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FALL T WO THOUSAND NINETEENVOLUME FIFTY-THREE / NUMBER FOURMAGAZINEKing of Christmas theKeeps the Holidays in CheckHow Hallmark visionary Bill Abbott ’84 has led…
FALL T WO THOUSAND NINETEENVOLUME FIFTY-THREE / NUMBER FOURMAGAZINEKing of Christmas theKeeps the Holidays in CheckHow Hallmark visionary Bill Abbott ’84 has led the company — and his Christmas juggernaut — to new heights.FROM THE PRESIDENTThe Changing Landscape of Mount St. JamesThe chrysanthemums of fall have replaced summer blooms across campus and leaves on many of our trees are beginning to turn to shades of red and orange. Our students are back and, in true Holy Cross fashion, have wasted no time immersing themselves in their studies, their pursuit of success on the field, their passion for the arts, and their commitment toH O LY CROS S M AG A ZINE \ FA L L 201 9impacting our community through service and activism. Special welcoming events for international students and first-generation students also brightened the first month of the new academic year. In September, a group of Holy Cross students joined young people around the world in participating in the Global Climate Strike, a youth-led movementcalling for accountability and action in response to climate change. Our students, supported by faculty and staff, held a rally on the steps of Dinand Library, then marched to Worcester City Hall to join other area students and supporters. I was able to join them on campus and was inspired by their commitment and passion for caring for others and our world. Pope Francis and Rev. Arturo Sosa,Richard Patterson ’80, chair of the board of trustees, Cornelius B. “Neil” Prior ’56, whose $25 million gift catalyzed the project, College President Philip L. Boroughs, S.J., and members of the board of trustees stand on the site of the future performing arts center in September.together and talking to each other on their way. These three roommates at the University of Paris in the 1530s came from different ethnic, socio-economic and political backgrounds. In time, they overcame their differences, shared their deepest desires, struggles and commitments, and together formed the nucleus of the emergent Society of Jesus. Their presence on our campus serves as a reminder for our campus community of the importance of engaging in open, thoughtful dialogue about complex and critical questions. The statues of these three roommates stand in testament to the power of their conversations to change the world. Our students, including 830 first-year students hailing from 36 states and seven countries, returned after their summer break to a changing landscape on Mount St. James. Construction on the Joanne Chouinard-Luth Recreation and Wellness Center, or as we are already affectionately calling it, “the Jo,” has made great progress. In September, we blessed the final beam for the structure and raised it into place. This state-ofthe-art facility, scheduled to open in fall 2020, will provide a much-needed modern home for recreation and wellness for all students, faculty and staff. In mid-July, we also began construction on the performing arts center, which will become a focal point on campus and the hub of Holy Cross’ creative community. The impact of this ambitious project is already being felt on campus — quite literally — as the demolition of the rock ledge on the site is accomplished by daily blasting.S.J., superior general of the Society of Jesus, have both emphasized that care for our common home has to be a priority for the Catholic Church, the Jesuits and all of us who work together. We must safeguard the earth and its beauty for the survival of future generations and human flourishing, and our students are modeling for us how to become engaged. This leadership and engagement in social justice issues are part of our Holy Cross legacy. Over the College’s 176-year history, our students have been activeavanell brockparticipants in the important issues and movements of the day. Our institution was founded on the Ignatian commitment to putting faith into action to respect and care for all God’s people. As a reminder of those ideals, in early August we dedicated a statue of St. Peter Faber, adjacent to the Hogan Campus Center. Peter Faber is the first of three statues commemorating the early founders of the Jesuits, including Ignatius of Loyola and Francis Xavier. The other two statues, now being cast, will be placed in the spring. When assembled, they will be seen walkingThis promises to be an academic year filled with important questions, conversations, pursuits and accomplishments. I am looking forward to sharing it with all of you. ■ Sincerely,Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J.PresidentT H E C H A N G I N G L A N D S C A P E O F M O U N T S TF .R JOAMM TE H S E/ PF RR EOSMI DTEHNET P/ ROE PS EI DN EI N G T / 1HOLY CROSS MAGAZINEFALL 2019 / VOLUME FIFTY-THREE / NUMBER FOURWorkers look on in mid-September as the final beam is put in place for the Joanne Chouinard-Luth Recreation and Wellness