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P E O P L E | TRAV E L | DESIGN | FA SH IO N | ST Y LE | DÉCOREQEQUESTRIAN LIVINGEQ U E S TR I A N LIVING®EQLiving.comOCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2O19CLEMENTINE GOUTAL BALANCING A PASSION FOR EDUCATION, PHILANTHROPY, AND HORSESOCT/NOV 2O19DISPLAY UNTIL DEC 12, 2019EQ I N S I D EFEATURES ERIC STRIFFLERO C TO B E R | NOV E M B E R 2 0 1 9CABIN STYLE36 A fresh look at exclusive architect-designed cabins, ranch houses, and lodges nestled in a broad spectrum of locations. MIA SUKI42 Designer Mia Suki creates collections that honor the equestrian heritage, while modernizing them for today’s woman. A SEAL OF APPROVAL46 The EQUUS Foundation established the Guardians program to screen charities and ensure they are operating at the highest standards of horse-care practices.48WHAT’S NEXT FOR CLEMENTINE GOUTAL?74STROKES OF WONDERWHAT’S NEXT FOR CLEMENTINE GOUTAL?48 An accomplished and avid equestrienne, Clementine has other passions, which extend well beyond the equestrian realm. HELGSTRAND DRESSAGE56 Dressage champion Andreas Helgstrand has built one of the most recognized sales and training facilities for dressage horses. THE NEXT GENERATION64 Athletes attending this year’s Adequan FEI North American Youth Championships in North Salem, New York, represent the future generation of U.S. equestrian sports. THE QUIET GRANDEUR OF CHATEAU DE COURTOMER66 Guests of this meticulously restored 18th-century chateau, inspired by the Palace of Versailles, can enjoy an array of experiences while staying in the heart of Normandy, France. STROKES OF WONDER74 Artist Karen Bezuidenhout’s vibrant paintings are inspired by her lifelong love of nature, horses, and an appetite for adventure.4 | EQU E S T R I A N L I V I NG | OC TOB ER/ N OVEMB ER | 2019WHAT SWIT ZERL AND DID FOR THE LUXURY WATCH,B&D BUILDERS DO FOR THE EQUESTRIAN FACILIT Y.ba n d d b u i l d e r s . c om â—† 7 1 7. 6 8 7.02 9 2EQ I N S I D EDEPARTMENTS O C TO B E R | NOV E M B E R 2 0 1 91014STYLE10Talented jewelry designers are incorporating classic equestrian elements into sophisticated pieces with a modern twist. FASHION14Walk Western style in boots that pair fashion and functionality. FAVORITES16Phone apps for equestrians keep getting better and better.222818The Washington International Horse Show is dedicated to bringing horse sport to the masses.22Pablo Dorignac, the club manager at Hobe Sound Polo in South Florida, welcomes players of all levels to enjoy world-class facilities.32Read an excerpt from The Great Sweepstakes of 1877, a true story of southern grit, Gilded Age tycoons, and a race that galvanized the nation, by Mark Shrager. GIVING BACK26See the winners of Brooke USA’s inaugural summer photo competition designed to raise funds for working animals in the developing world.32FOOD+DRINK28Chef Nathan Rich of Twin Farms in Vermont, shares his recipe for fall root vegetable salad.HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE15A selection of holiday gift ideas for the discerning equestrian. PEOPLE30ON THE COVERIN EACH ISSUE Clementine Goutal, an accomplished equestrian and the founder of Upper Echelon Academy, was shot on location by Eric Striffler at her training barn in Water Mill, New York.EDITOR’S NOTE 8 Welcome to Equestrian Living. RESOURCES95Look for CONTACT INFO | PAGE 95 to find the products and services in this issue. BARN DOGS 98 Meet Doobert, the cat that inspired a website that connects animal rescue organizations to volunteers and transports.6 | EQU E S T R I A N L I V I NG | OC TOB ER/ N OVEMB ER | 2019Suzanne Perkins has been an influential leader in equestrian real estate in Santa Barbara, California, horse country.88Clementina Brown has helped to guide the historic National Horse Show into a new era. EQUESTRIAN PROPERTIES79Fabulous farms and ranches. MASTERING PARTNERSHIP84Jim Masterson addresses the issue of head-shy horses and notes things you can do to release tension and ease discomfort.T h e A r t, E