BOOK 15 Who is Supreme Judge Eyad and His Introduction to Shefa

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  WHO IS SUPREME JUDGE EYAD AND HIS INTRODUCTION TO SHEFA Extracted from The Cure SAHIH-SHEFA by Supreme Justice Au! #$! E%#$& $ie$ '(()*CE - Is!#mic Ye#r +,,H Rep.rte$ %Gr#/$ Muh#$$ith H#i H# i0 A$u!!#h 1e/ S#$e2Re3ise$ % Muh#$$ith A$u!!#h T#!i$iA/ #$#pt#ti./%Ser3#/t . H#$ith& Sh#%2h Ahm#$ D#r4ish 'Ar#ic5h#$ei6#h A7 Stephe/s 'E/8!ishA%esh# N#$ri%# 'I/$./esi#/ Copyright © 1984-2011 All rights reserved. erms o! ervice - Copyright#$% %olicy & 'uideli(es  Wh. is Supreme Ju$8e E%#$ the #uth.r #/$ the!ier . She #9 upreme )udge *yad+ the author a(d the complier o! he!a ,as the celebrated upreme Court )ustice o! pai( a(d Morocco. is (ame is Abul!adl *yad. :i/e#8e; )udge *yads so(+ Muhammad said+ /ur great gra(d!athers ,ere  Arabs ,ho came !rom A(dalusia i( pai( the( relocated to e i( Morocco a(d later became reside(ts o! 3airo,a(. he( our gra(d!ather Amro( decided to leave e he settled i( abta.  Ju$8e E%#$<s R#/2; )udge *yad ,as a( imam o! (ot o(ly the scie(ce o! %rophetic 5uotatio(s but also o! the i(terpretatio( o! the 3ora(. e ,as also a scholar o! the pri(cipals o! 6eligio( a(d Arabic la(guage ,ith its literature+ poems a(d the ge(ealogy o! Arabs. e ,as acclaimed by the $mam Mali7 school o! urisprude(ce as a great urist. Added to these accomplishme(ts he ,as a great orator+ patie(t+ 7i(d a(d good compa(y. e ,as also 7(o,( !or his ge(erosity a(d charity+ a(d dilige(ce i( the productio( o! his ,or7 a(d adhere(ce to the truth. His se#rch .r 2/.4!e$8e r.m the 8re#t sh#%2hs . the er#; he( )udge *yad embar7ed o( his search !or 7(o,ledge he le!t his home a(d travelled to A(dalusia ,here he bega( his studies u(der the directio( o! its udge a(d o(e hu(dred highly acclaimed shay7hs !rom ,hom he ear(ed the traditio(al $slamic certi!icates & the iaa.uri(g his :uest !or 7(o,ledge he collected a great (umber o! prophetic :uotatio(s ,hich he the( ,rote do,( by ha(d a(d memoried. he( he retur(ed !rom A(dalusia some thirty years later+the scholars o! abta ,elcomed him a(d i(vited him to chair debates 2  o( the urisprude(ce re!ere(ce /Muda,a(a/. ;ot lo(g a!ter is arrival he became a member o! the Advisory Cou(cil a(d therea!ter became the udge o! his provi(ce !or ma(y years. e the( accepted the positio( o! udge i( 'ra(ada+ pai( a(d le!t abta o(ly to retur( agai( a(d resume his positio( as udge . The C.r$.# M.s=ue e>te/si./; $( the gra(d mos:ue o! Cordoba he built its ,ester( e<te(sio(. herea!ter he built a ce(ter i( the mou(tai(s ,hich ,as to become a promi(e(t seat o! lear(i(g. His De#th;  A!ter a cha(ge o! gover(me(t )udge *yad moved to Marra7ech a(d it is there that he passed a,ay i( the lu(ar $slamic year =44 ,hich e:uates to the Christia( year 112>+ ,hich is (early 900 years ago. Marra7ech is a city 7(o,( as the city o! the seve( me( close ?A,lia@ to Allah a(d is %rophet . )udge *yad s tomb is visited regularly by people !rom all over Morocco a(d the ,orld. His #uth.rship; )udge *yad ,rote over te( boo7s+ amo(gst ,hich is the e<pla(atio( o! the authe(tic collectio( o! %rophetic :uotatio(s compiled by Muslim. he pi((acle o! his great authorship rests i( his sple(did biography o! %rophet Muhammad /Ash he!a/+ ,hich has stood alo(e i( its u(i:ue(ess !or (early 900 years$( this ,or7 his treme(dous s7ill o! research a(d collectio( are appare(t that ,o( the acclamatio( o! his peers ,ho recog(ied the great blessi(g o! its productio( a(d subse:ue(tly praised him i( their poems a(d ,riti(gs. $t has stood the test o! time i( ,hich (o o(e has surpassed this great ,or7 a(d the dema(d !or copies still gai( mome(tum a(d is (o,+ Al amdulillah+ available i( the *(glish a(d $(do(esia( la(guages.)udge *yads re!ere(ce co(tai(s some (arratio(s that have bee( proved to be u(authe(tic. e made re!ere(ce to this possibility i( his ,riti(gs sayi(g that duri(g his time there ,ere i(su!!icie(t scholars to rule upo( the authe(ticity o! some o! the :uotatio(s+ but he had (o doubt that as time progressed a(d research became easier such :uotatio(s ,ould be discovered a(d removed. >  he curre(t Muhaddith o! a(gier+ Morocco+ hay7h abib ayed alidi+ is that scholar blessed ,ith the ability to research a(d authe(ticate these :uotatio(s a(d rule accordi(gly the( delete the u(authe(tic !rom the re!ere(ce a(d it is his editio( ,e have relied upo( !or our tra(slatio(.)udge *yad said o! his boo7 that+ /,e did (ot gather its prese(tatio( !or a perso( ,ho de(ies the ra(7 o! prophethood+ or :uestio(s the miracles o! %rophet Muhammad rather it is !or those ,ho are believers so that they might 7(o, their %rophet  ,e ,rote it !or the believers i( the !aith o! the %rophet ,ho accepted his i(vitatio(to Allah a(d deeply believe i( his prophethood so that their love is assured a(d their good deeds a(d !aith i(crease/.o,ever+ )udge *yad ,rote a !ourth u(it to address a(d deal ,ith hypocrites+ a(d those ,ho dare to i(sult the %rophet a(d his Compa(io(s. e have there!ore produced that u(it separately because (o believer ,ill e(oy it u(less he is de!e(di(g the prophethood as a (ature o! his ,or7 because he is (ot i( (eed o! it. $! this is the case ,e ,elcome him to ac:uire our !ree editio( o! this u(it. $t is ,orth (oti(g that at the e(d o! the > rd  u(it )udge *yad himsel! co(cluded it ,ith a supplicatio( as a( i(dicatio( to the e(di(g o! the boo7 !or the believer. here!ore ,e are !ollo,i(g i( his visio( o! his authorship. Supreme Ju$8e A$u! E%#$?sI/tr.$ucti./ he $mam+ a!i+ Abul!adl+ may Allah be pleased ,ith him+ ope(s his great ,or7 o! %rophet Muhammads biography ,ith a( i(troductio( sayi(gB%raise be to Allah ,ho is alo(e i( possessi(g is most sple(did ;ame+ a(d is the ,(er o! u(co(:uerable might.%raise be to Allah ,ho is (i:ue havi(g the highest ;ames+ the ,(er o! treme(dous might+ havi(g (either a begi((i(g (or a( e(d. e is appare(t+ (ot by imagi(atio( or guess,or7. e is the hidde( because o! purity+ (ot out o! (o(-e<iste(ce ,ho has e(compassed 4
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