Center, slated to open in 2020.AVANELL BROCK22 46 2 \ H O LY CROS S M AG A ZINE \ FA L L 201 946 5262 66A V A N E L L B R O C K ( PA G E 2 2 ) , M I C H A E L Q U I E T ( PA G E 4 6 ) , G I L TA L B OT ( PA G E 6 2 ) , S H E A L A H C R A I G H E A D ( PA G E 5 8 )HCM TEA MMELISSA SHAW Editor|STEPHEN ALBANO Art Director / Designer|AVANELL BROCK Multimedia ProducerH O LY C R O SS M AGA Z I N E (USPS 0138-860) is published quarterly by College Marketing and Communications at the College of the Holy Cross. Address all correspondence to the editor at: One College Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01610-2395. Periodicals postage paid at Worcester and additional mailing points.TA B LE OF CON TE NTS 1 From the President 2 Table of Contents 4 Dear HCM, 6 Editor’s Note 7 Who We Are / Contributors60 Sports 60 Go Cross GoAbout the Past Year Your guide to Holy Cross’ 2018-2019 academic year. 46 Bill Abbott is Throwing a Christmas Party — and You’re Invited How Hallmark visionary Bill Abbott ’84 has led the company — and its Christmas juggernaut — to new heights.8 Campus Notebook 8 Snapshot 10 Spotlight 12 On The Hill 18 Artifact 20 Faculty & Staff 20 Creative Spaces 22 Headliners 34 Syllabus52 How to Get Back to The Hill (Wherever You May Be) For 150 years, the Holy Cross Alumni Association has enriched generations of Crusaders in ways large and small.36 Features 36 39 Things You Need to Know62 Marcus Blossom Won’t Back Down New Athletics Director Marcus Blossom has a long history of refusing to stop until he’s reached his goal. 66 Bob Cousy ’50 Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom Basketball legend honored for his contributions to American life on and off the court.CON N ECT WITH H O LY C RO SS O N S O C I AL M E DIA@collegeoftheholycross@holy cross70 Alumni News 70 Mystery Photo 72 HCAA News 78 Book Notes 79 Solved Photo 80 The Power of One 82 The Profile 86 Class Notes 92 Milestones 94 In Memoriam 103 Ask More / How To Reach Us 104 ExamineFACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / LINKEDIN / ISSUU@collegeoftheholycrossCOVER P HOTO68 Brett Nelson Named New Men’s Basketball Coach West Virginia native leaves Marquette to lead Holy Cross’ historic program.college-of-the-holy-cross/holycrossCONTACT US Bill Abbott ’84 and Santa Claus (aka, HCM Art Director Stephen Albano) face off in the Levis Browsing Room in Dinand Library. Don’t worry: The plaques featuring the names of Fenwick Scholars are still mounted over the fireplace (we Photoshopped them out).POSTMASTER: SEND ADDRESS CHANGES TO Holy Cross Magazine One College Street Worcester, MA 01610-2395PHONE(508) 793-2419 FAX(508) 793-2385 E-MAILhcmag@holycross.edu CIRCULATION45,492PHOTO BY MICHAEL QUIETTA B L E O F CO N T EN TS / 3DEAR HCM, Summer 2019, Page 46). I feel privileged to have been a witness to his budding genius when we were classmates. His artistic creativity was matched only by his passion for social justice. It is no wonder to hear that he is “mounting works that challenge perceptions, subvert expectations and tackle prejudices.” The times in which we live are in dire need of a storyteller who can comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. I can think of no better navigator than Bart for this world that is “complicated and messy and full of weird contradictions.” Kudos! Patrick Tam ’81Emmonak, AlaskaSchooled to be Part of the World Inspiring ServiceWe are delighted to add our thanks and congratulations to Mike Toner ’63, who was recently awarded one of the alumni association’s In Hoc Signo awards (“Alumni Recognized for Extraordinary Service,” Summer 2019, Page 64). The citation mentions Mike’s many extraordinary contributions to the class of ’63.tribute to those Holy Cross alumni who were killed in the Sept. 11 attacks. We find Mike’s dedication to drawing people together and his passion for Holy Cross inspiring. Frank Bongiorno ’65Murfreesboro, Tennessee Len Conti ’60Sandia Park, New Mexico Michele Intermont ’89We’d like to add mention of his devotion to promoting Holy Cross — and Holy Cross swimming and diving, in particular. Mike has brought his infectious enthusiasm to organizing alumni for several iconic swims – around Manhattan (a relay), across the English Channel (a relay), across the Catalina Channel (a relay) and across the Straits of Gibraltar to name a few. In the case of the Manhattan Island relay, the swim paidKalamazoo, MichiganI was initiated into the world by Holy Cross and simultaneously commissioned an officer in the United States Marine Corps on June 12, 1963. This day was perhaps of more significance than I or any of my compatriots could have ever fully realized. We had spent a thousand days and nights together being schooled in a 360-yearold system of learning and reveling in a profound sense of fellowship. We were prepared to approach the world with a confidence and commitment that can hardly be fathomed today.Chris O’Connell ’67Long Beach, California Bob Somma ’66Newbury, MassachusettsThe StorytellerIt was with great delight that I read the article about my