07 Password Authentication

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  Password Authentication J. Mitchell CS 259    Password fileUser exrygbzyfkgnosfixggjoklbsz …   …  kiwifruithash function  Basic password authentication  Setup ã User chooses password ã Hash of password stored in password file  Authentication ã User logs into system, supplies password ã System computes hash, compares to file  Attacks ã Online dictionary attack – Guess passwords and try to log in ã Offline dictionary attack – Steal password file, try to find p with hash(p) in file  Dictionary Attack – some numbers  Typical password dictionary ã 1,000,000 entries of common passwords – people's names, common pet names, and ordinary words. ã Suppose you generate and analyze 10 guesses per second – This may be reasonable for a web site; offline is much  faster ã Dictionary attack in at most 100,000 seconds = 28 hours,or 14 hours on average  If passwords were random ã Assume six-character password – Upper- and lowercase letters, digits, 32 punctuationcharacters – 689,869,781,056 password combinations. – Exhaustive search requires 1,093 years on average
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