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Boilers Coverage ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Boiler Types, Combustion in boilers Performances evaluation of boilers, Analysis of losses Feed water treatment, Blow down Energy conservation opportunities. Introduction to Boiler     Enclosed Pressure Vessel Heat generated by Combustion of Fuel is transferred to water to become steam Process: Evaporation Steam volume increases to 1,600 times from water and produces tremendous force  Boiler to be extremely dangerous equipment. Care is must to avoid explosi
  Boilers  C overage  Boiler Types, Combustion in boilersPerformances evaluation of boilers,Analysis of lossesFeed water treatment, Blow downEnergy conservation opportunities.  Int roduc t io n t o   Boiler  Enclosed PressureVessel  Heat generated byCombustion of Fuel istransferred to water tobecome steam  Process: Evaporation  Steam volume increasesto 1,600 times from water and produces tremendousforce  Boiler to be extremelydangerous equipment.Care is must to avoidexplosion . Wh a t is   a b oiler?  Wh a t are t h e   various   h ea t i n g   surfaces   i n a  b oiler? Heating surface is expressed in square feet  or in square meter  Classified into : 1 Radiant Heating Surfaces ²( direct or primary) including all water-backed surfaces that are directly exposed tothe radiant heat of the combustion flame. 2  Co nvected Heating Surfaces ²( indirect or secondary) including all those water-backed surfacesexposed only to hot combustion gases. 3 Ex  tended Heating Surfaces ² referring to the surfaceof economizers and super heaters used in certain types of water tube boilers.
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