(1928) The Italian Pope's Campaign Against the Constitutional Rights of American Citizens

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NOTA BENE: I have no opinion of this 1928 book by Thomas Edward Watson, 1856-1922
  The Italian Pope's Campaign Against the Constitutional Rights of American Citizens Uc^>^ 4th EDITION BY THOS. E. WATSOIN Author of The Story of France, Napoleon, Life and Times of Andrew Jackson, Life and Times of Thomas Jeffer- son The Roman Catholic Hierarchy Etc. 1928 THE TOM WATSON BOOK COMPANY, Inc. Thomson, Ga.  Copyright by THOS. E. WATSON 1915  I The Italian Pope's Campaign Against theConstitutional Rights of American Citizens. N THE softest way of the pussy-footer. Cardinal Gibl)ons has already establishedthree Roman Catholic nationalfunctions. One ofthese is, the Pan-American Thanksgivini;-, in which those South American countries zvJiich do not tolerate any other public worship than that of the Italian pope, are intensely gratified by the sight of the officials of our Protestant Government bending reverently, in St. Patrick's church,while the man in the chemise and the petticoat creates his God out of a pieceof wheat bread. Another function is, Cardinal's Day, on which the Prince of Baltimore rides to Washington City inhis private car free, of course — and receivesthe homage of his Roman Catholic subjects, supplemented by the congratulatoryattendance of the officials of the U. S. Government. Cardinal Gibbons invites those Supreme judges, those Cabinet officers, those Army andNaval officers, those Senators and Congressmen, not as indiz'iduals, but as of- ficial representatives ofthe Republic. His purpose in both thesenational functions is. to make it appear to the other Nations of earth that the United Statesgives official sanction, preference, and union, to the church of the Ital- ian pope. Resisting the beginnings, says the ancient maxim. Can we notrecognize the sly hand of Rome, and thefar-seeing purposes of the Jesuits, in quietly — almostwithout causing a ripple on the surface — establishing these two official functions at the National Capital, and commanding the official attendance and reverence of your Protestant Government? The third national function is, the Columbus Day, already adopted by twenty-four States which did not realize how adroitly Rome was pussy-footing . They haveno Columbus Day in Genoa, where Columbus is said to have been born. They have no 589143  Columbus Day in Spain, to whose empire he added so vastly. They have no Columbus Day in Italy, whose pope claimed every- thing that was discovered; and usurped the authority to divide the entire New World between Spain and Portugal. W'hv. then, do theyclaima Columbus Day in this country? Columbus never touched these shores, and never knew of their existence. He sailed West to go East ; and he believed that he had reached China, when he stumbled upon the Bahamas and the West Indies. He died in profound ignorance of North America. If we are to celebrate any discovery day, it ought to be in honor of the Cabots, or ofthe Northmen who reached the continent a thousand years ago, and planted settlements. But the American subjectsof the Italian Pope wanted a festal day, such as they have in Roman Catholic lands, on which they can take possession ofthe streets, close up the shops, suspend all business, and parade around with their banners, and images, and petticoated convent-keepers, insolently displaying theirmili- tary power and their war-like equipment, to the exultation of in- cipient traitors, and to the disgust and alarm of all patriotic Americans. But this is not all, though it is a sinister beginning — an in- sidious insertion of thethin edge of the wedge. Violating the spirit of our Constitution, if not the letter of it, they have demand- ed that our Government receive an Ambassador from the Italian Pope, and our Government has yielded to the demand. Prior to 1870, the Pope was the king of Italy, a temporal ruler, like the King ofPrussia, the Czar of Russia, and the Sultan of Turkey : therefore, our Government could have legally received an envoy from the Pope, as Monarch of Italy. But since 1870,the Catholics of that long oppressedcountry have been liberated from the crushing yoke of papay govern- ment. They have ruled themselves, with the ballot, and through their parliaments, utterly rejecting the Pope's pretentions to tem- poral power. The King of Italy himself, does not send and re- ceive papal ambassadors. But we do — why? The French republic scornfullyrefuses — even in the stress Southern Pamphlets Rare Book Collectior UNC-rbP- i -'1
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