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Vol. 54 No. 41CB #10 schedules public hearing in Co-op City on downzoning 500 Baychester Ave.Saturday, October 12, 2019New garage doors$1.25BY TORIEA McCAUSELANDThe…
Vol. 54 No. 41CB #10 schedules public hearing in Co-op City on downzoning 500 Baychester Ave.Saturday, October 12, 2019New garage doors$1.25BY TORIEA McCAUSELANDThe Riverbay Garage Department this week began changing the doors to the garages in preparation for the new key fob system being installed in residential lobbies. The same key fob will be required to access the garages once the project is completed, making it more convenient for shareholders. An added bonus is that the glass on the window on the doors is clear making it easier to see if anyone is behind the door as you enter/exit the garage. So far, new doors have been installed at garages 6 and 8 and garage 4 is in progress.Downtown Gun Hill subway station remains closed as Co-op City awaits MTA bus response Photo by Brandon OrtizBronx Community Board #10 urges shareholders to attend Thursday’s public hearing on rezoning 500 Baychester Ave. A presentation by the New York City Department of City Planning will be followed by a CB #10 board meeting. The hearing will be held in room 31 of the Bartow Center on Thursday, Oct. 17, at 7 p.m. Co-op City shareholders will be provided an opportunity to give their feedback during the hearing. Last Wednesday, Oct. 2, Bronx Community Board #10’s Housing and Zoning Committee met to discuss a New York City Planning Department proposal aimed at addressing Co-op City shareholders’ concerns about the large overhead electronic billboards erected at the corner of Baychester and Bartow Avenues in the 7-Eleven mini mall. The billboards negatively impacted shareholders’ quality of life and the peaceful enjoyment of their apartments, especially at night. The community board only has 60 days to respond to City Planning’s proposal, making it important for residents to attend and share their comments. The Uniform Land Use Review Procedure includes a vote during the public forum in which city planning will present its plan to the community to downzone 500 Baychester Ave. from C-7 to C8-2 in hopes of preventing the issues with the large billboard signs from reoccurring in the future. (Continued on page 2)Co-op City seniors give backBY JASON CHIREVASAs a reminder to Co-op City shareholders, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority released information this week indicating the Gun Hill Road subway station’s downtown platform remains closed for rehabilitation and downtown trains will skip the station for the duration of the work, which is expected to be complete in February 2020. In order to mitigate the inconvenience of the closed platform, and help subway riders get where they’re going, the MTA recommends the following: Riders can take an uptown, Dyre Avenue-bound, 5 train and transfer at Baychester Avenue to head downtown. To travel to the Gun Hill Road station from points north along the 5 line, the MTA recommends getting off at Pelham Parkway and taking an Eastchester-bound uptown 5 to the Gun Hill Road station. (Continued on page 2)Happening this weekend…Today, Saturday, Oct. 12 – Medicare education workshop with United HealthCare, sponsored by the Riverbay Disabilities and Accommodations Committee, chaired by Director Andrea Leslie, and Bronx Clergy Task Force, Bishop Angelo Rosario, president. The event will be held in room 49, Einstein Center. Admission is free. Two sessions: 9:30 a.m. – Continental breakfast offered; 11:30 a.m. – luncheon appetizers. If you have questions about Medicare, come get answers, tips and other information. Each session will last approximately 1 hr. Sunday, Oct. 13 – Annual NYC Disabilities Expo, “Building Inclusionary Bridges through the Arts,” sponsored by Co-op City Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Riverbay Corporation, Sen. Jamaal Bailey, AHRC NYC, and presented by the Disabilities & Accommodations Committee, chaired by Director Andrea Leslie. Event will be held in Einstein Center, rm. 45, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. There will be exhibits, speaker series, interactive arts and clinics & workshops. Admission is free.L-R: Sam Perry, Stanley Mallory, Adona Fleming, Vasthni Sanders, Margaret Chinnery, Voncile Mallory, Pat Raspberry (back), Barbara Wattley and Henry Wilson.On Monday, Oct. 7, members of the Bartow Swingers/Dancing Gents line dance group in Co-op City traveled to the NAN Tech Center in Newark, NJ to deliver 68 cartons of water donated by members of the group, in collaboration with the JASA Advisory Board, for the residents of Newark who are dealing with lead-contaminated water. “In our line dance class, we asked people to bring in water and they did; we had a truck full of water,” said Margaret Chinnery, assistant to Ms. Voncile Mallory, president of the Bartow Swingers/Dancing Gents line dance group. “We are seniors giving back – that’s what we should do, that’s what we’re about and we’re happy about it,” Ms. Mallory