x c e l l e n c e & C r a f t s m a n s h i p O f M E TA L & W O O D Ca b i n e t ryL’ A t e l i e r P a r i s- H a n d c r a f t e d L u x u ry C o o k i n g S u i t e s , A p p l i a n c e s , M e ta l C a b i n e t ry & F i n e W o o d W o r k i n gPA R I S• NEW YORK • MIAMI • LOS ANGELES 1 800.792 3550 w w w. L e A t e l i e r P a r i s . c omEQ F R O M T H E E D I T O RPHOTO NICKY WYMANWELCOMEEQ editor Stephanie Peters launches on her first hot air balloon ride from the grounds of Chateau de Courtomer, in Normandy, France.It’s mere coincidence that I started drafting this letter on International Day of Charity. It perfectly coincided with the philanthropy focus of this issue and presented the ideal segue into the theme of the power of giving. I find fall to be a season of optimism. It signals the start-up of new initiatives and possibilities. Collectively, we’ve had a tough year with an all too frequent stream of tragedies and natural disasters. In response, however, are brigades of rollup-your-sleeves responders that show up and tackle the aftermath—whether it’s impacting humans or animals. Most of us within the equestrian community recognize the countless individuals and organizations that are accomplishing great things daily. They are unheralded, under the radar, yet consistently making inroads.In a recent New York Times article highlighting the Hampton Classic horse show, considerable focus was on the wealth surrounding the sport, its spectators, and the athletes—two- and four-legged—and made note of the caravan of Maseratis, Lamborghinis, and luxury horse trailers that inched their way toward the show grounds. While this portrays a small population of the event, the article doesn’t highlight the fact that many of those who are from considerable means innately understand there is a responsibility that comes with advantage, and that understanding manifests itself in innumerable, charitable ways. Several of the names that we see repeatedly and mentioned in the article—Bloomberg, Springsteen, Gates—are committed to their philanthropic causes, as are Clementine Goutal and Brianne Goutal-Marteau, also longtime fixtures at the classic. Additionally, legions of equestrians in all disciplines across the country are contributing to causes close to their hearts. Continuing with this theme, we hear from Lynn Coakley, the founder of the EQUUS Foundation, the only national U.S. charity dedicated solely to horse welfare and promoting myriad types of collaboration between humans and horses. EquuStars, including the aforementioned high-profile riders, help to spread the foundation’s message and motivate other equestrians and horse lovers to take action. In our cover story, Clementine Goutal candidly talks to us about her philanthropic pursuits, of which she8 | EQU E S T R I A N L I V I NG | OC TOB ER/ N OVEMB ER | 2019has many. Her passion for learning and equestrian sport motivated her to found Upper Echelon Academy in Wellington, Florida, which provides an education system designed for seasonal, traveling, and full-time young athletes. Clementine considers charity and academics to be equally important and has developed initiatives to inspire students to participate in charitable endeavors. Beyond the philanthropy realm, I travel to Chateau de Courtomer in Normandy, France, to immerse myself in an appealing mix of relaxing indulgence and invigorating exploration. Although not on my bucket list, I took to the air on my first hot air balloon ride for an aerial view of the surrounding Normandy countryside. We also meet Andreas Helgstrand, a world-class dressage rider and founder of Helgstrand Dressage in Denmark; discover polo isn’t just for the fabulously rich at Hobe Sound Polo; and get to know some of equestrian sport’s next generation. Like so many of our issues, we’ve balanced out the magazine with a colorful mix of fashion, art, style, and engaging people. I didn’t intend to devote so much of my letter to philanthropy and the inspiring work that transpires