classmate, housemate and friend Bart Sher (“Theater in a Contentious Age,”4 \ H O LY CROS S M AG A ZINE \ FA L L 201 9There were 420 of us on that stage and, like many Holy Cross classes, we grew to be leaders of the communities in which we served: academics, government, business, medicine, the arts, sports and the armed forces. One-hundred-forty served in the military; many of us saw action in Vietnam. Among other notableaccomplishments, we had a U.S. poet laureate, a decadeslong cartoonist for The New Yorker and an innovative clothier who was lionized in TV’s “Seinfeld.” The laundry list of who and what we were and what we became is truly amazing. But, to my mind, it is not so amazing when we consider how we were thrown together and what we gained by the experience of four years at Holy Cross. The Society of Jesus was officially formed in 1540. The order developed its system of education, the Ratio Studiorum, in 1599. It was last revised in 1832 and remained largely unchanged in the system that molded us in the early 1960s. The Jesuits were commissioned as the Church’s “Delta Force” to combat the Protestant Reformation and their impact was extensive all over the Christian world for the next few centuries. The Ratio Studiorum had many facets, but it was designed to produce, as one scholar has described it, “a scholarly soldier of Christ; a morally disciplined, liberally educated, critically intelligent Christian man.” The role we were to play in the world was that of service, to be “men for others” and, to a man, I believe we have played just such a role. Many times in my own career, I was faced with situations that baffled the organization of which I was a part. But I found myself able to step back, to see what was happening in a larger, broader light and, from that, to develop courses of action that provided understanding and relief. That only came from how I was schooled to be a part of the world and to take on the mantle of leadership and service in everything I did.That was Holy Cross and the Jesuits working through me in very powerful ways. Robert D. Wagner Jr. ’63HoustonConsider the Purple KnightsRutgers, the state university of New Jersey, has no reluctance whatsoever to use the image of knights in shining armor (“the Scarlet Knights”). I would respectfully request that the College’s board of trustees and administration revisit the issue and allow the image of the Purple Knight to be utilized in athletic apparel and sports programs. Let’s add some pizzazz to these categories! I would not be opposed to recalibrating all programs to the Purple Knights to make this a reality. I suggest that the entire Holy Cross community, including alumni, might favor this idea. Bill McGovern ’74Lafayette, New JerseyWe Want Your Letters!Whether it is a response to something you read, Mystery Photo identification, Milestones submission or a story idea, drop us a line!WRITE Holy Cross Magazine One College Street Worcester, MA 01610-2395 Kerry (Flanagan) Pendergast ’06 checked in noting that 2-year-old son, Pete, “thoroughly enjoyed reading about the construction of ‘The Jo’ (“2020 Vision,” Summer 2019, Page 20).” We think Pete has great taste in magazines (and pajamas).SHARE YOUR MEMORIES WITH US!EMAIL hcmag@holycross.eduHave you come across a photograph of your days on The Hill that makes you smile? Do you have a memento that brings you right back to campus? We would love to see it and share with your fellow alumni! Email us a picture or scan at hcmag@holycross.edu. If you are paring down your possessions, don’t throw away your Holy Cross memories! Send that old yearbook, publication, memento or photo you no longer want to the address above. We may feature them in a future issue and we will deliver them to College Archives, where they will become a part of Holy Cross history.DEAR HCM / 5EDITOR’S NOTEWanted: Your Uncommon Eyea new light, via a new perspective.n everything we do at Holy Cross Magazine, we start and end with you. One item that never leaves our to-do list is finding ways to bring even more of you into Holy Cross Magazine: your voice, your thoughts and your expertise.On Page 104, Mary Crosby ’03, head of a New York hospice, provides a new look at the experience that may surprise you. When I approached her with this request, I asked what I thought was the most antithetical question: “Can you find joy in hospice?” At first glance, you may think “certainly not.” However, after reading Crosby’s piece, you may view the care in a new way.At the end of this issue, you’ll find the latest result of such effort: a new feature we call Examine. In this feature, we’re asking readers to help us examine — or re-examine — issues and topics, personal or professional, that touch our lives. These can be areas or experiences readers know well or those that may be completely new to them. The goal is to spark critical thought and greater understanding by considering subjects inThe College prides itself on educating critical thinkers who approach issues with an uncommon eye and a thoughtful brain. This is a benefit of a