affirmed. Ms. Chinnery noted that the Bartow Swingers/Dancing Gents line dance group is not just a dancing group. “We are very involved, she said. “Two years ago, we gave clothes and personal items to female veterans. Ms. Mallory wants to always give back to the community and try to help everyone. Under her leadership, we are always involved in the community.” In addition to Ms. Mallory and Ms. Chinnery, others who made the trip to Newark to deliver the much needed cartons of water included Vasthni Sanders, Stanley Mallory, Barbara Wattley, Adona Fleming, John Jerrell, Henry Wilson, Sam Perry and Pat Raspberry. Special thanks to driver Glenn Henry.RIVERBAY OFFICES WILL BE OPEN FOR BUSINESS ON COLUMBUS DAY, MONDAY, OCT. 14, 20192Co-op City Times / October 12, 2019Gun Hill station(Continued from page 1)Anyone travelling on the 5 train from Manhattan or Brooklyn to the Gun Hill Road station can proceed as normal. That’s the trains for the moment. As for the busses, representatives of the Co-op City ad hoc committee dedicated to addressing the MTA’s bus redesign plan for the area are expected to hear back from the authority by the end of the month with respect to suggestions the committee made to revise the MTA’s updated plan. The committee voted Aug. 29 to accept the MTA’s first revision — which reversed most of the cuts and reductions of service originally slated for Co-op City’s buses — and has been waiting ever since to find out if the authority will adopt any of its suggested changes. Chief among the ad hoc committee’s further suggestions to the MTA were trading a proposed express bus from Co-op City to Wall Street for continued Q50 service to Co-op City and tightening some of the scheduled off-peak gaps for existing routes within Co-op City from 30-minute intervals to something more reasonable. This past June, the MTA’s president of New York City transit, Andy Byford, stood in the Bartow Community Center courtyard and told the approximately 1,000 shareholders gathered there he and the authority would listen to any suggestions the community might have to change the initial bus redesign plan. The ad hoc committee was formed to tackle that task and submitted a report of its alternatives to Byford and the MTA in August. During his Aug. 27 meeting with ad hoc committee representatives and Riverbay Board President Linda Berk, Mr. Byford said future changes or enhancements to Coop City bus service were a matter of budgetary possibility but his operating budget is at its limits. State Assemblyman Michael Benedetto has suggested going to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office for help procuring any future funds needed to make changes to Co-op City’s buses.Public hearing(Continued from page 1)While the electronic billboard signs are not permitted in residential and most commercial districts, the small tract of land on which the mini-mall sits is listed as a C-7. The special zoning was designated for the development of amusement parks – allowing for large, flashy signs. The signs at 500 Baychester reflect a New York City zoning oversight that occurred more than half-a-century ago, when the long-defunct Freedomland amusement park occupied the land on which Co-op City now sits.DR. LEWIS WOLSTEIN Podiatrist — Foot Specialist NOW ACCEPTING GHI!! NOW ACCEPTING AETNA!! • Practicing in Co-op City since 1975 • Board Certified in Foot Surgery • ALL conditions of the foot treated • Weaccept most health insurance plansDr. Lewis WolsteinCall:Maintenance of carbon monoxide detectorsSome shareholders have reported that carbon monoxide detectors in their apartments have been activating and are requesting replacement as a result. The following are steps to follow if your carbon monoxide detector or smoke detector activates: • If your carbon monoxide detector activates, even if you believe it is malfunctioning, immediately leave your apartment, call 911 and wait outside the apartment for FDNY to arrive. Once FDNY clears the apartment, Riverbay Safety Department will respond to replace the detector if it is deemed to be defective. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer that cannot be detected by smell. The sole purpose of installing these detectors is to detect CO which may be present from the stove. The carbon monoxide/smoke detectors installed by Riverbay in your apartment must not be removed or taken down for any reason. A community complaint may be assessed if a shareholder removes the device. • If your smoke detector activates when there is no smoke and/or fire in the apartment, you can depress the “Hush” button on the device which will silence it for eight minutes and then reset the unit. If the device does not reset and continues to activate, contact your respective CSO and Safety personnel will be dispatched to replace the detector. • If your smoke detector activates because of smoke (from cooking, cigarettes), there is no reason to replace the detector because it did what it is designed to do – activate when smoke is present. If, however, the detector continues to activate well after the smoke has dissipated, the Safety Department will replace the device. Please note: New York City mandates if the detectors in your apartments need to be replaced because they are not being properly maintained or damaged or lost by the shareholder, then the shareholder will be charged $25.00 for the replacement smoke detector and $50.00 for replacement of the combination CO/Smoke Detector. —Riverbay Safety DepartmentPlease Refrain From Littering.