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What is the Territory of the Brand? Contents   Presentation Objective Understanding Branding      From Products to Brands Brand Attributes Brand Management Brand Architecture Exercise  Brand Building     Brand Audit Connection Triangle Big Idea Evaluating Advertising Presentation Objective ‡ To understand the facets / issues involved in branding To develop a framework for building a brand ‡ Al Ries, David Ogilvy & Ambani Presentation incorporates learnings from India·
  What is the Territory of theWhat is the Territory of theBrand?Brand?  C ontents C ontents  Presentation ObjectivePresentation Objective  Understanding BrandingUnderstanding Branding  From Products to BrandsFrom Products to Brands  Brand AttributesBrand Attributes  Brand ManagementBrand Management  Brand ArchitectureBrand Architecture  ExerciseExercise  Brand BuildingBrand Building  Brand AuditBrand Audit  C onnection Triangle C onnection Triangle  Big IdeaBig Idea  Evaluating AdvertisingEvaluating Advertising  Presentation ObjectivePresentation Objective  To understand the facets / issues involved inTo understand the facets / issues involved inbrandingbranding  To develop a framework for building a brandTo develop a framework for building a brand  Presentation incorporatesPresentation incorporateslearningslearningsfrom from  India·sIndia·s Branding School, founded by Reliance:Branding School, founded by Reliance:MI C AMI C A  Personal Work ExperiencePersonal Work Experience  AlAl RiesRies& Laura& Laura RiesRies: The 22 Immutable Laws of: The 22 Immutable Laws of BrandingBranding  Al Ries, David Ogilvy & Ambani
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