daily, but it’s fall and I’m motivated to inspire others to ask: How can I help?EQ E S S E N T I A L S | S T Y L ESLEEK ENHANCEMENTS Classic EQUESTRIAN ELEMENTS are reimagined with a modern twist. Zadeh New York’s Flynn braided pendant on parachute cord in sterling silver with an oxidized polish. Pendant length is 24 inches. $430.The Asli Classic Chain Link hinged cuff by John Hardy is inspired by the classic woven chain featuring a design that subtly twists and turns to reveal a sculptural form. $1,295.This finely detailed sterling silver Snaffle Bit bracelet by Caracol has gold tones of brass that blend beautifully with gold and silver jewelry. $85.The Big Luck on Pearls necklace by Sally Lowe showcases a solid, sterling silver two-inch tall horseshoe suspended from an adjustable, 22-inch string of knotted Swarovski pearls. $225.A rich bay horse with burgundy tinted brown colors inspired Caracol’s Bay Horse bracelet featuring smokey quartz, tiger eye, leather buttons, and vintage heirloom reproductions. $430. The 16-centimeter Sitana bracelet by Helgstrand Denmark is shown in white gold with brilliant pavé set and 0.16-carat total weight. $8,900. Also available in 18 and 20 centimeters.Tory Burch Pearl Horsehair charm earring. $228. Available at Tory Burch boutiques.The Derby Stirrup bracelet by Vincent Peach features hand-braided premium leather, a sterling silver stirrup, and a steely Tahitian pearl clasp. $370. CONTACT INFO | PAGE 9510 | EQ UE S T R I A N L I V IN G | OC TOB ER/ N OVEMB ER | 2019261354Distinctly Virginia 1. Windsor Farm Jericho Road, Flint Hill, VA | 954 Acres over multiple parcels $3,75,000-$12,500,000 2. Sunnyside John Mosby Highway, Upperville, VA | 254 Acres over multiple parcels $999,500-$6,500,000 3. Tulip Tree Landmark Road, The Plains, VA | 150 Acres $3,000,000 4. Rock Ford Crest Hill Road, Hume, VA | 100 Acres $5,900,000 5. Lakeview Trappe Road, Upperville, VA | 166 Acres $4,125,000 6. Dawnwood Elmwood Road, Upperville, VA | 50 Acres $3,850,000Gloria Rose Ott+1 540 454 4394 gloriaroseott.com gloriarose.ott@sir.com Georgetown Brokerage 1206 30th Street NW, Washington, DC©2019 Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® is a licensed trademark to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated. SIR1EQ OC TOB ER /N OV EM B ER 2O19EQ U E S TR I A N EQLiving.comEQPEOPLE | TRAVEL | DESIGN | FA SHION | ST YLE | DÉCOREQUESTRIAN LIVINGEQUESTRIAN LIVINGEQ U E S TR I A N LIVINGEQ®EQLiving.comDEC 2018 / JAN 2019P E OP LE | T R AV E L | D E S I G N | FA S H I O N | STYL E | D ÉCOREQ U E S TR I A N LIVINGVOLUME 8 NUMBER 5®EQLiving.comEDITOR AND CREATIVE DIRECTOR Stephanie B. Peters SENIOR EDITOR Jill B. Novotny PHOTOGRAPHY DIRECTOR George KamperJUNE/JULY 2O19THEDESIGN I SSUECARSON KRESSLEY SAYS GET A ROOMJ U N E / J U LY 2 O 1 9DEC 2018 / JAN 2019PLUS WEDDING TRENDSDISPLAY UNTIL FEB 10 2019TULLSTORP DRESSAGE, SWEDEN A NEW VIEW OF PETScarson-cover 1EQJENNIFER GATES DISPLAY UNTIL AUG 12, 2019LIVING®EDITOR AT LARGE Carol Cohen-Hodess CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Rebecca Baldridge, Judy Richter DESIGN MANAGER Mary A. Stroup SOCIAL MEDIA & WEB CONTENT Maggie Carty EDITORIAL MANAGER Theresa Cardamone EQ SPECIAL EVENTS Jennifer Pearman Lammer UK & LONDON EDITOR Bridget Arsenault CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Lindsay Brock, Emily Holowczak, Emily Riden, Lenore Phillips, Carrie Wirth11/10/18 4:03 PMEQUESTRIAN LIVINGPUBLISHER C.W. Medinger PUBLISHING CONSULTANT George Fuller PRINT John Spittle DIGITAL Daniel Flint, Matt Tarsi PUBLIC RELATIONS Carrie Wirth, EQmedia.agency NEWSSTAND DISTRIBUTION Ann Marie BarreraP EO P L E | T R AV E L | D E S I G N | FA S H I O N | S T Y L E | DÉCOREQ U E S TR I A N LIVING®EQLiving.comAUG | SEPT 2018ADVERTISING SALES General: 929-262-0347, info@eqliving.com Joyce Jones, 954-796-1809, jones@eqliving.com Dick Holcomb, 770-331-7788, dickholc@bellsouth.net Blaire Baron, 215-439-8259, baron@eqliving.com Europe: Rosa Zampini, zampini@eqliving.comTHEGOLD