• Participating in the Medicare Diabetic Shoe ProgramKeep Co-op City Clean!• Evening and Saturday appointmentsThank You!“Se Habla Español”718.671.7226 100 DeKruif PlaceBuilding 8 • Ground Floor Section 1 • Co-op City • Bronx, NY 10475Co-op City Times / October 12, 2019COMBINGCo-op City Times 2 n dCo-op City’s 8th annual college, career and resource fairYouth and parents attended Co-op City’s annual College, Career, and Resource Fair that took place on Saturday, Oct. 5, at M.S. 180, in Education Park. The event featured handson Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math (S.T.E.A.M.) activities, including building an object out of toothpicks, but required to have height and hold the weight of a cell phone. Young students also enjoyed making slime that changes colors with body temperature and assembling 3-D glasses. They also got an opportunity to test out Morris High School’s 2 Train Robotics Team’s robot as they maneuvered it around a cone obstacle course. Furthermore, those who were interested in information about col-BY TORIEA McCAUSELANDFind out what’s going on in Co-op City here...Today! NCNW Book Club Join NCNW today, Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019 at the River’s Run Community Garden at 4 p.m. for a discussion of the book, “The Sun Does Shine,” by Anthony Ray Hinton. This is the story of an African American man wrongfully accused of murder and spends 26 years on death row fighting for his truth to come out. The story touches on how both racism and classism play a large part in court rulings and everyday life in the state of Alabama. How does Ray find “Sun” while on death row? Stop by the River’s Run Community Garden to be a part of the NCNW Book Club discussion. If inclement weather, the event will move indoors to Dreiser, room 11. For further information, please email ncnw Benedetto’s Lobby Visits Assemblyman Michael Benedetto will be visiting the lobbies of more Co-op City buildings according to the following schedule. Both visits are from 5:15 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15, 120 Elgar Place, Bldg. 34 Wednesday, Oct. 16, 920 Baychester Avenue, Bldg. 1A These lobby visits give Co-op City shareholders an opportunity to discuss a broad range of topics with Assemblyman Benedetto and to hear about key highlights of the 2019 legislative session.Girl Scouts Breast Cancer Walk Join the Girl Scouts of Co-op City on Friday, Oct. 25, at the Section 1 greenway outdoor stage as they honor the lives of those who have been affected by breast cancer. The event starts at 6:30 p.m. and runs until 7:30. So wear all your pink and join the Co-op City Girl Scouts to honor breast cancer awareness month.Front Page3lege met with school representatives to ask important questions and receive information about the college application process. Students also learned about scholarships, as they sat in on financial aid workshops on how to get free money for college. Founder and organizer of the annual College, Career & Resource Fair, former Board director, Evelyn Turner, said: “Today’s event was very successful. I’m so happy about the networking and connections people made who attended the college fair. It would not have happened if we didn’t have this event, and that makes me feel that this was very successful. Those students who came walked out with information and were pleased with the fair. The younger students were ecstatic. This was the first time they’ve had hands-on activities, and they loved it; we will have that again next year. (See page 5 for more photos.) Photos by Toriea McCauselandSubletting Co-op City apartments violates lease agreement and is grounds for evictionBY ROZAAN BOONEShareholders who cease maintaining their Co-op City apartments as their primary residence or sublet their apartments face eviction in accordance with the terms of their occupancy agreement and state regulations. According to the occupancy agreement of the Riverbay Corporation, which is signed by every incoming shareholder, the shareholder agrees: “Not to sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, encumber or create any charge upon this Agreement, nor sublet the leased premises or any part thereof or cause the leased premises or any part thereof or suffer the same to be used for any business, commercial or professional purposes or for any purposes other than as a private dwelling apartment of the primary residence of the Member and his immediate family. Section “FOURTH,” Subsection 10. Increasingly, ads have been showing up on Craigslist and other websites reportedly advertising apartments either for sale or sublet in Co-op City, as