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Euro-Burma Office Election Monitor 10 to 16 July 2010 ELECTION MONITOR NO. 32 NEW APPROVED APPLICATIONS TO REGISTER AS A POLITICAL PARTY The Union Election Commission (UEC) has granted permission to the following parties to register: 1. Khami National Development Party 2. National Democratic Force (NDF) 9 July 2010 (Date approved) 9 July 2010 (Date approved) To date, 43 parties have applied to form or continue existence as political parties. Of that total, 39 parties have been given permissio
  Euro-Burma OfficeElection Monitor 10 to 16 July 2010 1 E LECTION M ONITOR NO .   32 NEW APPROVED APPLICATIONS TO REGISTER AS A POLITICAL PARTY The Union Election Commission (UEC) has granted permission to the following parties to register:1.   Khami National Development Party 9 July 2010 (Date approved)2.   National Democratic Force (NDF) 9 July 2010 (Date approved)To date, 43 parties have applied to form or continue existence as political parties. Of that total, 39parties have been given permission to be established and 38 parties have been permitted toregister. 1   POLITICAL PARTIES SUBMIT MEMBER LISTS TO UNION ELECTION COMMISSION The following parties have submitted lists of their party members to the UEC in accordance withArticle 13 (a) of the Political Parties Registration Law:1.   All Mon Region Democracy Party - 15 July 2010 (Date Submitted)2.   Pa-O National Organization (PNO) - 12 July 2010 (Date Submitted)3.   Wa National Unity Party - 15 July 2010 (Date Submitted) 2   ETHNIC LAHU PARTY WILL ONLY CONTEST IN 6 TOWNSHIPS IN SHAN STATE The Lahu National Democratic Party (LNDP) will only contest in 6 townships across the Shan State inthe upcoming general elections, according to a Lahu elder. The party is based in Quarter #1Tineyone Road, Lashio, Shan State North, and is led by Chairman Jaha Shay and   Secretary Joseph.   Th e LNDP will contest in Shan State North’s Tangyan Township and in Maing-ton, Mongpyin,Monghsat, Mongphyak and Tachilek townships in Shan State East.   In the 1990 elections, the party’s advisor, Daniel Aung, won the most votes in Mongpyin. Despite the large Lahu populations in thesetownships, there are also other ethnic nationalities such as Shan and Wa, therefore the LNDP willhave to compete with the parties of these ethnic groups as well as with the Union Solidarity andDevelopment Party (USDP). Although many Lahu people also live in the Wa controlled areas, theLNDP said they will not contest there due to instability and the continued resistance of the Wa totransform their forces into Border Guard Forces. “The party has never had an officially recog nizedMP and its aim, should they win enough votes, is to create a space for its own people and to have a representative for the Lahu people,” according to an elder. 3   WA DEMOCRATIC PARTY TO CREATE BUSINESS ENTERPRISES TO RAISE FUNDS The Wa Democratic Party based in Lashio, which is planning to contest in all three tiers of parliament, has decided to create business enterprises in order to raise funds needed to support theparty, said party Chairman Khun Tun Lu. The party will contest in Hopang, Kunlon, Tangyan andMawpha townships. The party has gained the attention and interest of local residents. Initially, theparty will establish business enterprises through which political activities will be funded said party 1 Registration of political parties scrutinized, passed -http://www.burmalibrary.org/docs09/NLM2010-07-10.pdf (NLM) 10July 20102 Political parties submit member list to Union Election Commission -http://www.burmalibrary.org/docs09/NLM2010-07-16.pdf (NLM) 16 July 20103 Ethnic Lahu will only contest in 6 townships in Shan state -http://www.shanland.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3099:ethnic-lahu-party-will-only-contest-in-6-townships-in-shan-state&catid=85:politics&Itemid=266 (Shan Herald ) 13 July 2010  Euro-Burma OfficeElection Monitor 10 to 16 July 2010 2central executive committee member U Saing San. Under the 2008 constitution, five autonomousadministrative regions have been designated within the Shan State of which the Wa region is one. The party’s leaders came to prominence for their involvement in negotiating the peace agreement between the junta and the Wa cease-fire group which took place in 1989 and thus the party alreadyhas the support of the many local residents within the region, said Khun Tun Lu. Currently, the Wapopulation is estimated to be between 700,000 and 800,000 - the majority of which are said toreside within Hopang, Maingmaw, Panwaing, Narpham, Metmann and Pensang Townships. The WaDemocratic Party intends to run in four townships initially and will consider the possibility of campaigning in other townships at a later stage. 