Comparative Essay Story Never Let Me Go Between the Novel and the Movie

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  Title  : How does the idea of the deferral takes a toll in the characters’ life.   “When Rodney and I, we were up in Wales. The same time we heard about this girl in the clothes shop. We heard something else, something about Hailsham students. What they were saying was that some Hailsham students in the past, in special circumstances, had managed to get a DEFERRAL”   (page 153). This dialogue has created a big change in life of some characters in this novel especially for Kathy H and Tommy D. In both novel and movie, this is the turning point of the perspective of them in which this idea of the deferral has taken a toll in the characters‟ life especially Tommy and Kathy. I believed that this scene is crucial in relation to the class-based issue, the theme that I had chosen. What I meant with class-based issue here is the stereotype between the characters and normal people. In both novel and movie, we can see that some rights for the clones, a term used for them, were denied. Their life is destined to live healthily and give away their organs for donation until they complete. The term complete here means death. In both novel and movie, they are classified as a poor creature where they only live to give „life‟ to other people or to be exact, the normal people, whenev er they were given the notice to do the donation. They only live for that. They cannot live more than what has been destined for them. They have to accept that they are only low-class people who only live to sacrifice for others. They cannot have the freedom to live with their love and have a family together. However, after they heard about the deferral, it makes them more determine to fight for their freedom and live with their love just like normal people did. The idea of deferral drives them to fight and have a better life with their loves one and have their own family, rather than just lives to be completed. They are determined to upgrade their status and get the right to be with their love before they complete. All of this started from Kathy, Tommy and Ruth having conversation with the veterans, Rodney and Chrissie in a café during their  journey to see Ruth‟s possible. Chrissie had started the discussion about the deferral, the quotation above. Then, this idea of deferral changes Kathy and Tommy perspectives of their life. The idea of the deferral has taken a toll in their life. Before they heard about the deferral, they just accept the two options that they have which is to be a carer, donate and complete or straight donate and complete. But, after they heard about the deferral, they got this perspective to live longer with their love by applying for the deferral. Here, we can see that how crucial is this event which is the discussion about the deferral. It affects the characters‟ perspective of their life. There are several other events to show that how the idea of deferral has given them the strength to fight for their love. For example in the book, in the scene where Kathy,  Tommy and Ruth went to see the boat, Ruth encourages Kathy and Tommy to ask for the deferral even Kathy refuse to do it. “Kathy listen, you and Tommy, you‟ve got to try and get a deferral. If it‟s you two, there‟s got to be a chance. A real chance.”  (page 233). While in the movie, when Ruth asked them to get a deferral, Kathy just looks at Tommy and did not give any response to refuse it. We can see that the idea of deferral has taken a toll in their life as it grows a hope and determination for them to change their status from a donation robot to a most parallel class with the normal people. They also wanted to have the chance of having a family and live together just like normal people. Here, my argument of the effect of deferral of their life has encouraged them to fight for their right and class-based issue. Next, I would like to compare about the deviation of the plot, setting and characterization that takes place in the novel and film and how does they affect my main idea and theme. Does the deviation give any impact towards my chosen theme? Does the deviation shows any effect on my main ideas? Now I am going to show how they affect my main idea and theme. First, I am going to talk about the plot. Plot is a literary term which means the events that build up a story, particularly as they relate to one another in a pattern, in a sequence, through cause and effect, how the reader views the story, or simply by coincidence. So basically, plot is the connection of events in creating a story. The first event that I am going to discuss from the story Never Let Me Go is when Rodney and Chrissie asked Tommy, Kathy and Ruth about the deferral at a small café in Norfolk. It is during their trip to look for Ruth‟s possible. The difference of this event, between the novel and movie is after Rodney and Chrissie asked them. In the novel, Ruth answers their question by giving them more hopes. She said, “Well, they told us a few things, obviously. But, it‟s not something we know much about.” (page 154). This answer increased their determination to find out more about the deferral and ask for it. Meanwhile in the movie, Ruth just keeps quiet but Kathy answers the question by saying, “There were lot of stories at Hailsham, but I don‟t think many of them turned out to be true.” Ka thy‟s answer makes them lost their hopes and the determination of the deferral. They become very disappointed and sad after listening to Kathy‟s answer. They lose their preservearance and hope for the deferral. That shows how the idea of deferral takes a toll in the characters life. In the novel, the couple still hoping that they can have the chance to be together just like a normal class people but in the movie, they loss hopes and accept that people in with their class cannot have the chance to be together event only for a while as they only live to give life to other people.  