broad-based liberal arts education, in which graduates learn to view issues from not just both, but all sides, and well understand the interplay of circumstances, conditions, rationales and more that make up the world, its events and issues.I6 \ H O LY CROS S M AG A ZINE \ FA L L 201 9During your years here, this perspective was fostered in lecture halls and honed at meals or in late-night discussions with your roommate, over too much caffeine and too little sleep. Today, your uncommon eyes are out in the world and we want you to share your unique perspective with us. Is there a topic in your personal or professional life that could benefit from greater understanding and more reasoned thought in the world at large? Can you help dispel misconceptions about a misunderstood subject? If you’re intrigued by this opportunity, we would love to hear from you. Email us at hcmag@holycross.edu. ■Melissa Shaw EditorILLUSTRATION BY NATHAN WALKERWHO WE ARECONTRIBUTORS123456MELISSA SHAW Editorhad a blast helping make Christmas come early (Sept. 7, to be exact) in the Levis Browsing Room at Dinand Library for this issue’s cover. Her kids were thoroughly confused as to why they were conscripted into hauling out Christmas decorations the night before.STEPHEN ALBANOArt Director / Designer has been a part of the HCM team for eight years; this is his 33rd issue. Stephen earned his degree in studio art at Clark University. He is looking forward to going to the annual University & College Designers Association Design Conference in Portland, Oregon, where HCM will be recognized with three awards for excellence in design, including Best Magazine, Best Alumni Publication and Best In-House Team.7AVANELL BROCK89101112Multimedia Producer is thankful this autumn season for her boyfriend, her family and her church, for apple picking, weddings, a hot-air balloon festival and so much more! In honor of her little brother’s birthday in October, she’d like to share her favorite family photo from her childhood, from a time when she was a little less thankful.2113 14WRITERS 1 LORI FERGUSON is a freelance writer with a soft spot for education and art. She enjoys writing on arts, lifestyle, health and wellness topics. 2 MEREDITH FIDROCKI is a freelance writer who graduated from Bates College with a degree in English and French. 3 BILLY MCENTEE is a Brooklynbased writer and arts journalist. He has written for Vanity Fair, American Theatre, The Brooklyn Rail and other cultural publications. 4 MARY CUNNINGHAM ’17, a former intern in the Office of College Marketing and Communications, is a digital media coordinator for the American Immigration Lawyers Association. She is passionate about storytelling, faith and social justice issues. 5 JOSEPH SULLIVAN has worked in sports journalism since 1974, starting with several publications in New Jersey after graduating from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. As a writer, he covered everything from horseshoe pitching to the World Series. In 1994, he became senior assistant sports editor at the Boston Globe, was promoted to sports editor in 2004 and remained in that position until he retired in July 2018. He’s still active as a freelance writer and editor. 6 JANE CARLTON is the staff writer for the Office of College Marketing and Communications. She studied creative writing at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and loves a good poem. 7 REBECCA (TESSITORE) SMITH ’99 and 8 KIMBERLY (OSBORNE) STALEY ’99 are former Holy Cross roommates who have been writing for HCM and other College publications for more than 15 years. They work together at their freelance writing firm, SmithWriting. PHOTOGRAPHERS 9 MICHAEL QUIET is a Boston-based sports and fitness photographer whose recent clients include Adidas, UFC, Reebok, Muscle and Fitness Magazine, the New England Revolution and more. 10 DAN VAILLANCOURT graduated from the Hallmark Institute of Photography in 1995 and has been photographing professionally for 20 years. He feels blessed to make a living doing something fun. 11 JOHN BUCKINGHAM is an audio-visual assistant in the College’s A-V services department. ILLUSTRATOR 12 NATHAN WALKER is a designer and illustrator creating out of Austin, Texas. He has worked with a variety of brands, such as Under Armour, Netflix, Verizon and Samsung, along with several breweries and coffee shops. CAMPUS CONTRIBUTORS 13 THE HOLY CROSS ARCHIVES AND SPECIAL COLLECTIONS TEAM is comprised of Abby Stambach, head of archives and special collections; Sarah Campbell, assistant archivist; and Corinne Gabriele, archival assistant. Archives collects, preserves, arranges and describes records of permanent value from the College’s founding in 1843 to the present. We couldn’t put together an issue without their historical research and context, as well as the access to archival images and objects.CONTRIBUTORS / WHO WE ARE / EDITOR’S NOTE / 7CAMPUS NOTEBOOKOne of the many cars heading up Linden Lane on Move-In Day, with Haberlin Hall in the background.8 \ H O LY
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