4   MON PARTY URGENTLY NEEDS CAMPAIGN FUNDS The All Mon Region Democracy Party (AMRDP) expects to gain seats in the Mon area in theupcoming 2010 General Election, says Nai Ngwe Thein, the party leader during the first round of hisparty's campaign. T he AMRDP’s Chairman said that he felt encouraged after talking with localpeople and Buddhist monks who warmly welcomed them during the pa rty’s first public campaignheld last month in June. Nai Ngwe Thein explained that the party’s platform is to work fo rdemocratic and ethnic rights and social development while creating opportunities for those whowish to develop a free market economy. According to another leader, Dr. Banya Aung Moe, theAMRDP will face an uphill challenge in trying to raise the funds which are needed to run a politicalcampaign. They will need to cover the travelling costs as well as pay for the rent of the head andlocal offices. “This is a huge logistic task to run all these activities before the election. We hope toraise these [funds] from membership fees and donations from the local business community. Thereare about three million Mons who speak the Mon language, and also many who do cannot speakMon. If only one percent become members, we will be able to raise the funds needed for the party easily,” he added.   The AMRDP plans to contest outside of Mon State in Bago, Taninthayi(Tenasserim) Divisions and Karen State. 42 candidates will contest in Mon State and 13 in Bago,Taninthayi Divisions and Karen State. AMRDP will conte st in three legislative bodies: the People’s Parliament, the National Parliament and the States/Regions Assembly. 5   NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC FORCE RECRUITS CANDIDATES IN 50 TOWNS A senior member of the National Democratic Force (NDF) said last week that the party had organisedcandidates in about 50 towns across the country and was optimistic that it would attract more whenthe party was officially registered. U Khin Maung Swe, one of the party’s founders, said the NDF candidates include a mixture of former National League for Democracy (NLD) members, politicians from other parties and “new faces”. He said the party had made contact with the potentialcandidates  – from Magway, Mandalay and Bago divisions, eastern Shan State and Mon State  –  primarily through former NLD members. “If we get approval to start campaigning, I am sure we willget more candidates who want to run under the NDF umbrella,” he said.   “Most of the candidates will pay the registration fee themselves to contest the seats. [The party headquarters] will finance some needy candidates.” According to party Chairman Dr Than Nyein, funding would become amajor challenge for the party, since the party is aiming to contest most seats across the country atall three legislative levels of government. “Our funds are quite limited so we can’t possibly help all our candidates. They will have to supply their own funds for registration as well as for campaigning,” Dr Than Nyein said. The NDF applied to register with the Union Election Commission 4   Wa democratic party to create business enterprises to raise funds -   http://myanmar.mmtimes.com/2010/news/474/news04.html (Myanmar Times) 12 July 2010 5 Mon party urgently needs campaign funds - http://www.kaowao.org/2010news-july-11.php (Kaowao) 11 July 2010  Euro-Burma OfficeElection Monitor 10 to 16 July 2010 3on 24 June and received approval on 9 July. Many of its 19 founding members, like U Khin MaungSwe and Dr Than Nyein, were formerly with the NLD. 6   THREE PROMINENT PARTIES POLITICAL PARTIES EYE ALLIANCE Three prominent opposition parties contest ing Burma’s election s this year have agreed to the ideaof forming an alliance to increase their presence in the new parliament. The spokesperson for the National Democratic Force (NDF), Khin Maung Swe, said that “democratic parties would rather not compete or face against e ach other”. The NDF includes former members of the defunct NationalLeague for Democracy (NLD), headed by Aung San Suu Kyi. Included in the alliance will be the UnionDemocratic Party (UDP) and the Democratic Party. Both belong to the so- called ‘third force’ in Burmese politics, outwardly allied to neither the NLD nor the incumbent. The Shan NationalitiesDemocratic Party (SNDP), the Rakhine [Arakan] Development Party and other ethnic Mon and Chinparties have also been approached. “We all agreed to ne gotiate with each other to avoid gaps and overlaps in the parliament,” Khin Maung Swe continued. “But I think that according to the law wecan only settle on a joint action committee before the elections take place.” 7   CHIN PROGRESSIVE PARTY’S FIRST CONFER ENCE IN YANGON The Chin Progressive Party (CPP) will hold its first conference in Yangon, where it has established itsheadquarters in preparing for the 2010 general elections. “The conference will be held on 21 July and will be the party’s first conferen ce, but there is no official information about how many representatives will attend the meeting,” said a member. “In the conference the future work schedule of the CPP for the forthcoming general election will be discussed. The agenda of theconference will include party organizational work as well as nomination of party candidates. One of the most recent developments is the formation of the township level working committee inThantlang Township in May 2010, while locals in the towns of Tawnzang, Tedim, Hakha and Falamare awaiting organizational activities to take place in their respective townships by the party.Presently, parties that have registered with the UEC and are preparing to contest the elections in theChin state are the CPP, the Chin National Party (CNP), the Ethnic National Development Party(ENDP), the Union Democracy Party (UDP), the National United Party (NUP) and the Union Solidarityand Development Party (USDP). 