BOOK 4 Tremendous Value of the Prophet Here and in Hereafter

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Knowing The Last Prophet of Allah
  THE TREMENDOUS VALUEOF THE PROPHET HERE AND IN THE HEREAFTER Extracted from The Cure SAHIH-SHEFA by Supreme Justice Abu! # E$ #% #ie# &''()CE - Is mic *e r +,,H Rep.rte# b$/r 0# Muh ##ith H bib H !i1 Ab#u h 2e0 S #e3Re4ise# b$ Muh ##ith Ab#u h T i#iA0 # pt ti.0b$Ser4 0t .! H #ith% Sh $3h Ahm # D r5ish &Ar bic6h #ei7 h A8 Stephe0s &E09ishA$esh N #ri$ &I0#.0esi 0 Copyright © 1984-2011 All rights reserved. erms o! ervice - Copyright#$% %olicy & 'uideli(es  The Prophet’s Tremendous Value Here and in the Hereafter The authentic and well known news narrating the esteemed value Allah has  placed upon His Prophet together with his exalted position and nobility in this life and the Everlasting life.   There is no room to dispute that Prophet Muhammad is by far the most noble of all mankind and that he is the Master of the children of Adam. !or is there any doubt that he is in the ight of Allah the one who is elevated to the highest station and rank and the one who is nearest to Him. #ou should know dear reader the $uotations that have reached us are innumerable and that we have limited ourselves to those that are authentic and well%known. The Rank of the Prophet with his Lord The reports of the rank of the Prophet with his &ord the Mighty the 'lorified His choice raising his remembrance most favored rank mastery of the children of Adam the specialty of his rank in this life and the blessing of his excellent nameThe Prophet was asked when the prophethood was bestowed upon him and Abu Hurayrah tells us that he replied ()hen Adam was between the status of body and spirit.()ith regard to the excellence of the Prophet*s lineage we are told by Al As$a*s son )athla that the Messenger of Allah told them (Allah chose +shmael from the children of Abraham and from the children of +shmael He chose the children of ,inanah. -rom the children of ,inanah He chose the children of Hashim and from the children of Hashim He chose the ,oraysh and He chose me from the children of Hashim.(+n the following $uotation Anas tells us that the Prophet spoke of his honored position saying (+ am the most honored of the children of Adam with my &ord and + am not boasting.( 2  Abbas* son reports the Prophet saying (+ am the most noble of the first and the last and + am not boasting.(&ady Ayesha Mother of elievers may Allah be pleased with her tells us that the Prophet said ('abriel came to me and said *+ searched the east and the west of the earth and saw no man better than Muhammad neither did + see a tribe better than the children of Hashim.*(/n the (!ight 0ourney( urak 1the heavenly white winged mount2 was  brought for the Prophet to ride and Anas tells us that it became frisky upon seeing the Prophet whereupon 'abriel said to urak ()ould you do this to Muhammad3 !o one who has ever ridden you is more honorable to Allah than he.( 4pon hearing this urak broke into a sweat. (Shaykh  Darwish added: It is well known that Burak was the heavenly mount of the  prophets, however, it had been centuries since he was last ridden. Burak was also aware of the esteemed rank of the Prophet, and it was this that caused him to become frisky, then when abriel spoke to him about it, he broke out in a sweat.! Abu Hurayrah together with several other 5ompanions tells us that the Prophet said (-ive things have been given to me that no other prophet  before me was given. Through terror being cast into the hearts of my enemies + was given help a month before + arrived. The earth has been made a mos$ue for me and a place of purity therefore when the time for prayer arrives any man of my nation is able to pray. The spoils of war which were unlawful to all previous prophets have been made lawful to me. + have been sent for all peoples. + have been given the intercession 1on the 6ay of 0udgement2.(+n reference to the entire world the Prophet said (+ was sent for all races the fair and the dark.( This last statement has been explained in two ways the first is that (the dark( refers to the Arabs and (the fair( non%Arabs. The second explanation is that (the fair( refers to mankind and (the dark( to 7inn who were created from fire and live in remote areas but there are also those who live among humans.Abu Hurayrah also tells us that the Prophet said (Through terror being cast into the hearts of my enemies + was given victory and + have been given the elo$uences of all the words. )hile + slept + had a vision in which )  the keys of the treasures of the earth were brought to me and placed in my hands.( +n addition to this in another transmission is (The rank of  prophethood was sealed for all time by me.( Amir 4kba*s son narrates that the Prophet said (/n your behalf + will go in advance before you and + will be a witness for you. y Allah + am looking at my Pool now. + have been given the keys to the treasures of the earth. y Allah + do not fear that you will associate 1another with Allah2 after me rather + fear you will vie with one another for worldly gain.(Amr*s son Abdullah tells us that the Messenger of Allah said (+ am Muhammad the unlettered Prophet there is no prophet after me. + was given all the elo$uences of words and their final meaning.( /mar*s son tells us that the Prophet spoke of the end of the world saying (+ have been sent not long before the arrival of the &ast Hour.(Abu Hurayrah tells us that the Prophet spoke of the signs of prophethood given to previous prophets saying (Every prophet was given signs by which people would believe him and + have been given the 8evelation which Allah has sent down to me and it is my hope that + will have the greatest number of followers on the 6ay of 8esurrection.(  cholars of +slam have explained the meaning of the preceding $uotation saying that it is the ,oran the greatest miracle given to Prophet Muhammad  because it is unlike all the miracles of other noble prophets and it will remain as long as the world remains. The miracles of previous prophets appeared but did not remain and were present only during their life time. The ,oran will remain generation after generation up until the 6ay of 8esurrection.6ue to the enormity of this sub7ect we have presented the explanation to the reader in a simplified manner and inshaAllah it will be addressed in greater detail in the book relating to miracles./ur attention is drawn by +mam Ali may Allah be pleased with him ,  that every prophet was given seven noble persons ministers companions from his nation However our Prophet was given fourteen and include Abu akr /mar Masood*s son and Ammar. -urthermore ten of the 5ompanions of the Prophet were guaranteed Paradise 1Ham9a 0affar Ali Hasan 4
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