BOOK 12 the Necessity to Praise, Respect and Honor the Prophet

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Courtesy Shaykh Darwish
  THE NECESSITY TO PRAISE RESPECT AND HONOR PROPHET MUHAMMAD Extracted from The Cure SAHIH-SHEFA by Supreme Justice Abul! l E#! $ ie %&&'(CE - Isl!mic Ye!r )**H+ Rep,rte b#r!. Muh! ith H!bib H!i/ Ab ull!h 0e. S! e1Re2ise b# Muh! ith Ab ull!h T!li iA. ! !pt!ti,.b#Ser2!.t , H! ith$ Sh!#1h Ahm! D!r3ish %Ar!bic+4h! ei5!h A6 Stephe.s %E.7lish+A#esh! N! ri#! %I. ,.esi!.+ Copyright © 1984-2011 All rights reserved. erms o! ervice - Copyright#$% %olicy & 'uideli(es  The Koran Expresses the Necessity to Praise, Respect and Honor the Prophet Allah says, We have sent you (Prophet Muhammad) as a witness and as a bearer of glad tidings and warning. So that you (people) believe in Allah and His Messenger and that you support him and revere him (48:8-9).Allah also says,  elievers do not advan!e before Allah and His Messenger.  ear Allah. Allah is the Hearer# the $nower. elievers# do not raise your voi!es above the voi!e of the Prophet# nor spea% loudly to him as you do to one another lest your wor%s should be annulled without your %nowledge. (49:1-2)   Also, &o not ma%e the !alling of the Messenger among yourselves li%e the !alling to one another (24:63).In the first verse qote!, or attention is !ran #y Allah to the o#li$ation to honor %ro&het 'haa! , an! sho hi the $reatest res&et. *holars sh as Al A+hfash an! At-a#ari are of the o&inion it also eans that he shol! #e hel&e! an! assiste!.elievers are arne! in the seon! qote! verse not to s&ea+ #efore hi, to !o otherise ol! onstitte etreely #a! anners. *ahl, A#!llah At-stori/s son sai! that the verse eans, !o not s&ea+  #efore he s&ea+s an! hen he s&ea+s listen to hi in silene. Al 0asan an! several o&anions sai! that hen it ae to !eision a+in$, the o&anions ere for#i!!en to arry ot any atter #efore the %ro&het ha! s&o+en an! $iven his instrtion re$ar!less hether it as to fi$ht or soethin$ else in their eli$ion nless the %ro&het ha! or!ere! it. hey ere not &eritte! to &ree!e hi in any atter. Allah onl!es this verse ith the ation not to !o otherise, 0e says, ear Allah# Allah is the Hearer# the $nower (49:1). Al-'aar!i e&laine! 2  that /fear Allah/ eans one st not ta+e &ree!ene over 0is %ro&het . As-*lai sai! it eans one st fear Allah, if yo !isre$ar!, ne$let, or !isres&et hat is !e to the %ro&het ree#er Allah hears an! +nos hat e !o. hereafter Allah for#a!e the to raise their voies a#ove that of the %ro&het or to s&ea+ lo!ly.A# 'haa! 'a++i e&laine! the verse as eanin$ one st not s&ea+  #efore the %ro&het neither st one all hi #y his nae as it is stoary to !o to others. It eans one st res&et an! hol! hi in hi$h estee an! a!!ress hi ith the ost no#le of titles sh as, 'essen$er of Allah or %ro&het of Allah. his is s&&orte! #y the verse that says, &o not ma%e the !alling of the Messenger among yourselves li%e your !alling to one another (24:63). Another sholar as of the o&inion that it eant that they shol! only as+ hi qestions.Allah ations nor spea% loudly to him as you do to one another lest your wor%s should be annulled without your %nowledge (49:2). It has #een sai! that this verse as sent !on hen a !ele$ation fro the tri#e of ain ae an! shote! ot 'haa!, 'haa!, oe ot to s. An! that Allah ensre! the for #ein$ i$norant an! sai!, most of them la!% understanding (49:4). It has also #een sai! the forer verse as sent !on in referene to a onversation #eteen A# a+r an! ar hih too+ &lae in the &resene of the %ro&het that er&te! into a !is&te in hih voies ere raise!. hereafter hen ar s&o+e to the %ro&het he s&o+e in a his&er, as if he as onfi!in$ a seret his voie as alost ina!i#le here&on the %ro&het as+e! ar to raise his voie a little.f the verse, elievers# do not say 'bserve us' (2:154) a oentator e&laine! that this &hrase as in oon se aon$ the 0el&ers (Ansar), an! #ears the on!itional eanin$ of #serve s, an! e ill o#serve yo . t of res&et the Ansar ere for#i!!en to se the &hrase, hen s&ea+in$ to the %ro&het . It has also #een sai! that, the es ol! se the sae &hrase in o+ery of the %ro&het #ease the or! a/ina in 0e#re eans evil. )  The Companion's Great Respect and Their Honoring of the Prophet   Ar, Al-As/s son, s&o+e of the $reat love, an! res&et he ha! for the %ro&het sayin$, here is no one ore #elove! to e than the 'essen$er of Allah neither is there anyone I res&et ore than he. I an never $et y fill of $a7in$ at hi, on aont of the $reat res&et I have for hi. If I ere to #e as+e! to !esri#e hi, I ol! #e na#le to !o so, #ease I a na#le to $a7e at hi eno$h. Anas tells s, he 'essen$er of Allah ent ot ao&anie! #y the i$rants an! 0el&ers, to$ether ith A# a+r an! ar. one of the ee&t A# a+r an! ar, raise! their eyes to loo+ at hi. hey ol! loo+ at the %ro&het an! he ol! loo+ at the, they ol! sile at hi an! he ol! sile at the. saa, *hari+/s son !esri#e! a $atherin$ in hih the %ro&het an! soe of his o&anions ere &resent. 0e sai!, I ae to the %ro&het an! notie! that his o&anions sat aron! hi as still as if there ere #ir!s &erhe! &on their hea!s. 0in!, A#i 0ala/s !a$hter sai! soethin$ siilar, hen he s&o+e those sittin$ aron! hi ol! #o their hea!s as if there ere  #ir!s &erhe! on to& of the. hen ;ra, 'asoo!/s son, ho as yet to e#rae Isla, as sent #y the <oraysh as an envoy to the %ro&het &rior to the si$nin$ of the treaty of 0!ay#iyah. 0e as aston!e! #y the overhelin$, n&arallele! aont of res&et the o&anions ha! for the %ro&het .;ra oente! that never #efore ha! he seen sh treen!os res&et  &ai! to anyone. 0e sai! that henever the %ro&het a!e a#ltion he sa his o&anions rsh to reeive soe of his leftover ater, an! in fat they nearly fo$ht to reeive it. hey ol! ta+e his saliva an! i&e it over their faes an! #o!ies. If a stran! of hair fell fro hi they ol! rsh to retrieve it. hen he $ave a oan! they rshe! to flfill it. hen he s&o+e they loere! their voies in his &resene. ;ra notie! the o&anions of the %ro&het !i! not stare at hi ot of res&et. ;&on ;ra/s retrn to the <oraysh, he tol! the, I have visite! hosroes in his +in$!o, aesar in his e&ire, an! the e$s in his +in$!o, an! #y Allah, I have never seen any +in$ or e&eror treate! ith the sae res&et that the o&anions of 4
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