LIST ISSUEREADERS CHOOSE THE BEST OF AUG | SEPT 2018EQ LIVING ADVISORY BOARD Bob Cacchione, Connecticut Deborah Deutsch, Beverly Hills, Calif. Melissa Ganzi, Wellington, Fla. Carson Kressley, New York, N.Y. Peter Leone, Lionshare Farm, Bedford, N.Y. Victoria McCullough, Wellington, Florida Colleen and Tim McQuay, Tioga, Texas Mindy Peters, Los Alamos, Calif. David Sloan, Millbrook, N.Y. Renee Spurge, LA Saddlery, Los Angeles, Calif Kim Tudor, Wellington, Fla. Chester Weber, Ocala, Fla.EQUESTRIAN LIVINGDISPLAY UNTIL OCT 10, 20182018 WINNER: Favorite Polo Player, Nacho Figueras.UPGRADE YOUR COFFEE TABLE. Subscribe and get America’s premier equestrian-lifestyle magazine delivered right to your mailbox. And your inbox will be brightened too with a complimentary subscription to the magazine’s digital edition and the EQ Inner Circle e-Newsletter. You’ll get behind-the-scenes looks at what’s coming up in the magazine and also special event invitations and giveaways.Subscribe here:EQliving.com/subscribee Or mail the coupon on PAGE 97 with your check to: EQ LIVING MAGAZINE BOX ONE BROWNSVILLE, VT 05037EQUESTRIAN QUARTERLY (EQ) became EQUESTRIAN LIVING magazine in 2016 and is published six times yearly. It is distributed at selected equestrian locations, newsstands, and is available for home delivery for $24.95 | Canada $39.95.Subscribe Print Magazine: eqliving.com/subscribe Free EQ InnerCircle eNewsletter: eqliving.com/ic To purchase past issues or find newsstands offering EQLiving, visit eqliving.com/where-to-buy Subscription management and address changes: Web: eqliving.com/manage-subscription Tel: 929-262-0347 Editorial inquiries and letters to the editor: info@eqliving.com or mail to 41 East 11th St., 11th Flr., New York, NY 10003 ©2019. All rights reserved, Wynnwood Media, LLC. No portion may be reproduced in print or online without written permission. ®Equestrian Living, Equestrian Quarterly, and EQ are.registered trademarks of Wynnwood Media.....Scan to subscribe: EQ was chosen OVERALL BEST EQUESTRIANOFFICIAL MEDIA PARTNER US EQUESTRIAN FEDERATIONBarnes & Noble and newsstand distribution:MAGAZINE in its inaugural year by American Horse Publications.CURTIS CIRCULATION COMPANYEQ E S S E N T I A L S | F A S H I O NWALK WESTERN STYLE This selection of stylish and high-quality footwear offers FASHION, AND FUNCTIONALITY to boot.Cody James: This men’s two-toned, ostrich-leg boot makes a bold statement. $349.99Tony Lama: A tooled, square toe gives this boot a unique look. $193.00Shyanne: This women’s boot has a full-quill ostrich foot with a striking snip toe and cowboy heel. $399.99Ariat: The Heritage R-toe boot has a classic look with a comfortable ATS bed. $169.95Lucchese: Unmissable in ruby red, the Kirby is higherheeled for the woman looking to blend fashion with tradition. $1495.00Shyanne: The Hialeah features a feather and arrow embroidery on full-grain leather. $169.99CONTACT INFO | PAGE 9514 | EQ UE S T R I A N L I V IN G | OC TOB ER/ N OVEMB ER | 2019EQ H O L I D A Y G I F T G U I D EO CTOBER D ESI G NRI D E S TAR R XLEATHER FRAMED MIRRORFARRIER COLLECTIONHandcrafted mirrors detailed with new and vintage tack. Available in an array of colors and sizes up to 30”. Custom designs also available: provide your own tack and we can create a unique, bespoke piece for you. Shown: 24” with mahogany buffalo leather. $320Nail the holidays! Deck the neck, or put a ring on it! Featuring the Farrier Collection Customized in diamonds & goldsMAKE SOMEONE HAPPY Fabulous Gift Ideas for Equestrians.October Design Fine Equestrian-Themed Décor Hudson, New York 347 671-9249 info@stephanopolis.com OctoberDesign.comAdmire Farrier Collection RideStarRx.Com Ride Star Rx FB 616 634-2802U S EQUEST R IA N TE AM FOUN DAT I ONA TO Z HORSE COOKIES28 YEARS OF TEAM MEDALS AND MEMORIESORIGINAL MOLASSES COOKIESRiding ForTthe Team chronicles the lives of those who dreamed about competing for their country and “made it,” sharing inspirational stories from the athletes who have dominated American