity of the vagina.( Believed to secrete a yellowish mucous which acts as a lubricant during sexual intercourse. The openings are located posteriorly on either side of the vaginalorifice)Alkaline  neutralizes acidity of vaginaPh of vagina - acidicDoderleins bacillus  responsible for acidity of vaginae.Perineum  a muscular structure that is located in between the lower vagina & anus;contains muscles which support the pelvic organs, the arteries that supply bloodand thepudendal nerves which are important during delivery under anesthesia.2. Internal:A. Vagina  female organ of copulation; passageway of menstruation & fetus- it is 3  4 inches or 8  10 cm long of dilated canal located between the bladderandthe rectum. Contains* Rugae  permits considerable amount of stretching without tearingB. Uterus -Organ of menstruation, site of implantation and retainment and nourishment ofthe products of conception. It is a hollow, thick walled muscular organ. It variesin size, shape and weights.Size - 1 inch thick; 2 inches wide; 3 inches longShape: non pregnant = pear shaped or inverted avocadoPregnant = ovoidWeight :Non pregnant:  50 - 60 gramsPregnant: - 1000 grams4th stage of labor - 1000 grams  2 weeks after delivery - 500 grams3 weeks after delivery - 300 gramsNormal State - 5 - 6 weeks after delivery - 50  60 gramsEntire Process is  Involution of Uterus   
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