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DIT 411: PC HARDWARE 1 ASSIGNMENT 1 (INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER) Name Student ID Class Code Instructor Submission Date ReDsHell 01-200801-00??? D337 Miss SHAHIDATUL ARFAH BINTI BAHARUDIN 06 FEBRUARY 2009 Checked and Verified by Miss SHAHIDATUL ARFAH BINTI BAHARUDIN DIT 411: PC HARDWARE 1 (INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER) HOW COMPUTER WORKS-GENERAL Computer Defined “Computer is an electronic device that stores, retrieves, and processes data, and can be programmed with instructions. The biggest a
  DIT 411: PC HARDWARE 1 ASSIGNMENT 1(INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER) NameReDsHellStudent ID01-200801-00???Class CodeD337Instructor Miss SHAHIDATUL ARFAH BINTI BAHARUDINSubmission Date06 FEBRUARY 2009Checked and Verified by Miss SHAHIDATUL ARFAH BINTI BAHARUDIN  DIT 411: PC HARDWARE 1 (INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER) HOW COMPUTER WORKS- GENERAL Computer Defined “Computer is an electronic device that  stores , retrieves , and   processesdata , and can be  programmed with instructions . The biggest advantage of computer is that it performs pre-defined or programmed computations at a highspeed  and with great accuracy  .”  A computer system is made up of both Hardware and Software :- HARDWARESOFTWAREPhysical Components that make up acomputer system (anything you can seeand touch)   including the digital circuitry. Programs or  Operating System whichcontrols the computer hardware and makes itdo useful work. Without software a computer is useless machine. Software is dividing to system and application type. Examples : 1. Power    Supply Unit 2. Monitor    3.Keyboard4.Mouse5.System Unit Also includes the computer’s processor,memory, mainboard, hard disk, floppydisk, CD ROM and so on. System Software : 1. Operating   system  (WinXP, WinVista, MAC OS, Ubuntu) 2. Networking   system (Cisco, AOL) 3. Database   system (Oracle, MySQL) 4. Programming   software (MS Visual Studio, C++ Builder) 5. Website   server  6. Data   backup7.Hardware Driver Application Software : 1. Word   processors (MS word, KWord) 2.Spreadsheets (MS excel, Kspread) 3. Graphics   programs (Adobe illustrator, Coral Photoshop) 4. Web   browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) 5. Game   programs 2  DIT 411: PC HARDWARE 1 (INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER) HOW COMPUTER WORKS- STAGE OF COMPUTING INPUTPROCESSOUTPUT-Input is a process in whichinformation is entered into acomputer for  processing -Data entered into thecomputer via some sort of  input device or from a filestored on a disk drive. Processor  or  Microprocessor, whichcarryout Processing is veryimportant part of a computer.It is also called as CentralProcessing Unit (CPU) , isthe pretty much the brain of your computer. It processeseverything from basicinstructions to complexfunctions. The CPUprocesses information,performing arithmeticcalculation and making basicdecisions by comparinginformation values. -Output is information thathas been manipulated bythe Central ProcessingUnit (CPU) of thecomputer and displayedeither on the videomonitor  or  printed onpaper or film as hard copyor  saved on disk in adigital format. -Output devices aremachines that displayinformation from thecomputer. EXAMPLE ã Keyboard ã Mouse ã Microphone ã Scanner  ã Lightpen ã Modem ã Processor  ã Monitor  ã Speaker  ã Printer  ã Projector  ã Fax “Input devices feed information into the computer, the C  entral  P  rocessing  U  nit translates the information and the Output devices translate this informationback to the user in a form that is easily understood.”  3  DIT 411: PC HARDWARE 1 (INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER) HOW COMPUTER WORKS- PROCESS “All the input supplied to CPU via input devices will change to binary numbers . Microprocessor   processes binary number depending on the program (software)function and send the processed information to output device . The output device like monitor visually show the output where as printer will print on a paper.”  Example: Typing and Printing “Input from keyboard is send to processor via ps/2 port and word processing software will translate the input and translate the data back to printer via parallel  port and printer will execute printing task”  4
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