equestrian sport over the past 28 years. $45.Softer cookie, wheat, corn, soy, and alfalfa free. Great for youngster, but also great for more mature horse with few teeth. Also, a great horse pill popper! D E S O RI HO RS E DOUBLE DOH BROWN LEATHER BELT Hand cut, sewn and edged by local artisans in Venice, Italy. Gold rhodium-plated brass buckle with double horse head. Refined and elegant to use both in the field of competition and an elegant dinner. United States Equestrian Team Foundation 908 234-1251 uset.orgDesori Horse USA 3460 Fairlane Farms Rd, Suite 15 Wellington, FL 561 880-8920 desorihorseusa.comAtoZ Horse Cookies a2zhorsecookies.com 650 288-2448 a2zhorsecookies@gmail.com OC TOB E R/NOVE MB E R | 20 1 7 | EQ L I V I NG .CO M | 1 5EQ E S S E N T I A L S | F A V O R I T E SEIGHT APPS FOR EQUESTRIANS We last looked at phone apps two years ago. They keep getting BETTER AND BETTER.Learn your dressage tests inside and out! You can save money by buying the TESTPRO USDF and TESTPRO FEI DRESSAGE as a bundle from the app store. The interactive test learning method allows you to draw movements with your finger, tap forwards and backwards to move through the test, and watch the test play through. You can even close your eyes and listen to the movements read aloud.STALLER allows horse owners to list, search for, and rent stalls for their horses anywhere in the country, and soon in Europe. The platform is the first of its kind to offer a streamlined process for barn and horse owners to connect, including the legal paperwork and payment. Traveling with your horse just got a lot easier.The TURNOUT GUIDE by Horseware Ireland might seem like a bit of a gimmick, but it can come in handy. By gathering weather forecasts for the next three days, the app makes an approximate recommendation for which of their products will best suit the conditions and your horse. Also, the app lets you “try on” different blankets with a photo of your horse. Of course, it might be to sell more of their turnouts, but it is still fun to use.The PONYAPP was created by riders for riders. It works like a stable manager to track the horses’ daily activities, log expenses, and add reminders. They recently reached a database of over 100,000 horses. Some of the newer features include the ability to share the horses’ activities, follow top-ranked horses and riders, and “toss apples” (likes) to friends. The features allow users to share information about the horses with their team or with the greater PonyApp community.FEI RULEAPP allows you to take all of the FEI rules and regulations with you, even without an internet connection. A search feature makes it possible to find whatever you’re looking for in an instant.Watch hundreds of horse shows from every discipline right on your phone with the FEI TV app. It includes live streaming, which is the next best thing when you can’t attend a show in person.816 | EQ UE S T R I A N L I V IN G | OC TOB ER/ N OVEMB ER | 2019Just as you track your workouts with MyFitnessPal or Runkeeper, now you can track your rides, including the time, distance, gait, beat, and stride with EQUILAB. Tracking your progress can lend accountability as well as identify patterns that can help you and your horse succeed. The ability to log rides allows others to see what’s happening with your horse, even from afar. A scheduler can help you and your team ensure a seamless and comprehensive plan for your horse from rest days to farrier visits.You will be confident and prepared in the start box with the CROSS COUNTRY app, which allows you to record and measure a course by creating a course map with obstacles, photos, videos, text, voice comments, and minute markers. You can also download pre-recorded courses and guided course walks from around the world.CONTACT INFO | PAGE 95Equestrian Art TodayPapilio / 44x55 by Sandra Meyerwww.san d ra mey ergalle ry . co mEQ F A V O R I T E SBRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG
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