8   USDA “ABOLISHED”: OFFICIAL The regime-sponsored civic organization Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) hasbegun the process of “abolishing” itself after transferring all its property to the Union Solidarity andDevelopment Party (USDP) led by the regime's Prime Minister Thein Sein. “The USDA is no more as an association. Only the USDP will exist as a political party,” said USDA spokesman Myint Oo. “Weare now in an ongoing process of abolishing the association on a gradual basis,” he said. The USDAofficial said that the association, whose principal patron is military chief Than Shwe, received theregime's approval on 6 July to abolish itself, paving the way for the USDP to contest the upcomingelection as a full-fledged political party. The state-controlled media has yet to make any officialannouncement of the news. Myint Oo also confirmed that all USDA assets have been transferred tothe USDP. The transfer of USDA assets to the regime's proxy party confirms the speculation of political observers that since the USDA's assets belong to the state, any use of the association's 6 Democratic Force recruits candidates in 50 towns - http://www.mmtimes.com/2010/news/531/news010.html (Myanmar Times) 12 July 2010 7 Burma political parties eye alliance -   http://www.dvb.no/elections/burma-political-parties-eye-alliance/10718 (DVB) 13July 2010 8   Chin progressive party’s first conference in Yangon - http://www.khonumthung.org/news.php?readmore=245  (Khonumthung) 14 July 2010  Euro-Burma OfficeElection Monitor 10 to 16 July 2010 4property by the USDP would constitute a violation of the regime's Political Parties Registration Law — the law that bans political parties from using state-owned properties. One observer said: “This is neither the abolishment of the USDA nor its assets transferred to somewhere else. This is just a name change from USDA to USDP.” 9   ELECTORAL COURSE OPENED IN KUNGYANGON Supervised by Kungyangon Township Election Sub-Commission, an electoral course was opened formembers of Ward/Village-tract election sub-commissions of the township at Kungyangon BasicEducation High School No. 1 on 4 July 2010. Member of Southern Yangon District Election Sub-Commission District Law Officer Daw Nyo Nyo (in charge of Kungyangon Township) delivered anopening speech and Chairman U Hla Win of the Township Sub-commission explained the purpose of the course. 10   MANDALAY DIVISION ELECTION SUB-COMMISSION MEETS Mandalay Division Election Sub-Commission held its work coordination meeting No. 6/ 2010 at themeeting hall of Division Election Sub-Commission Office on 9 July. At the meeting, they discussedthe selection of ward/village polling stations, the approval of the lists of eligible voters, theconditions for conducting returning officers and deputy returning officers and electoral works. Themeeting was attended by Chairman of Division Election Sub-Commission U Aung Htut and othermembers. 11   ELECTORAL WORK COURSE CONDUCTED IN THONGWA TOWNSHIP OF YANGON DIVISION Yangon South District Election Sub- Commission opened an electoral work course for members of ward/village-tract Election Sub-Commission in Thongwa Township at No.1 Basic Education HighSchool in Thongwa Township on 10 July. Chairman U Myat Soe of the District Election Sub-Commission explained the purpose of opening the course. Members of District Election Sub-Commission and Chairman of Township Election Sub-Commission U Zaw Weik discussed electionlaws, regulations and duties of the sub-commission, returning officers and members, and conducteddemonstrations on voting process. The course was attended by altogether 406 members fromWard/Village-tract Election Sub- Commission in Thongwa Township. 12   ANALYSIS With party registration coming slowly to a halt, focus on the electoral process has now shifted to thesubmission of the lists of party members, as well as raising funds to finance would-be candidates.Parties such as the All Mon Region Democratic Party (AMRDP) and the Wa Democratic Party are nowcreating business enterprises to finance the much needed funds to support their candidates. Theyare also counting on cash donations from their own communities. Many parties will encounterdifficulties and those found to contravene existing Election Laws will have to answer to the UEC.Parties are also considering the possibility of forming alliances not only to solve their financial issuesbut also to be able to compete with junta-backed parties, namely the Union Solidarity andDevelopment Party (USDP) and the National Unity Party (NUP). Some parties have resorted tocontesting only in State or Regional assemblies and thus need fewer funds for their candidates.Furthermore, the decision by many ethnic parties to only contest the polls within their own 9   USDA “Abolished” : official - http://www.irrawaddy.org/article.php?art_id=18980 (Irrawaddy) 16 July 2010 10 Electoral course opened - http://www.burmalibrary.org/docs09/NLM2010-07-10.pdf  (NLM) 10 July 2010 11 Mandalay division election sub-commission meets -http://www.burmalibrary.org/docs09/NLM2010-07-12.pdf  (NLM) 12 July 2010 12 Electoral work course conducted in Thongwa of Yangon Division -http://www.burmalibrary.org/docs09/NLM2010-07-16.pdf  (NLM) 16 July 2010
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