well as apartments being used for illicit business endeavors. Riverbay’s Senior Attorney Michael Munns emphasizes that shareholders cannot sublet their apartment because it must be used as their primary dwelling. For the most part, vigilant neighbors report abuses to the occupancy agreement to their CSO Office. They oftentimes report when the shareholder of record has moved out, and is illegally subletting the apartment, or when there’s a lot of traffic in and out of an apartment at all times of the day andnight. Complaints to the CSO office may be made anonymously and should contain as much details as possible. Helpful information, if known, includes approximate date the shareholder moved out, where the shareholder moved to, names and family composition of illegal subletters or any other information that may help establish that the shareholder has moved out of the apartment. Riverbay investigates complaints of possible illegal subletting or an illegal business operating out of an apartment and, if reasonably confirmed, legal action is commenced to evict the shareholder. Mr. Munns said that if a shareholder is evicted for violating the primary residence provision of the lease, the shareholder faces costs and fees, including loss of equity; attorney fees; court costs; marshal fees; locksmith fees; moving and storage costs, possible adverse credit ratings and difficulty finding another apartment.Send us your photos! If you are attending a community event, send us your photos for publication! All photos will be credited. Submissions can be sent to cctimes@riverbaycorp.com4Co-op City Times / October 12, 2019Seats available at PS 178PS 178 – Dr. Selman Waksman, Magnet School of Multimedia Arts & Design, recently announced open spots for in Kindergarten, first, second and third grades and fifth grade. Schwanna Elliman is principal and Jennifer Streppone is assistant principal. PS 178 offers a variety of programs and services, including English as a New Language (ENL), projectbased learning, portfolio promotion and lots more. Registration takes place on Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. For further information, please call (718) 9045570.Social Security benefits increase 1.6 percent for 2020Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for nearly 69 million Americans will increase 1.6 percent in 2020, the Social Security Administration has announced. The 1.6 percent cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) will begin with benefits payable to more than 63 million Social Security beneficiaries in January 2020. Increased payments to more than 8 million SSI beneficiaries will begin on December 31, 2019. (Note: some people receive both Social Security and SSI benefits). The Social Security Act ties the annual COLA to the increase in the Consumer Price Index as determined by the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some other adjustments that take effect in January of each year are based on the increase in average wages. Based on that increase, the maximum amount of earnings subject to the Social Security tax—taxable maximum—will increase to $137,700 from $132,900.  Social Security and SSI beneficiaries are normally notified by mail in early December about their new benefit amount. Most people who receive Social Security payments will be able to view their COLA notice online through their my Social Security account. If you are a Social Security recipient and have not yet set up a my Social Security online account, you may do so at Information about Medicare changes for 2020, when announced, will be available at For Social Security beneficiaries receiving Medicare, Social Security will not be able to compute their new benefit amount until after the Medicare premium amounts for 2020 are announced. Final 2020 benefit amounts will be communicated to beneficiaries in December through the mailed COLA notice and my Social Security’s Message Center. The Social Security Act provides for how the COLA is calculated. To read more, please visit façade inspectionsFriday, Oct. 11, 2019, the construction department, working with Riverbay’s environmental contractor, began inspecting exterior façades in all seven townhouse clusters in Co-op City. This work will continue each weekday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., through Wednesday, Oct. 23, weather permitting. Workers will be accompanied by two Riverbay Construction personnel and all involved will be wearing Riverbay-issued identification. The work entails removal and inspection of bricks from the buildings’ façades and then immediately replacing them. Workers will need to access the back yards of the “A” townhouses as well as some balconies of “B” townhouse units. If shareholders are home, their cooperation in granting access to the workers would be appreciated so the project can be completed in a timely manner.Upcoming Voter Education ProgramsOn Wednesday, Oct. 16, 7 p.m., in room 31 of the Bartow Center, the Co-op City branch NAACP, collaborating with NYC Co
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