Next, as the sequence from the event, another two characters in this story, which are the main characters, Tommy and Kathy has been inspired by this idea of deferral and continues their discussion about it. They keep talking about it and Tommy has come up with his theory of Gallery which is got something to do with the deferral. In both novel and movie, Tommy said that the Gallery is for the guardians and Madame to read their soul through the works they had been taken when they were in Hailsham. Their best works such as drawing and poetry will be chosen and the best out of them will be place inside the Gallery. Tommy thought that all the works will act as a proof for the couple when they ask for the deferral. In the novel, Kathy seems like affected by this idea and keep thinking about it. There is a time when Kathy said that, “The „Norfolk effect‟ even got to me and Tommy.”(page 185). She also expects Tommy to exchange more thoughts on his theory about the Gallery with her. While for Tommy, he even starts drawing again since he is worried that none of his work was taken into the Gallery while he is in Hailsham. Once, Kathy found him drawing in the Goosehouse. Then, he shows her all his drawings. From this event, we can see that the idea of deferral has taken a toll in the characters life where the idea of the deferral gives them a different perspective about their life. Before they heard about the deferral, they only think that their life is only to donate and complete. The only thing that they can do to buy time before their first donation is by becoming the carer. However, the idea of the deferral has taken a toll in their life and coincidentally changes their perspective to their life. While in the movie, when Tommy share his theory about the Gallery and deferral with Kathy, she said that it is just a rumours and theories. She does not want to believe that and she also does not affected by that theories. She straight runs away and did not talk or even thinking about it anymore. She then applies to become a carer. Here, we can see that the idea of deferral effect Kathy‟s life. It makes her sadder with her destined life and class-based. The idea of the deferral has gone for a quite long period inside them until one day when Kathy, Tommy and Ruth went to visit the boat. Ruth once again raises this thing. She apologies for all her wrongdoings before and suddenly give Madame‟s address to Tom my and ask him and Kathy to get the deferral from the novel, we can see that Kathy is very eager to take the opportunity and go to see whether the address given by Ruth is correct or not. She even did some preparation about what she is going to tell Madame. While Tommy also did busy with his drawing and they spend time together to choose the drawing that they should bring to see Madame. In addition, Kathy also is the one who started the discussion about the deferral with Madame during their meetin g at Madame‟s house with Tommy backing and adding up to it. They really determine to get the deferral so that they can be together at least for a short period of time. We can see that the idea of deferral really takes a toll in their life. Eventhough Tommy had done with his third donation but he still  determines to get the deferral and coincidentally get the same right as a couple from normal class-based. Same goes to Kathy who already tired of being a carer and thinking of starting her first donation but still looks back and tries getting the deferral. Meanwhile in the movie, the plot is a bit different where there is no scene showing that Kathy goes to check on the address. Besides, Kathy just keeps quiet and smiles during their meeting with Madame and Miss Emily and Tommy do the talking alone. However, the effect of the deferral is still there where they still trying to get the deferral from Madame. There are still efforts from them to get the chance to be together and acknowledge as the people from normal class-based. Next, I am going to distinguish the setting between the novel and movie. In addition, I also will show how they relate with my chosen theme and main idea. Basically, setting is the background against which the story takes place. The first setting that we are going to see is place setting. The different place setting between the novel and the movie is when Tommy talked about his theory of Gallery with Kathy. In the novel, Tommy shared his idea of Gallery to Kathy while they are still in Norfolk. While in the movie, they discussed about it somewhere around the cottages. The same scene also shows the difference in the setting of time. In the novel, they talked about it after Tommy bought the cassette for Kathy. They are still in the town that time and it is believed that the time is afternoon upwards since they bought the cassette in the afternoon. It is different from the movie. In the movie, they talked about it the day after their trip to Norfolk. What does it has to do with the deferral and the characters life? In the novel, they talked about it after he bought the cassette for her. At that time, her mood is very good and she is very happy. So, it makes her feels good to have that conversation going on until she was trapped and manipulated by Tommy‟s idea. Then, she agreed with Tommy and thinks more and more about it and expecting them to discuss about the theory again in the next days. But in the movie, they discuss about this in the next day when Kathy‟s emotions is not that good plus she is thinking that Tommy wants to apply for the deferral with Ruth. It makes her very disappointed and made the decision to forget about all that by straight running away and become a carer. Lastly is about the characterization in this story. What is the deviation between the characters in the novel and the movie and how does it related to my main idea. One of the differences in characterization between the novel and the movie is the Ruth‟s characteristic during the conversation about the deferral with Rodney and Chrissie. In the novel, Ruth portrayed as a people who willing to lie for a certain purposes and more dominated person. She is also a manipulative person who always manipulates the situation. During their
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